Meri Aashiqui Friday 12th July 2019 On Joy Prime


Naina says to Ranveer that this is a game. Ranveer says what is that she wants him to propose her in front of everyone. Naina says he asked for her help, she is doing this all for a show off. If Ishaani is pretending to be a wife of Nurbhay she won’t do it. She is just pretending to marrying him, else Nurbhay won’t allow him in the house and he won’t be able to come close to Ishaani. Ranveer thanks Naina for thinking about him. Naina says she is doing this all to take him away from Ishaani for always.
Ishaani was alone in the corridor, Vikram comes behind her and wonders when she will say no to him? He gets a call of a goon Sanjay who asks for his money now, he says that now Vikram must return him his amount with fifty percent interest. Vikram thinks that the money he will get in charity will have to be given as such.
Ranveer takes Pratik aside and says they must do something before this auction and charity ends. He tells Pratik that he has talked to Naina, they must find out why Ishaani is staying here, he has spotted Ritika as well. He must find out what connection Ritika has with Nurbhay, if she works here or lives here. Pratik says he must search the whole house to get a clue. Pratik says Ishaani is his sister, her eyes show disturbance and she hesitates talking to Nurbhay. She only loves Ranveer and is hiding something. Ranveer says he knows about it, and tells Pratik to go and search all the rooms.
Nurbhay comes to Naina in the room. He says he agrees to everything she does, he says he won’t allow her play this truth and dare. Naina says this is just a game. Nurbhay says neither he will allow her smooch Ranveer, nor he will do it. Maa comes there, she tells Nurbhay why he is making an issue of a small matter. If Naina enjoys this she must do this. Maa sends Naina downstairs, she tells Nurbhay that they have to show Ishaani that Ranveer belongs to Naina now, and that Ishaani is his wife. Nurbhay says he will watch out.
Pratik comes to Nurbhay’s room and with photos he judge that this is Nurbhay’s room. He watches some files on the couch and says there is nothing about Ritika here. He goes to another room. Pratik was peeking inside a room where servants worked. Nurbhay comes from behind, Pratik was shocked at once. He stammers that he was looking for washroom. Nurbhay says had he asked someone he would know it is downstairs. They hear Naina had begun the game downstairs. Ritika watched this from upstairs. Naina tells everyone about the rules of the game. The first person the bottle stops at is Ranveer. Naina asks him to pick up a slip, everyone gives suggestions about color. Naina asks him to pick pink. Ranveer reads the slip that he has to propose a girl for marriage.
Aarti asks Ranveer to do it now and takes them to stage. Ishaani stares at Ranveer. Everyone bucks him up. Ranveer constantly stares Ishaani, then kneels down in front of Naina. He says that since he has seen her he can’t see anything but her face, looks at Ishaani, then continues that he has no other dream but being with her. He wants to make that dream his life, wants to spend his whole life with her. He looks at Ishaani again, then asks Naina if she wants to spend her whole life with him, and marry him?

In reply to his proposal, Naina says yes I will marry you. They all come to play the game again. The bottle stops at Ishaani, Ranveer watches her. Naina asks Vikram to pick the slip for her, Ishaani says it is alright they must let Naina pick up the slip. Naina cheats by throwing the actual slip on floor, and showing the one in her hand. She announces that she has to smooch her life partner. Ritika laughs upstairs. Ishaani says she can’t do this. Naina says to Nurbhay that they had already told him they must do it. Everyone bucks Nurbhay up. Vikram thinks he will at least see Ishaani’s style of kiss. Naina thinks that Ishaani won’t be able to insult Nurbhay by forbidding him.
The dacoits get to the loot the idols of auction from behind the curtains.
Nurbhay confronts Ishaani, a lady says why Ishaani is so shy as he is her husband. Ranveer couldn’t see them together, Nurbhay gets to kiss Ishaani but she backs up. The shadows fell on curtain as if Ranveer kissed Ishaani. The auctioneer arrives, Nurbhay calls to begin the idols. Aarti addresses the people that they wouldn’t have seen such master piece idols in their life. She opens the curtains, the idols weren’t there. Aarti was worried and says she kept them here fifteen minutes ago. Maa asks who stole these idols. Ritika wonders who stole the idols. Nurbhay shouts who dare stole the idols. Uttam asks them all to cooperate with them. Nurbhay says he will punish the culprit according to his rules. Aarti goes to Pratik and asks what he was doing with their idols. Nurbhay thinks about catching Pratik near the store room. Nurbhay says that Pratik is from Ranveer’s family so he is lucky, he gives Pratik a 24 hour time to return his idols back. Ishaani thinks that Pratik can’t steal, she must find out who did this. Pratik insists that she didn’t steal anything, he can’t even think of stealing. Naina says he will be suspect until they find the thief. Amba comes to side Pratik, Maa stops Amba saying right now Nurbhay is in rage and won’t listen to anyone.
Ranveer sits in his room thinking about Ishaani and Nurbhay. He was upset, irritated and enraged. He comes to window and watches Ritika hurrying outside the house. He thinks he must talk to her and goes behind her.
The guard tells Nurbhay that whole house has CCTV cameras. Ishaani hears this, she thinks before anyone she must watch the videos. The guard says that it must be someone from inside who did the theft. Nurbhay says he will look for the videos by himself.
Ranveer follows Ritika’s car. He comes and grabs her tight, she was shocked at once. He says if she wants him not to say something she must tell it herself. He wants to know the truth, what she is doing at Nurbhay’s house and what her connection with that family is. Did Ishaani come to her or she was following her?

PRECAP: Ritika tells Ranveer that Ishaani found her and got her work at Nurbhay’s house. Ishaani told her that she married Nurbhay leaving Ranveer, she needed money that had almost ended to Ranveer.