Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Episode 25–26 Update On Tuesday 16th April 2019 On Adom TV

rachna is thinking about how everyone s upset with her. Gunjan consoles her and tells her the good thing about the whole incident is she got the courage to open her mouth. Rachna agrees.gunjan tells her that she is the same like her mom sneha clean hearted and her mom taught the same to gunjan. What ever is in your heart you should speak not keep anything inside. Shayl overhears all this and is angry .
Dayal and sangeeta s husband go and knock on someone s door. A man opens it. He greets them and calls them in. His wife is also present they are mr and mrs sharma they offer dayal refreshments he declines and asks them to call mintu. as they want to talk to him. Mintu comes out looking scared(want mintu to get scolding s hoping its not a marriage proposal )
shayl is furious and tells she dint say anything outside as it would cause some more trouble. She tells rachna that she is grown up but she feels like giving her two tight slaps. She tells rachna how could she do this ie go meet a stranger.. She says thank god it was mohalle ka ladka ( aunty you have no idea how creepy your mohalle ka ladka is )
she scolds rachna and asks for an explanation.
dayal asks mintu if he will himself tell his father or he should . Dayal says that they have been living here from a long time and hence every girl in the neighbourhood should be mintu s sister gopal sangeeta s husband threatens him that if something like that is repeated they will hand him over to the police . Dayal apologizes to mintu s father that they came to his doorstep and scolding their son but he says its better to do it now then regret later. They leave. Gopal tells dayal that its not rachna s fault but the badmaash s so rachna should not be scolded.
Shayl is asking rachna why could nt she open up when gunjan speaks up .she says that all this would not have happened if rachna was given some freedom. Gunjan asks how could rachna speak up when she is scared and shy to tell and share small things she knew she would only be blamed for everything. Gunjan asks her why did mintu target rachna ?? He did as he knew rachna was a shy girl and she could not do anything . So he could easily blackmail her as meeting and talking to boys is forbidden .
Gunjan explains that strength courage self confidence are just words for rachna she does not have these qualities. She tells shayl that you are a mom you want to give all sanskars to her but if some problem comes later in life do you want her to be timid and scared. She blames that rachna was cut off from the world.
The 3 evils – seema sangeeeta and dayal s mom/sister are cooking in the kitchen . They are blaming gunjan for the entire mess and cooking plans to get rachna married as pihu married at the same age. Seema is really happy mayank got someone like charu . Dholu comes to the kitchen as he is hungry and hears who will marry gunjan. Dholu says he will marry gunjan . Dayal s mother/sister blames shayl for bringing gunjan home in moh of her sister and poor shayl hears this .
Dholu and gunjan are having fun when gunjan sees rachna still lost in her thoughts and whispers some plan in dholu s ears. Dholu then pretends to be upset with gunjan as she dint take him to hit the evil boy . Gunjan is trying to manao him.they fool around and finally tickle rachna to bring a smile on her face. Gunjan asks Rachna to go down for dinner but rachna says that how can she face everyone. Gunjan convinces her that everyone loves her and its fine.
Its 9 o clock and dayal has not come back home yet everyone is worried and specially shayl. She asks gopal if he knows where he is. Gopal says he has no clue. Dayal s mom/sister says that dayal is a self respecting man and if something like this happens to his daughter he will be upset and she hopes dayal dint do anything to himself ( if you cant say anything good to your shayl bahu then pl dont trouble her by saying such things about her husband)
Everyone’s worried where Dayal is. Dayal comes home
He apologizes to gunjan saying ur new to our house but my daughter knows the house n riti riwaz still she made this mistake and he says..she will be punished for it..he says i have decided to get her married when she turns 18
Everyone is shocked and opposes it except for dayal’s sister
Gunjan tries to explain to shaiyl n everyone else tht this is wrong
She goes to explain rachna who is in her room tht this is wrong n u have to fight for ur life to which rachna says no i will not say no to my father (seriously..!??!?! when will this grl stop crying?!)
gunjan is tired of everything..goes to terrace and tlks to her mom saying plz mom come to me even if its for 5 mins plzzz i miss u
Mayank n dolu come there n mayank tells dolu to go to gunjan to ask her who she’s tlking to
dolu goes n tells gunjan mayank wants to say sumthing ..mayank comes n says sorry to gunjan..gunjan looks at him all angry
shaiyl goes to dayal and tells him to take back his decision ..rachna is still just a kid to which dayal says no and shits off the light to go to sleep and shayl has tears in her eyes n the episoe stops
precap: everyone is sitting down and mayank says rachna got 82 as her percentage and everyone is sooo happy and dolu says now rachna can go to college to which rachna’s face gets sad