Till The End Of Time Episode 216 Update On Thursday 16th May 2019 On TV3

Maya over phone orders Rajeev to kill Saanjh. Arjun stands in front of Saanjh. Saanjh pushes him away. Rajeev shoots Saanjh and she collapses. Arjun shakes her and shouts to open her eyes. Rajeev tells Maya that he took their relationship’s first step and he is bringing Arjun so that she can kill him. Maya jumps in happiness thinking Saanjh is dead, now Arjun is only hers, she will kill Rajveer and will reunite with Arjun forever. She thinks Arjun cannot see her in this condition and takes bath reminiscing their romance. Sajna hai mujhe sajna ke liye…song…plays in the background. She gets ready and waits for Arjun holding gun, thinks time is weird, Rajeev cme for her help again.
Rajeev drags Arjun and Saanjh in coffins. Maya gets happy that her Arjun came, but stops seeing two coffins.
Rajeev says his love for her finished her enemies. He opens a coffin and shows Saanjh’s body. Maya walks towards her. Rajeev stops her and says Saanjh is dead, he finished her story. Maya nervously asks where is Arjun. Rajeev looks at another coffin. She opens coffin and panic seeing Arjun’s body in it. Rajeev says Arjun is dead, he cleared all hurdles between his love. She angrily holds Rajeev’s collar and shouts how dare he is to kill her Arjun, she asked him to get Arjun alive. Rajeev says I am sorry, I did not want to kill Arjun. He reminisces Arjun attacking him after he killing Saanjh and him shooting Arjun. He says sorry, he could not control.
Maya angrily pulls gun on Rajeev. He says he is her love. She says he is a dirt and shoots, but Arjun wakes up and pulls gun up. Maya gets happy seeing Arjun alive and emotionally hugs him. Saanjh also wakes up and says sorry Maya you have failed again. Samay frees Saanjh’s hands. Maya asks what is he doing. Rajeev says she used him to reach Arjun and wanted him to kill Saanjh. She says it is not truth. Arjun pulls Maya down and says he will kill her for betraying him and tries to stab her, but Saanjh stops him and says he has to be alive for her, Maya will be punished by law. Maya kills Saanjh. Arjun angrily strangulates Maya and asks Rajveer to tie her to a chair. Rajeev does. Saanjh asks Arjun to call police. Arjun calls inspector Ranveer and informs that he is in Asra goan and Maya Mehrotra is with him.
Precap: Rajeev says Maya that he never shot Saanjh, he was helping Arjun and Saanjh to know Maya’s truth.