Till The End Of Time Episode 188–189 Update On Tuesday 16th April 2019 On TV3

Vandana gets afraid seeing her bed box open. She turns and is shocked to see Maya, asks what is she doing. Maya says she came to take revenge for killing her Bandar, he/she was the bond between her and Arjun. She pushes Vadnana into cupboard box. Vandana pleads to get her out. Maya continues that Bandar was the bond between her and Arjun and she broke it, she became pregnant for the first and lost her child. Vandana asks if she acted as pregnant first time. Maya nods yes. Vandana asks if she thinks her child will come back if she kills her. Maya says her child is alone there and needs grandmother’s company. Vandana says Arjun will know her truth and will not spare her. Maya says she is already dead and Arjun cannot kill her again. She closed box and Vandana pleads to open the box.
calls Arjun, but he repeatedly disconnects and throws mobile. Ayan gets out of coma and thinks of informing Saanjh. He calls her and throws something down. Saanjh rushes to him. He says Maya tried to kill him, her killing spree has started and she should call police before something happens to him. Saanjh says nothing will happen to him, now Maya’s game is finished. He asks where is maa. She says she went home. Ayan says Maya lost her child and will kill maa, she should rush home and save maa. Saanjh runs.
Maya sleeps on Vandana’s bed and cries that her Bandar is gone. Vandana gasps for air and loses consciousness. Maya says she did come to kill her, she came to show howmuch pain she is in and knocks bed. Saanjh travels towards home and gets worried that Vandana is not picking calls at all. Maya continues her schizophrenia and says she wanted just love and wanted to become mother, but Vandana being a mother killed her child. She wanted Arjun’s love and nobody to come between them. This world is against them and did not leave space for love. Her psychopathic gestures continue and she says may God give peace to Vandana’s soul and walks to god’s photo and says she left her, but why did she leave her being a god.
Arjun heavily inebriated confronts god that he is fired, god’s duty is to take care of us, but he did not do that. Already there were so many people to trouble, even god troubled him, so god is fired. Maya on the other side prays god that god left her side, but should not leave Arjun. Arjun loved his mother a lot, a mother who did not let her become mother who did something that is irreparable. Arjun holds a puppy and asks if Maya trained him, even he is trained by Maya. Now he does not have anybody, only they both. Maya holds Arjun and Vadana’s photo and apologizes Arjun, prays god again not to leave her Arjun as he needs courage now, Arjun himself told she can take happiness wherever she can, she is alone without happiness and even Arjun will be alone.
Saanjh reaches Vandanan’s apartment building reminiscing Ayan insisting her to go and save maa from Maya. She rushes towards flat while Maya walks out of flat clearing her fingerprints from all around. She sees Saanjh coming and runs into lift. Saanjh rushes and knocks Vandana’s flat door. She get key under doormat and opens it. She finds Vandana sleeping on bed and relaxes. She calls Ayan and informs that Vandana aunty is fine and is sleeping, he just frightened her. She says after what happened today, they need to protect Vandana. She leans on Vandana and says Ayan is fine and she does not have to worry. She does not feel pulse and sees her not reacting at all. She rushes and brings water and sprinkles on her, but Vandana does not react at all. She cries hugging Vandana.
Maya returns
home and collects marbles and tells Jhanvi that she is keeping a count of her mistakes and shows one is for Ashwin, then Prem, then Rajeev, then Vandana.
Arjun heavily inebriated continues talking to a puppy. Saanjh calls him. He picks saying for their old friendship. Saanjh asks not to disconnect and says Vandana is not between them now. Arjun shatters and reminiscing cursing his mother why didn’t he die yet. He rushes home and sees Vandana dead on bed. He reminisces Vandana’s love for him and shakes her to wake up, not to joke, he just joked her to die, apologizes and says he will not speak to her loudly. Saanjh tries to calm him, but he pushes her and asks Suman and Ayan to tell maa to get up. Saanjh slaps him and says aunty has left us. Arjun shouts Mayaaa. Saanjh says she will call police. Arjun stops her and says by the time she calls police, Maya will clear all evidences, he will do whatever he has to. He takes Vandana’s oath that he will not spare Maya until he is alive, let us see who will die first. World saw Maya’s extreme love, now they will see his extreme hate, in hate either it will be win or death.
Maya continues her schizophrenic acting and says Jahnvi by now Arjun would have know everything. Arjun angrily pushes Saanjh and shouts Mayaaa.. Maya says Arjun would have shouted in anger, that is not enough he has to shout more. Arjun angrily breaks all furniture and finds Maya’s IV syringe in a vase. Maya is seen cleaning evidence and by mistake dropping IV syringe into vase. Maya tells Jahnvi that nobody can be saved from Arjun’s anger, not even her. She is afraid now, but does not want to save herself, she is done. Saanjh tries to stop Arjun, but he pushes her away. She gets injured, but stands up and he will fall prey to Maya’s tactics. Maya says Jahnvi like each time, Dusky will try to stop Arjun, but her Arjn will fall for Dusky as usual. Saanjh requests Arjun not to do anything and gives her oath that he will not do anything to Maya. Arjun drops syringe and folds his fingers, meaning he is giving her fake promise to calm her down. She hugs him emotionally. He opens his fingers and then hugs Ayan. Ayan cries maaaa. Arjun imagines Maya laughing on him and thinks enough now, Maay will feel defeat now.
Maya makes Jahnvi sleep and says she cannot be a daughter which she likes, but she does not have any choice, her Arjun is coming to kill his Maya.
Precap: Arjun kills Maya. Judge announces death sentence to Arjun for Maya’s murder. Arjun walks over Maya’s death body with police..