Ashoka Samrat Episode 248 Update On Monday 13th May 2019 On Joy Prime

Kaurvaki shares her truth with Ashoka. I am Kalinga’s princess, Kaurvaki! I came to Takshshila to look for my father, Maharaj Jagannath. Ashoka realises that he is the only person who succeeded in entering inside Kichak’s palace. She nods. Kichak behaves inhumanly with him. Samrat Bindusar is to be blamed for my Baba’s condition. You asked me once why I hate Samrat Bindusar / Maurya’s so much. There are 2 reasons. One, I am from Kalinga. Magadh has been our enemy since always. Two, my entire family was finished because of Bindusar. If he has not supported Kichak then my father would have sat at the throne. Just because of him, my mother continues to wait till date for my father as she stands before the mirror. She wont even realise how many years have passed. I was a kid. I did not relaise it then but my brother could not take it. He jumped off and died. Everyone thought that my mother will understand about my father’s loss through his death but in vain. Flashback is shown. Kaurvaki’s mother talks positively to Kaurvaki. Your father is alive otherwise my breath would have stopped long ago. I have faith in you. You have to bring him back safely. Flashback ends. Kaurvaki says, I don’t have many of his memories, but whatever I have, are enough to last for a long time. He always helps others. He and the entire state had to pay for it. He always believed in love, peace and in the goodness of people. He forgot what no Kalinga should ever forget – to trust any Maurya!
Another flashback is shown. Kichak comes to Kalinga as a messenger on Bindusar’s behalf. He talks about ending their age old enmity by celebrating Holi / Rangpanchmi with them. Jagannath whole heartedly welcomes him. Flashback ends. Father did not realise that Kichak came to take away all the colours from our life. Kichak attacks at the palace and takes Bindusar’s name. I am only following his orders. Kichak was about to lose but Veerayan hits Jagannath on his head from behind. Jagannath faints.
Kichak thought he can rule over all of us but he forgot we are from Kalinga. All citizens hold responsibility for everything. When they realised that wrong is happening in the palace, they celebrated another Rangpanchmi, this time with blood! Bindusar would have never imagined or expected it from the citizens of Kalinga. He understood his mistake. When Kichak asked Bindusar for help, he refused. Ashoka says I have heard Samrat Bindusar did not know of Kichak’s plans. Kaurvaki asks him who told him this. I am sure it must be a Maurya only. They have a habit of changing their words according to the situation. If the citizens would not have revolted then Samrat Bindusar wouldn’t have changed his statement. He understood his mistake so he acted diplomatically. Acharya Chanakya came to Kalinga with Samrat Bindu.
Flashback shows Bindu saying the same thing. I did not pass that order. I will repay for all the loss. I will punish Kichak. Kaurvaki says BIndu dint stick by his words. We stick to our ground and responsibilities always. We got Kalinga back but father got punished for trusting Kichak. He was taken down the throne. My uncle was announced the King in his place. He did not deserve it. Samrat Bindu’s mistake was borne by the Kalinga. The person, who was the King, is made to do work here. The one who did not deserve anything is ruling Kalinga! I have to free my father and help him get his throne back. He assures her she will do it. I have never seen a strong willed girl like you. I will help you in your mission. She too says the same. A man comes to call Ashoka as Acharya Devrath is calling him. Kichak wants his statue to be showcased tomorrow. Ashoka mentally apologizes to Kaurvaki. You shared your truth so easily but there is still time in you knowing my truth. I will end Kichak’s tortures. I will prove it to you that there can be no better friend than Maurya’s!
Dharma is walking in the corridor. I cannot tell Samrat this truth or he will start a probe immediately. This will alert the killer. She collides with a Daasi. Dharma recalls the words of Ishwari. Who are you taking it for? This lep is put when someone is burnt. The Daasi tells her that Sushim has asked for it. She wonders if Sushim is the killer.
Devrath tells Ashoka that Kichak is placing his statue tomorrow only. Ashoka wants to know why he is so insistent upon doing it tomorrow only. What’s the rush? The people want Kichak not to place his statue in their pious land. They all get thinking.
Charumita applies lep on Sushim’s wound. Dharma comes there. She questions Sushim what happened. He says there is nothing to worry. Dharma asks again. Bindu says it happened because of me. I went unannounced to talk to Sushim about his plans for Takshshila. Sadly, the hot oil fell on his hand. Charu adds that both his hands are burnt. He wont be able to do anything for a few days. Charu suggests Dharma to take rest. It is too late. Dharma wants to talk to Bindu but he too requests her to rest. They both leave from there. Sushim had a doubt on Dharma coming to check on his wound. I intentionally dropped the oil on me when father came unannounced. Charu appreciates him for it. we will have to find a permanent solution to this problem.
Ashoka apologizes to his mother. I am trying but I am unable to do anything concrete for the citizens till date. She says you cannot do anything alone. He is surprised to see her there. I cannot understand what I should do. She advises him to fight united. He wonders how he will bring everyone together. she reminds him of his Guru’s mantra. Faith – that their dreams can come true. The citizens share the same dream like you. they need guidance, a man who can make them believe their thoughts can come true. You can give them their confidence back. She gives him a hammer and nail. Give the citizens a leader who can become their faith! They should realise that whatever be the situation, they will never lose. She guides him towards the stone. He carves a symbol of Satyamev Jayate on it till dawn. He looks around for his mother but realises it was his dream. He hears people calling for help.
The citizens share that Kichak has abducted their kids. He plans to sacrifice them tomorrow when his statue will be unveiled. Ashoka refuses to let it happen. The blood of any innocent will fall in Takshshila.

Precap: Kichak unveils his statue but it turns out to be the statue of lion with the emblem of Satyamev Jayate!