Saraswatichandra Update On Wednesday 28th August 2019 On Adom TV

The Episode starts with Kusum trying to find Kumud. Danny and Saras are also looking out for Kumud. Danny sees someone like Kumud and shouts Kumud ji….. His phone rings, till he changes sight, she disappears. Vidyachatur and Guniyal are tensed at home. Guniyal says Kumud is also adamant in her decisions. He says I trusted her regarding her my son, but today I m worrying about her as she is my daughter. he says what all Kumud did. Badimaa says I don’t know, Kumud was strong, but today she is weak, how can she be so weak, even her letter has no answer.
Kusum calls Saras and says I could not find Kumud. Saras asks her to come to the car and take Kumud’s photo and asks the people again. Kusum says again? He says you would have not told this if you really worried for her, fine go home, I will give this photo to police. She gets afraid and says I m coming. Kusum says no one should know Kumud went because of me. Kusum is tired. Saras says tired? Don’t you want photo now? She says no, I won’t stop till I get Kumud. Danny says Saras, I think I saw Kumud there. Saras goes with Danny.
Vidyachatur tries calling Saras but Saras does not take his call. Dada ji asks Vidyachatur to have patience. Kusum shows Kumud’s photo to people and ask them. Saras sees someone like Kumud and says Kumud and runs after her. Kusum comes in between and makes him busy. The girl disappears again. Vidyachatur is calling the DCP to find about Kumud. Saras says I don’t think she was Kumud. A man comes to them and says I saw this girl yesterday night. Kusum is worried about her state and says Danny how can we go by foot so far, my foot is aching. Danny says come, else Saras will think you are just acting.
Vidyachatur asks the DCP to look in the matter. The DCP says we will get Kumud if she is in our village, else it will take some time. Kusum comes back to the car and asks some men about Danny and Saras. They laugh on her. Kusum sees Saras and comes to him. She says I m running under sun, people are laughing on me, and you are relaxing here, I doubt on you, whether you want to find Kumud or trouble me. The DCP says there is no complaint lodged about Kumud. Vidyachatur is shocked. Everyone ask him whats the news. He tells this to everyone and Guniyal says how can this be, it might be a misunderstanding, Saras told you that he complaint, it means Saras lied to us. Why will he do this.
Yash’s mum says everything happens for the good. Badimaa shouts on her losing her temper and taunts her taking Yash’s name. Vidyachatur says enough, stop it. He says Kumud is missing since yesterday night and Saras has not lodged the complaint, why. Dada ji says maybe he has something in his mind. Vidyachatur says what can it be.
Saras, Danny and Kusum are coming back home. Saras says I will find Kumud whatever happens. Kusum says can we stop for a while. I m not feeling well. Saras stops the car. Danny says I will bring water and leaves. Saras says we will drop you home, we will look out for Kumud, I don’t think you can walk further. He says I thought you won’t feel any pain to find Kumud. Kusum says I can’t assure you that I care for her. He says its only because you are afraid to be caught, you don’t worry about her.
Saras says its not your love for me. Kumud left me for you, this is love, and our love cannot be snatched by anyone. He scolds her and says think how I m related to you, I m your husband’s elder brother. My life starts with Kumud and ends with her. He says if anything happens to Kumud, then I will be nothing to anyone. Kusum cries. Danny comes to her with water.
Saras, Danny and Kusum come home. Vidyachatur asks Saras why did you not complain in police. Danny and Kusum look at Saras. Badimaa says yes, DCP have told us this. Saras says I did not make the complaint. Kusum says that letter. Saras says I have it. Vidyachatur says why not, how will we find Kumud. Saras says she is fine. Vidyachatur says did you meet her, how is she. Saras says I don’t know where she is, but I got her call. Kusum looks at him. Dada ji says I told you Saras will do everything right. Guniyal asks what did she say. Saras says she said she will come home in two three days. He says she called from PCO and I spoke to her for a short time.
Danny says we will find her before two days. Saras says she asked me not to find her, she promised she will come back soon. Everyone are relieved knowing Kumud is fine. Dada ji says I knew this, Kumud won’t lose easily, she will come back for sure.
Badimaa comes to Dada ji. He says Kumud will come back soon. She says I won’t get peace, I have to know what happened with her, I took her in my lap when she was only few months old. I know her very well. How could I not know that Kumud has broken so much that she could not come to me and cry. She says her hands were burnt, I have to find out who has hurt her heart and no one can save that person from me. Kusum comes to Saras and says you might have had fun making me run to find Kumud. She asks why did you lie to me.
He says I lied to everyone so that Dada ji does not worry. She asks why did you not complaint in the police. He says I knew you wrote this letter. She says can’t you see I m regretting. He says I can’t see, I have to bring Kumud back. She thanks him for saving her from police and says I did not know you care for me. He says I don’t, I worry only for Kumud, not you, Kumud would have felt bad if I send you to jail, if I don’t get Kumud in three days, then this letter will go to police.
Kalika tries to make Yash against Saras and Danny, but Yash does not get into her talk and leaves. Kalika says Yash and his mum won’t uplift themselves in anyone’s sight, but I need to keep an eye on Saras and Danny.
