Meri Aashiqui Episode 338–339 Update On Thursday 9th May 2019 On Joy Prime

Ranveer doesn’t accept the claim of Mr. Shah. Ranveer asks if he will steal his own diamonds from his company. Mr. Shah tells him he sold them to him for 4.5 crore and now he had to claim insurance of 5 crores to earn profit. Mr. Shah says he is now denying all his deals. Ranveer pushes him out of the house. Mr. Shah leaves house murmuring and calling him a liar. Ravan heard this all, he stands at the door way thinking that Ranveer Vaghela must have to face his past now. The past he had left in his village has come to face him again.RV comes inside shocked at Mr. Shah’s words. Ishaani asks what happened and where he had gone. He says nothing and goes to meet other guests.Kailash comes to Raavan and asks why he has come here. Ravan says he must keep an eye on Ranveer, he can do anything in his lost mental state. Baa comes there and asks Kailash who is he. The guest introduces himself as Raavan and says he has come from Anjaar. Baa says they must be relatives as well. Amba comes and says he is their old relative. Baa says he must stay with them till wedding now. Raavan and Baa go inside. Baa introduves Raavan to Ranveer who doesn’t recognize him, he takes baa instead with him.Chaitali scolds Sharman why he rejected that girl. She shows him how happy his father has been after getting married to her. Ritesh from behind Chaitali told Sharman not to marry in life. Chaitali turns behind, Ritesh nods at Sharman to marry. Ritesh takes Chaitali, Sharman keeps on murmuring straight about their relation and smiles. The planner comes to Sharman and drops her flower basket, she asks Sharman if he is allergic to girls. Sharman says his past record with girls isn’t an ideal one. She suggests to find a boy for him. He says she jokes well. She insists that there is always a girl behind a successful man. Sharman says this isn’t a must that girl be his wife. She says it is good if that is his wife. Both smile, Pratik watch the scene. Her dupatta had stuck in Sharman’s sleeve button, Sharman removes it.Chaitali announce about a game of couples. Each member will be blindfolded and will have to find their life partners. Ranveer and Ishaani challenge each other, Ishaani says she will find him but if he loses, his childhood love claims will get false. Pratik blindfolds Chaitali, Baa shifts the position of men. Chaitali comes to Ritesh saying she will find him anyway. Chaitali comes straight to Ritesh who is happy she has recognized him in the first go, Chaitali passes Ritesh. She holds the tray of a waiter, Ritesh comes to open her eyes saying she got hold of a waiter. Baa comes and says it isn’t her mistake, he is always found with a plate.Baa says they must atleast know each other for two years atleast. Ritesh asks Baa if they can date someone else after wedding, to change their decision. Chaitali takes Ritesh aside. They call for Ishaani’s turn. Pratik blindfolds Ishaani. Ishaani comes forward, she goes to Ranveer who changes his position. Ishaani holds Pratik’s hand, then caresses his cheek. She takes a glass of water, then leaves. She comes to Kailash then touches his feet. Everyone claps. She finally reaches Ranveer, passes him and goes behind him to get his arm saying this is her Ranveer. She boasts as she removes the cloth from her eyes. Ranveer appreciates her, Ishaani says she had told him she will recognize him from his fragrance. Baa appreciates Ishaani, she says they must all wonder what Baa says about them but she will only speak when Ranveer will also find Ishaani like this. Ranveer comes forward to Ishaani, he passes her and goes the other way. He stops at Chaitali and says she is there, his lady love, his dear Chaitali Kaki. Everyone claps, he passes Amba, Lakshmi and then stops at Manisha, the planner. Ishaani is shocked, he holds her hands and says yes, her hands are so soft like silk. Ishaani is enraged.
