Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Update on Wednesday 28th August 2019 On Adom TV


The episode starts with Adi telling Gunjan she looks beautiful as he puts the saree on her head. He says she should take it. Mayank looks sad. Shail notices this and then tells Seema and Sangeetha to choose some sarees and tells Rachana to do the same. Rachana insists she wants to wear a lengha. Shail says it will suit her and the guy will be coming to the house with Gunjan’s wedding attire. Rachana says she is leaving for college and Akash gives her some wedding cards of Gunjan’s and Aditya’s to distribute to friends. Charu looks at the card and says that its nice. Mayank looks at the card and is upset. Charu asks where did they get it printed as she wants to tell her uncle to get it printed there for her cousin’s wedding. They all ignore her. Charu then tells Shail she chose sarees for everyone except her and she says that Mayank will choose for her. She tells Mayank to come and choose but he says all colours look good on her and she is happy. Gunjan asks Shail what saree did she choose for herself and Shail says she already has a lot and will choose from one of them. Charu’s phone rings. She sees its a unknown caller.
She goes away to take the call
as its noisy.She says hello and asks who is speaking but gets no reply. The caller says hello Charu. Charu says hello but the person cuts the line. Shail says some saress look better when worn and tells Gunjan to try it now. Gunjan goes to try it. Rajeev is looking at pictures of him and Gunjan during the FOTY dance competition.
Part 2
He thinks of them dancing together. Vihaan says its confirmed and caught red handed. Rajeev asks what has been confirmed and Vihaan says he is in love with Rachana. He says that he loved someone for the first time. He says he’s sure its true love. Rajeev asks how can he be sure this time. Vihaan says he doesn’t know but when he is with Rachana the world appears beautiful and thinks of her and says when they are close with each other his heart beats fast as if he’s heart is a loudspeaker. He says when he closes his eyes he can see Rachana and he says Rachana’s name. Rajeev also closes his eyes and sees Gunjan and says her name. Vihaan is shocked to hear him say her name. He sits next to Rajeev taps him and says Gunjan is here and Rajeev jumps up and says where and Vihaan says in his thoughts. He tells Rajeev to put his hand on his heart and tells that Gunjan was on his mind. Rajeev says he is mad and says anything. He says Gunjan is his student and nothing else. Vihaan says that in love in doesn’t matter if one is a student or teacher. It just happens. Rajeev tells him enough and tells him to go out and that he has a lot of work and has to get ready. He realizes Vihaan is still there staring at him and says doesn’t he need to attend his lecture. Vihaan says first Rajeev has to attend a lecture on love and Rajeev chases him out and closes the door. Vihaan tells him to tell Gunjan or she will never know. Vihaan says there must be a way to express his love. Vihaan tells him not to waste his time. Rajeev thinks he is right that there must be a way. Gunjan is standing in front of the mirror in the saree. She thinks of what Mayank said before that he sees love in Gunjan’s eyes for him. He says isn’t sharing love and feeling it not another name for love. She thinks how Mayank says he won’t be in this situation if it were not for her and then when he says why did she leave him and what mistake did he make to get that. Gunjan thinks she’s not doing the right thing and that it is wrong. Aditya then asks what is wrong. Gunjan tells him that she was telling herself that the saree is wrong and the colour doesn’t suit her. Adi turns her around and tells her to look at herself and that she looks sweet. Gunjan feels a little uncomfortable when he holds her. She says if he likes it then she will keep it and he says thank you. Bua comes and says this isn’t allowed here that before marriage the boy and girl cannot meet each other. Adi says that he was looking for Bua but met Gunjan. She says is he trying to make a fool of her and that she has seen a lot in this age. She tells him to leave and he does. Bua tells Gunjan she looks beautiful and says may not evil eye be casted on her.
