Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Episode 27–28 Update On Wednesday 17th April 2019 On Adom

Mayank comes n says sorry to gunjan n she gets angry at him tht this is all b/c of him. he without thinking blurted everything out to everyone n now rachna’s in trouble. she says why r u telling me sorry, say sorrry to rachna. She says after wht u’ve done, i dont even wanna see u..i hate u. dolu also tells mayank i dont wanna tlk to u..they both leave and mayank is left sad. Everyone is sad in the background.
next day shayl is praying to god that let the results come good s tht my daughter dont have to get married and for gunjan she prays also. rachana’s frnd comes n says we cud check the results on comp.
everyone is gathered there..mayank checks rachana’s result in which she gets an 82%..rachna hugs gunjan but gunjan is sad for her
everyone is realllyyy happy n dolu says now she can go to college. everyone is sad
next they check chaya’s..i think she got like a 60% or sumthing..
next mayank says lets check gunjan’s..gunjan says no thanks i’ll check it by myself.
gunjan checks her result in mayank’s computer..shes left thinking whether she shud say the result or not.
mayank’s mom taunts her saying how can the result be good blah blah..gunjan gets angry and gives the lappy to mayank..n he says OMG…she got 91 %
everyone is shocked (hahahah in ur face doppu’s mom!!!)
shaiyl tells her ur just like sneha..she was also veryyy good in studies..hearing this gunjan cries..
pihu comes home n tells everyone tht tomorrow some guy is gonna come to see rachna and to this rachna gets realllyy sad n leaves n runs for her room..mayank says to pihu but rachna shud study n shudnt get married..he was abt to finish when he noticed dayal starring at him angrily n he stops tlking. pihu says mayank he r getting married n stopping other from getting married..hows tht fair!? shaiyl is telling everyone dont u think rachna shud study more n not get married..episode ends
Gunjan comes in with dolu and says okay rachna stop crying..its not like u care anyways. to this rachna gets angry saying tht no i do care..i want to become somebody, i want t go to college. And then they show the precap (gunjan tells her well then u always let someone else write the pages of ur life for u..ur not gonna stand up so whts the point..ur just gonna cry)
Gunjan tell her to fight for her rights and then pihu comes in and gets angry at gunjan. Pihu forces dolu to get out of the room (sad) and tell rachna tht she got married at the same age n tht shes okay with it..she managed everyhing. She tells rachna the guys r verryy rich n tht she will have so many clothes n food..she’ll live like a queen. She gives rachna a face pack to put on and leaves. Gunjan gets angry n goes to mayank’s room..but hes not there.
She goes to terrace and hes sitting there and charu keeps annoying him saying i want to go do a pooja for u to get a job so im waking up at 5..i’ll wake u up for ur aashirwad (hahah hilarious ..tht grl is craazaayyy)
n mayank says whtever .gets angry at her n hangs up. Gunjan comes there n says to mayank i thought after wht i told u..u will sand up for rachna..its ur fault today tht shes going thru this…why dont u act like a borther n stand up for her..!?!? he gets sad and scene shifts to the chachis n bua
chachi says shud we order food from outside cuz these ppl r very rich..wht if they dont like our this the duo says no they will..n shaiyl comes there saying rachna is too young..n shes studious..pihu was sumthing different..b/c she was poor in studying and she didnt wanna study..n she wanted to get married..thts why we got her married..
mayank n dolu’s dad r wth dyal asking him to change his decision or till rachna’s wedding..let her go to college..n get her married after tht…but dayal is adament on his decision..shaiyl comes there n dayal says im not her enemy..i want whts best for her..(yea right !!)
mayank goes outide n tells gunjan i tried my best..n he puts his hand forward n says friends? gunjan looks away and walks away..he is left sad ( somehow i feel like mayank will help rachna get thru this cuz gunjan is sad too)
in the market we see rachna in a saree buying vegetables with sindoor n magalsutra on..n gunjan n chaya comes there ..with there books n everything..they call out rachna n give her a samosa from their canteen..
rachna says wht r u guys doing in colege..gunjan n chaya tells them stories of college n how theres a hockey sleection going on..rachna wishes tht she too can do all these things
apparently tht turns out to be rachna’s dream..episode ends on rachna’s scared face and no i dont want to do this face..(she seems stronger somehow