Till The End Of Time Episode Episode 210 Update On Thursday 9th May 2019 On TV3

Samay points gun at Maya. Maya says he was died, how did he get alive. He says his love brought him backs and reminisces fishermen saving him and taking him to hospital. He repeats Maya’s name in sleep. Fishermen thinks he loves his wife so much. Out of flashback says, even death could not separate them, now they he will kill her first and then shoot himself.
Saanjh gets mental patients busy in pulling rope and silently gets into Maya’s room and searches clue. Arjun on the other side finishes tea with watchmen. They ask him to go home now as his wife is safe here. He says he will not go easily and asks them to get more tea while he returns from washroom. Saanjh continues searching clue. Nurse comes and asks what is she doing. She acts as insane and says aloo kachalu kahan gaye they,
baigan ki tokri me sorahe they. Nurse asks what she means. Saanjh says she is searching bhalu’s chaddi here. Nurse says wardboy cleaned this room and there is nothing left here. Wardboy comes. Nurse asks him to take Saanjh to mess and show her Bhalu’s chaddi. Ward boy says who will clean mental woman’s room, doc used to tell she is fine, but he knew she was mad and was acting. She used to write something on papers and used to speak to another woman in next room who killed her husband, in-laws, etc. Saanjh asks if she can get those papers. Ward boy says they keep all records and he can. She asks to show them. He stops her.
Samay continues and tells Maya if he cannot live with her, he will die with her. She tries to pick vase and he shoots at it. He continues his confrontation and throws gun in front of Maya and says he cannot think of killing his love, instead she can kill him. She picks gun and checking magazine says bullets are real. Samay says if she thinks he will give fake bullet, game is real, life is real.
Wardboy tells Saanjh that he will get her papers and she has to pay him 2 lakhs, else he will tell her truth to doctor and create a story, then she will become real mad. He is working here since ages and knows who is real mad and who is acting.
Samay closes eyes and in his style says Maaayaaa.. Maya shoots bullet on wall and cries how can he kill who loves her so much. She loves Arjun and he betrayed her. Samay says he will not betray her.
Ward boy asks Saanjh deal or not, else he will go to someone else. She says deal. He says walk along. She tries to call Arjun. Ward boy snatches mobile and says she is trying to act oversmart, he will not trust her now and warns to come along silently.
Precap: Ward boy gives electric shock to Saanjh and says he wanted to get admitted, now he will make her real mad. Arjun waits outside hospital