Part 3
Seema and Sangeetha are looking at jewellery. Shail is making a list of invites and gives Prabhu telling him to send wedding cards by speed post and that she has even called up the relatives. He says this is the best way with very little time but he will personally deliver it for Pihu. Shail agrees. Seema tells Shail asks Shail which saree should she wear her gold set with. Sangeetha tells her that her saree has silver work then how can she wear a gold set. Charu tells Seema to wear her diamond set and that it is fashionable. Seema remembers when Charu gave her boxes of jewellery before accusing them with the dowry case. She tells Charu to keep it to her herself tells her to wear it. She says that making a fool of everyone is easy for Charu and just because she’s back in the house doesn’t mean they have accepted her or forgiven her. Seema then asks for Shail’s jewellery and Shail says to take when she wants it. Charu says she doesn’t bother if she doesn’t take it and that if Seema rather beg other people for it she doesn’t care. Mayank tells Charu not say that as its only family members and not outsiders. Charu says everyone is family except her. She says that he is taking his mother’s side and no one is supporting her. Rachana is distributing wedding cards to friends and tells them to come and they tell Rachana to congratulate Gunjan and Rachana tells them to come to the event and congratulate Gunjan themselves. Vihaan is passing by and approaches Chaya asking what is being distributed and Chaya says wedding cards. Vihaan is shocked and tells Rachana how can she do that and that she didn’t think of him. Vihaan kneels down in front of Rachana. Rachana says not to be dramatic and Vihaan says does she thinks its drama and that he will jump from the college roof. He says how can she marry and says to reject it and he won’t get up till she does. Rachana says what nonsense is he saying. Vihaan says does she think his feelings are nonsense and says he knows he behaved badly with her but is she going to punish him so severely like this. Rachana says not to cause a scene. He says he will get up only if she rejects the wedding. She says how can she when she is not even getting married. Vihaan is shocked to hear she is not getting married and he says who is it and why did she not give him a card. She tells him to read it and says its Gunjan’s not hers and gives him a card. He says thanks but Rachana says not to come to the wedding as they seeing each other is banned and tells him not to come and make a scene. Vihaan sees Rajeev and looks sad thinking how Rajeev has feelings for Gunjan. He then picks his bag and says he’s going to class and asks if they don’t have. Chaya says they have and Rachana says they were on the way when he stopped them and calls him dramatic and they leave.
Part 4
Mayank is looking at Charu coming toward the room. Seema asks what did he call her for and that he’s made her wait for 10 minutes. He says he wants to tell her someting important. He says that he knows she has no interest in Charu’s jewellery. Charu is outside listening. He says that she should not have told Charu off like that and that too in front of everyone. Mayank says that she has feelings and emotions and does she not have some importance in the house. Seema is shocked and asks him is he thinking of the girl whom she had dreams of getting Mayank married too but in return she sent them to jail with a false accusation of asking for dowry. She says and he is telling her to keep quiet. Mayank says how long will she think of old issues and to forgive Charu. Charu is happy. Mayank says that its Seema’s duty to help when Charu has come back to the house an dis trying to start life afresh. He tells Seema if she doesn’t like Charu then both of them will live somewhere else. Charu is overjoyed. Seema is shocked.
Chaaru got a call from an unknown number following by a message.. “apne paapo ka pryashchit karne k liye tayaar raho qki mein sab jaanti hu”‘ Following by a Pic and a call’ some girl was speaking from other side talking about the photo which Chaaru got in which she herself was burning her saaree.. The caller girl told her that she had put some photos of her in her bedroom.. Chaaru goes and tries to find out those pics.. Dholu comes in the room and sees whole of things here and there. And finally gives him a package containing pics and letter. Letter contains a message for him that she will get a call on landline, and asks her to pick that call.
Here in the hall all were talking about the list of work to be done. Suddenly landline rings and Chaaru picks it up after debating with Prabhu, the caller asks Chaaru to come under the tree near the temple.
Chaaru got back in her room, and prepares herself to do as the caller instructed her. She thinks about the person who is doing all this to her. Suddenly Mayank comes and asks her about her worries. Chaaru handled situation somehow. And says that her friend called her for the shopping and she is going for it. And goes in a hurry.
Here Gunjan in her room thinking about Mayank. Rachna enters and told her that all were talking of her in college. She invited all for her marriage, Gunjan asks that whether she invited Rajeev or not.. Rachna denied and tells that she will be giving it the next day. Rachna talks of Rajeev that ghe was partial with her in the competition. Meanwhile Gunjan teases her by Vihaan’s name. and Vihaan calls Rachna and talks all about moon and stars. Vihaan offers her for date else he’ll come at the function. Rachna by the fear agrees to go on date.
Here Chaaru at a place surrounded by trees, all night, and gots a call and the caller sings a song “raat akeli hai”.. and talks about the deeds did by her and added that she’ll introduce her to some more pics’ suddenly a bottle falls beside her with a pic containing her evil deeds, and caller asks Chaaru to wait for her next call.
It was shown that Rachna was on the other side of the call. Chaaru almost lost her all senses.
Here Chaaru in her room, out of her senses, hides that photo and someone knocks on the door. Chaaru fearly opens it and see Rachna on the door. Rachna asks about her well being that why she is so fear of anything, and invites her for the work and the function that is going to be held in the house, also asks about the shopping.
PROMO: Rachna was about to be caught by Chaaru in the kitchen.