Till The End Of Time Episode 214–215 Update On Thursday 15th May 2019 On TV3

Arjun hears Maya’s voice in tape recorder and says wherever she hides, he will find her out as she does not deserve is love and deserves his hatred. He sees Maya passing and runs behind her. Saanjh walks into jungle and Samay throws knife on her, it hits tree. She runs and slips and calls Arjun. Arjun continues following Maya and she escapes. He then hears her voice again in groundnut vendor’s cart, throws groundnuts and gets tape recorder. He hears recording in which Maya says they will meet where they had met first. He reminisces their hot air balloon meeting, gets into auto and asks driver to take him to nearby mountain cliff. Saanjh continues running and Samay follows her wearing hooded jacket. He thinks Saanjh has not changed at all, she is same innocent and believes everyone blindly.
Saanjh gets trapped in a steel claw and injures her leg. She shouts Arjun.. and sees a man wearing hooded jacket in front of her.
Arjun continues searching Maya and hears tape recorder voice that has almost reached his destination. He finds tape recorder on a plant and a note, reads it again. He steals someone’s bike and speeds away. Saanjh asks man who is he. He bends and removes hook and shows is face. Saanjh is shocked to see Samay and says he was dead. He speaks in his usual style and says Samay never dies and now she will see Arjun dying, he will get back Maya then.
Arjun reaches a place where he saw Saanjh last and searches her. He asks a passer by if he saw a girl and shows Saanjh’s pic. Man says he saw this girl falling from bus and then going into jungle. Arjun gets into jungle calling her.
Saanjh tries to run and falls into Samay’s created grass pit. Maya watches and enjoys sitting at a dance. Samayy drops petrol on Saanjh and around pit. Saanjh says no…and calls Arjun. Arjun finds Saanjh’s dupatta and imagines Saanjh must have left it as a clue. He continues running ahead shouting Dusky and finds Saanjh’s earring. Saanjh continues Samay to spare her. Samay says if she dies he will get back Maya. Saanjh says Maya does not love her and is playing with him again. Samay says Maya loves only her, don’t worry she will feel only a bit of pain and soon Arjun will also come behind her. Saanjh continues crying. Maya watches smirking. Arjun reaches the spot.
Arjun continues searching Saanjh and finds her bangles and jewelry on the way which Saanjh left for him. Saanjh shouts Arjun…Samay says Arjun will not come as Maya would have killed him. Saanjh says Maya will not kill him as she hates Arjun. Saanjh says Maya loves Arjun and will not kill him. Samay shouts that Maya loves him and hates Arjun…Saanjh continues shouting Arjun…Arjun continues getting clue and imagines how Saanjh would have left it. Samay lights match stick and is about to throw it on Saanjh when Arjun comes and holds his hand. He punches Samay. Samay overpowers him and hits him on his head with a stick. Arjun falls down. Samay then walks towards Saanjh. Arjun wakes up kicks Samay away and frees Saanjh’s leg from a claw clamp. Samay walks with knife towards Arjun. Maya hiding
behind tree gets worried. Saanjh sees Samay and alerts Arjun. Arjun holds his hand and fights with him, says Maya could not kill him, so he will. Samay overpowers Arjun and says whatever he thinks happens. He is about to stab knife into Arjun when Maya throws stick on Samay and Samay falls down unconscious. She thinks only she can kill Arjun. Arjun turns behind and does not see anyone. Arjun lifts Saanjh and runs. Police comes there. Arjun and Saanjh hide. Maya pulls unconscious Samay out of pit and escape. Police sees empty pit and leaves. Maya searches Arjun and Saanjh, but does not find them.
Maya takes Samay to a godown and reminisces him trying to stab Arjun. Samay wakes up and says he was about to kill Arjun when someone hit him. She says police came there and she did not want to leave him there, so she brought him here and does not want to lose him. He says nothing will happen to him and says soon he will kill Saanjh and then dog Arjun. Maya thinks once Saanjh is dead, Samay will realize she loves Arjun and not her, then she will kill Samay.
Arjun also takes Saanjh to another godown and nurses her wound. Saanjh says police or Maya may reach here anytime. Arjun says in his fight, Saanjh gets trapped always, Maya is already dead for him, so he will surrender himself to police and finish this at once. They both try to leave godown when Samay enters holding gun and shouts they cannot escape from him. He says he will kill Saanjh first and then take Arjun to Maya who will kill Arjun and give him a gift. He video calls Maya and says her gift is ready, whatever she needed he is giving it to her today. He shows Saanjh and Arjun. Maya smiles seeing Arjun. Arjun shouts he will not spare her. She says she wants him to come near her, this story was of them and third person is not invited. She asks Samay/Rajeev to finish Saanjh’s story. Samay shoots and Arjun shouts.. Maya watches on mobile.
Precap: Arjun shakes Saanjh to wake up and then fights with Samay. Bullet is shot and Samay and Arjun’s facial expression changes.