Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Tuesday 13th August 2019 On Adom TV


Gunjan says she dint tell her mom but Rachna says did Shayl get a dream. Gunjan say s if that s what Rachna believes its fine. Charu wants to have fun and do some mauj masti . The ladies are hesitant at first but even Gunjan supports the idea. Charu praises sangeeta and she talks that she looks very good in jeans. Bua and Rachna encourage her. Gunjan says let s celebrate woman s day with pakoda party. The men will be coming late as they have gone to Mayanks office. Sangeeta in jeans, seema in synthetic saree open hair, bua in makup, Shayl in suit. Charu wears salwar then decides to wear western in order to look lik a bombshell. They click pictures. Charu says lets play Truth and dare and explains the game. Seema goes to make pakodas. Rajeev lifting weights Vihaan comes and makes small talk and then that he is interested in Gunjan Rajeev scolds him that she is his student and a responsiblity and to do something constructive so that the one who is mentored is not disappointed.

Gunjan asks shayl if she liked someone before her wedding Shayl gets tensed does not want to answer so the question is changed to Has Dayal ever said he loves her. Shayl says in their time all this happened with their eyes. Mayank is overhearing and Shayl knows . Charu asks rachna how she feels after defeating her sister. Rachna denies says she is happy about winning Gunjan happy. Sangeeta asks her that if she will sacrifice for her sister. Rachna says she wont as she wants to win.

Charu asks Gunjan if its a drama that she is not talking to Mayank and ifshe still loves Mayank.Seema Sangeeta are unhappy Shayl comes back who had gone to take samosas. Charu questions again and Shayl bua want to stop the game. Gunjan says she has an answer and will say the truth. Gunjan says she loves Mayank but Mayank is Charu s and only charu s . Gunjan Charu start fighting and Shayl gets upset. The men come and see everyone in a different look. Mayank is fuming Shayl ties her hair Sangeeta takes Rachna s dupatta and runs.

Rachna in her room Sangeeta comes to return her dupatta and Rachna feels that even if she is katti with Gunjan she is feeling bad for her and Charu should not have asked that question.

Mayank is upset and scolds Charu that she is the one who keeps dragging Gunjan and she will never understand.
Gunjan remembers she said she loves Mayank and ends up face to face with him. She comes to her room sad that she has so much to share but there is no one. There is a teddy on the bed and she hugs her. Shayl prays to keep the love and relations intact.

Dholu cheers Gunjan and asks about the mental ability round tomorrow. She says it can be anything quiz, treasure hunt. Dholu prays that it should be a treasure hunt.

Gunjan borrows Rachna s encyclopedia which Mayank had gifted his sister. Charu switches off the fuse . Gunjan finishes reading and leaces the book on the bed and leaves. Surprisinglt the lights return and Rachna goes to the room screams for everyone. The book is on the floor burning. Rachna accuses Gunjan and Gunjan tells her why she does not trust her and to get moving ,focus on the competition as she will give her tough competition.

Next morning Charu helps Shayl in the kitchen and Charu gives two glasses of almond milk to gunjan. gunjan does not want it but Shayl tells her to drink. Shayl is hesitant that Charu is up to something when she Is so happy. She sees Rachna s bangle in the kitchen and goes to return it.

A figure in red dressed like Gunjan picks some medicines Prabhu sees her ,she mixes it in Rachna s milk and Shayl sees this. Mayank wishes her all the best and she nods. The figure is Charu who is very happy.

Rachna drinks the tampered milk, Charu is happy and breaks into a jig. Shayl sees Charu dancing and she makes an excuse that her body is paining.

Shayl sees Gunjan on the terrace dressed she questions her but Gunjan says she Is here from a long time. Shayl thinks Gunjan is super fast.

Chaya wants to tell Rachna about Mr sharma. Charu interrupts. Everyone wish the girls luck. Rachna is feeling weird because of the medicine. Charu says she and Mayank will come to see the competition

PRECAP: Mr Sharma trying to get intimate with Chaya who is scared. the door is closed Gunjan Rajeev are running up the stairs and open a door they look shocked