Tu Aashiqui Tuesday 13th August 2019 On Joy Prime


The Episode starts with Pankti refusing to go. Ahaan asks her to think for Richa atleast, she is stone hearted, does she not care for her friend. She says I didn’t know you are my friend’s fiance’s cousin. He says even I didn’t know you are Richa’s friend. He jokes on her fear on face as if she has seen a ghost. She asks will you talk such things on the way. He says no, promise. She leaves with him. He signs her. She asks what. He asks shall we leave…. She says yes. He drives off.

Richa tells Vikram that Pankti and Ahaan are reaching. Her dad asks her to come. Richa says my close friend is coming, we will exchange rings after sh e comes. A man compliments JD. He asks where is Ahaan. Manav and Aparna look on. JD acts to defend Ahaan. He asks Manav what does he think. Manav says

its true. Sheetal says he is responsible and doing his duties. JD says I knew this, he is a responsible man.
Ahaan asks Pankti did her wound heal. She says its fine, thanks. He gets JD’s call. Ahaan answers. He stops the car and names Pank…..in worry. JD asks what did you say. Ahaan lies to him. She asks why did you lie. Ahaan says don’t know, I don’t lie, but sometimes its fine, do you mind if I put on some music. She says sure. He plays music. She says today’s music is not so special, maybe my taste is old. He says maybe your taste got better. He changes channel and smiles when his song plays. She says let it play. He asks do you like this song. She says I like this song’s music, lyrics and voice. He asks do you know who has sang this song. She says I will know if you let me hear it. She listens to his song and sleeps. He sees her and smiles, imagining a romantic moment. They reach home. Pankti steps in.

Richa welcomes her. Ahaan says Pankti’s dress had a peg. Richa sees her spoilt dress and asks her to go and change. Ahaan says I will show her guest room. Richa goes. Ahaan asks Pankti to come. He directs her. She asks are you joking, I will find it myself. Saansein meri……plays…. She goes upstairs. JD is on call and asks someone to spoil Ahaan’s career. The man says I think Ahaan’s life got a lucky charm. JD says pay money to people, Ahaan shouldn’t get work. Pankti comes to some room. JD turns. JD sees Sheetal. Pankti enters the room and gets a dress from wardrobe. The family takes a selfie. Pankti looks on.

Ahaan sees Pankti stumbling and asks her to be careful. Richa compliments Pankti. Pankti says no one looks beautiful than a bride. Richa introduces her to Vikram. Vikram says finally, I heard a lot about you. Richa says you have met Ahaan. She asks her to meet Vikram’s mom and dad. Pankti says no. Richa says they are good people, come. JD is around. Richa introduces Pankti to Sheetal. Sheetal says I know you, as we have a special person in our life.

The Episode starts with Sheetal talking to Pankti. She asks her marriage plans. Pankti says I have no plans as of now. Richa and Sheetal say that they will try to get Pankti married soon. The man informs JD that a company wants to sign up Ahaan. JD asks him to spread rumor that they have exclusively signed Ahaan, his buzz will end soon. Everyone prays. Ahaan smiles seeing Pankti. He showers flowers on her. She sees him. He smiles. Richa and Vikram, along with other couples take blessings of Maa. Pankti goes to take blessings. She thinks what to do, I don’t know how to do puja.

Aparna stops her from putting flowers near the idol. Pankti looks at her. Aparna asks her to keep flowers by right hand. She says you are Richa’s friend right. She sees Ahaan smiling and understands. She asks don’t

you pay attention when your mum does puja at home. Pankti says we don’t do puja in our house. Sheetal says so what, Aparna will teach. Aparna says I will teach you, come. Aparna teaches her how to do puja. Ahaan smiles seeing them bonding. Pankti does the puja. Vikram goes to attend a call. Aparna makes Pankti wear the dupatta over head.
Ahaan looks on. Pankti gives aarti to everyone. Ahaan takes aarti. He asks Pankti to take aarti and holds the plate. He gives the aarti to her. Aparna smiles. Pankti holds the plate. Vikram says its my engagement today, did you forget. Pankti goes. Aparna says the house where puja doesn’t happen, its not a house, puja gives peace to heart, tell me did your heart get peace. Pankti nods.

Aparna asks her to do puja if she feels happy doing it. Anita is drunk and talks to Purva. She says your dad ruined my life, I could have become big star, he made me a drunkard. Purva says I wish you could ask Pankti and me what we want. She makes Anita sleep. Vikram and Richa get engaged. They take everyone’s blessings. Pankti looks on and cries. Aparna sees her. She asks her to save her tears for her marriage, when doli goes, the bride cries. She says your mum will cry more, a daughter’s mum sees bidaai dreams since many years. Pankti thinks my mum doesn’t dream and doesn’t let me dream. Lights go. They all ask how did lights go. Manav makes a call to get electricity back.

Pankti drops her purse. Ahaan helps her and gives her phone. He takes her along. She asks where are you taking me. He says far from darkness. She says leave my hand. He says we are used to darkness and forget to see light around, I swear I will get light, close your eyes.

Ahaan closes her eyes. He counts and asks her to open eyes now. She sees the fire crackers lighting the sky. He says see light is there, you were refusing to see, see this moon, clouds, sea, entire city is awake, now some more light from my side. He goes.

Pankti stumbles in darkness. Ahaan holds her. She happens to see JD and gets shocked.