Ranveer held Manisha’s hand. Pratik comes to Sharman and teases him. Ranveer says her hands are soft, she can’t be his Ishaani else he should have sat down holding it at once. They all laugh. Ranveer walks towards Ishaani, stops at her, sniffs and says it smells like Ishaani here. Ishaani smiles. They all clap. Ranveer says to Ishaani now she see how much he loves her. Baa says that their love has been like Radha Krishna, whether they live together or not, their love remain.Ranveer takes Ishaani to a corridor, Ishaani gets rid of him saying someone will watch them. Ranveer says their engagement has also taken place. Ranveer says it is a licence to meet each other, Ishaani asks about her gift. Ranveer says he will give her the gift, and in return he won’t even get a kiss. Ishaani says he will have to wait for the kiss. Ranveer removes a cloth and brings about a box. Ishaani takes it excitedly, it was really heavy. Ishaani opens it up to find dumpbells. Ranveer laughs and says she used to be his Sunny Deole once, but she has changed, now she must make her muscles again till wedding, so that she holds him. Ishaani says she will hold him to hospital after beating him with these dumpbells, and chases him. He gets her and says this was a joke, her gift is due on him. Ishaani says she is happy she has got him. Ranveer’s phone rings, he heads toward office. Ishaani says she is concerned about his health. Ranveer says business isn’t going well, he has to go in an important meeting. Ranveer tells her not to take tension about the work, but about her muscles only.Parul comes to take Krish from Mala. Manas comes there and says Krish is so lucky to have such a loving mother. He says he never got a chance to speak to her, he is happy as Ranveer told her everything. He says he might not be able to love her that much, he doesn’t want to begin this relation with a lie. She can be Krish’s mother marrying him, because he loves Disha even today. Parul says she respects him and will never complain him. Manas says he will give her all the happiness with loyalty. Parul says she knows he has been lucky to have him in life.Ranveer walked on road like a goon and enters a building. The guard stops him but RV beats that guard a fist on head. He heads inside. Mr. Shah was tensed about Ranveer, his safe was left open when he gets a call. Ranveer comes inside, Mr. Shah is shocked to see him there and asks what he has come here for. Will he push him out of his own shop as well? Ranveer comes towards him. Mr. Shah is afraid and asks what he wants. Ranveer grabs his shoulders and says he mustn’t have come to his home, he did a mistake and must pay for it. He looks towards the safe, takes the money from it and says his family doesn’t know what he does. He must not do it again. Mr. Shah resists but Ranveer asks if he loves his teeth or money? Mr. Shah says his teeth, Ranveer wraps the money. Mr. Shah shuts the safe, Ranveer grabs his head phones and hears the songs for a while, dancing on them.Ishaani was in the hall, calling Ranveer and worried why he isn’t picking up the call. Pratik passes by, Ishaani asks where is he taking this ladies bag? Pratik says this is Manisha’s who forgot it here, he thought about giving it to Sharman. Manisha comes out and calls her mom, who walked on street, what she is doing. It was Mrs. Mehta (Chiraag’s mother). Mrs Mehta says light as gone out, she came out to get cool. Sharman comes there and watches Manisha with her mom, he goes inside. Manisha says she will talk to her later aunty. She goes away. Sharman says he came to return her purse, Sharman asks how she knows her. Manisha says she used to live in her street. Sharman says that lady’s son isn’t a good one, he dislikes her whole family and doesn’t want her to meet them too. He asks to drop her home. Mrs Mehta watches them go together.Raavan comes to the hall, Ishaani asks if he wants something. Raavan says they are a good couple, he asks if they know each other since childhood. Ishaani says when she was six and he was nine. Raavan asks Ishaani if she Ranveer’s life before nine years. He asks if Ranveer ever told her his life in Anjaar and something had happened there. Ishaani remembers the time she had mentioned about Ranveer’s childhood life. Raavan was about to tell Ishaani about Ranveer’s life when Amba interferes and asks what is he doing here. Raavan says he was blessing Ishaani. Amba tells Raavan that his guest room is ready. She takes Ishaani along. Baa heard this all, she is worried and says Amba and Kailash are worried and Raavan was saying something to Ishaani. She thinks she must find out what it is about.
PRECAP: Ranveer comes home and tries to flirt with Ishaani, Ishaani says she isn’t in a mood and heads to leave. Ranveer has a head ache, Ishaani turns to look at him.