The Episode starts with Kusum getting worried thinking she is falling in Saras’s eyes. She says if Kumud does not come back home then……… Saras will tell everyone that Kumud left because of me, then no one will give me a place in this house. Danny comes to her and says till we get Kumud, you stay here. He sees her feet and applies ointment on them. She says enough Danny, why are you acting as if you worry about me, you also hate me. He says no, I don’t hate you, I hate with what you did, I love your good side. He says even I made a mistake, but don’t let your bad side rule over you. She stops him holding his hand and asks him to apply the ointment. Music plays………….. He says sit. He gets happy. (Foolish!!) Saras and Dada ji smile seeing them and leaves.
Dada ji says wow Saras, you have done a good work making Kumud disappear, Kusum will realize her mistake and accept Danny’s love. Saras smiles. Dada ji asks him to go home and rest, and maybe Danny will be late today. Saras gets a call and he smiles. Kalika is thinking to keep an eye on Saras. Saras talks on phone and gives Kusum’s updates that Kusum is realizing her mistake and able to think on her own and she asked Danny to apply the ointment to her feet. Kalika hears Saras talking on phone and thinks Kumud is missing, with whom is he talking so sweetly. Saras ends the call and leaves.
Its morning, Saras tells Vidyachatur that I spoke to Kumud, she said she will come back in two days. Vidyachatur believes him. Kalika comes and says I have brought a good news and asks everyone to come in the mandir. Saras is puzzled. Kalika says I got Kumud’s news. Badimaa asks did she call. Kalika says no, Jamuna Kaki’s daughter told me that she saw Kumud at the station. Badimaa says someone go to the station, what if Kumud lives the village. Badimaa asks why is no one going, I will go. Vidyachatur stops Badimaa and asks Kalika why did she not tell us.
Kalika says because you all did not go out, I met her so she told me. Vidyachatur asks Saras to go and bring her. Saras says no, she asked us not to find her, she will come herself. Badimaa is worried. Kalika says we will find peace if we see her. Badimaa insists and asks them to bring Kumud back. Dada ji says let Saras go alone. Saras says Kaka, I will go and come. Kalika smiles. Saras gets Dada ji’s call. Saras says I think we should end this now, we will talk to Kumud once, but her phone is unreachable now. Dada ji pulls Saras’s leg taking Kumud’s name. Saras says I will go and meet her.
Kalika is following Saras. Badimaa is worried about Kumud and talks to the Lord about Kumud’s tests in life. She says how long will you test her, she is alone away from us and Saras, why don’t you pity on her, you can’t do this, I won’t have water till Kumud comes back. Kalika is after Saras. She says this way is not going to the station, but to Kumud. Vidyachatur calls Saras and asks about Kumud. Saras says I will call you as soon as I find her.
Yash’s mum comes to Badimaa and asks her to have something as she is hungry since last night. Badimaa says I don’t want anything, I m fine. Saras takes an auto. Kalika also takes an auto and goes after him. Yash’s mum asks Badimaa to eat something. Badimaa says I m not hungry. Yash’s mum says she is not eating since yesterday. Vidyachatur is shocked. Yash’s mum says Badimaa won’t even have water till Kumud comes, but Kumud does not care about anyone. Saras comes to meet Kumud at the hotel and gets a letter from Kumud. Kalika missed Saras and looks around.
Yash calls Kalika and asks where are you. She says I m in the market. He asks her to come home soon and ends the call. Kalika says I have to go now but its my promise I won’t leave Saras. Badimaa is working in the kitchen and feels weak. Yash’s mum asks her to eat something as Kumud won’t come home if he goes on hunger strike. Badimaa says my Kanha ji will have to bring Kumud back. Badimaa faints and Yash’s mum calls out everyone. Dada ji calls Saras. Saras says Kumud is in mandir and is shocked to know about Badimaa. He says I will come, I have something, which I will show to Badimaa and seeing that she will have food.
Vidyachatur asks Badimaa to have water. Badimaa refuses. Saras comes and Badimaa asks him about Kumud. She asks did you bring her. He says trust me, I will bring her, you have food. Badimaa says I won’t have food till I see her. Saras asks everyone to leave except Dada ji, as he has to talk to Badimaa. Saras gives Kumud’s letter to Badimaa and asks her to read.
Badimaa says reads the letter stating Kumud is going to mandir and will call later. She says this is Kumud’s hand writing. Saras says yes, she is fine and is not missing. He says Dada ji will tell everything. Dada ji says we would have not hidden this from you. Saras tells her everything what Kusum did. Badimaa is shocked. Dada ji says Kusum is regretting now and she has only Danny with her. Saras says Kusum and Danny went together to find Kumud. Badimaa says I m fine, I m annoyed that you both have hidden this from me, but I m with you, Kumud won’t come back till Kusum goes with Danny.
Saras opens the door and Badimaa drinks water. Everyone are happy. Dada ji asks them to bring food for Badimaa. Yash’s mum says how did you break your strike on Saras’s saying. Kalika thinks this is the right question for her. Everyone looks on.
Kalika tries to find out with whom was Saras and Dada ji talking. She gets the phone and calls on last dialled number.