Meri Aashiqui Episode 307–308 Update On Wednesday 17th April 2019 On Joy Prime

In the party Ishaani comes to the bar, the bar man asks what she would like to take. She asks for a soda. Ranveer notices her as she stood disturbed there and comes to her after taking an excuse from Ritika. Ritika wonders how Ishaani reached to the party and what is her plan. Ishaani thinks she doesn’t want to create a drama for Ranveer but she has to take him away from Ritika. Ranveer asks Ishaani why she is drinking when she can’t handle it. Ishaani asks why he isn’t there with his wife now. He must care for his wife now. She says had he cared this much for her, he must have come here with her. Ranveer asks she didn’t want to come with him herself. Ishaani says he could have called to ask her the reason.
Ritika greets Mr. and Mrs Chadda for their silver jubilee. She also calls RV as her husband. The women taunt that he is standing with one of his wives and the second is calling him. Ritika calls him to her and asks him to tell everyone about the love life of Mr. Chadda. RV takes the drink from Ishaani’s hand and tells the bar man not to give her anymore, she can’t handle it. Kunal comes to Ishaani and tries to flirt with her. Ishaani firmly tells him to be in his limits. He holds her hand and asks why she wants to stay alone, he is also alone so why not get together. Ishaani leaves. Kunal crosses her way again and asks her to go somewhere alone. Ishaani asks if he is so drunk and slaps her. She heads forward, but Kunal takes her on the wall and curtly says her husband doesn’t give her a lift to her so he took a chance.
RV was wishing the couple all the best for their golden jubilee to come soon. He looks around at the bar searching for Ishaani. Ishaani was being harassed, Ranveer comes from behind and holds Kunal’s hands behind him and tells him to leave as soon as possible else he will get him a chance and he won’t be able to look at any girl again. He says he is leaving, RV tells him to join hands to Ishaani and apologize her. He does and leaves. Ranveer was angry, Ishaani says thank you to him. He comes to her and asks if he must bring another peck for her. She says she isn’t drunk. He asks if she has seen her condition, he helps her go as she poses to be drunk.
Ritika was having food, Mr. Chadda asks her to have food well. RV tells Mr. Chadda that he and Ishaani are leaving, Ritika says they will leave. RV tells Ritika to stay here and may come through the car. He is going with Ishaani home. Ishaani winks at Ritika who was curt. The ladies there taunt Ritika that he had come with Ishaani but is leaving with his first wife.
Chiraag’s mother cried at Shekhar’s office. She says she was lying that she left her invitation inside, the truth is that no one ever invited her. She cries and says that they have been going through financial crisis. She wanted to meet his financial associates so that they may resolve their matters again. She cries that Chiraag was immature and did a lot of mistakes. Shekhar says that Chiraag arranged a huge amount of money for them, he says that he left the world but his child is about to be born. His mother gets worried that she won’t be able to take the responsibility of the baby and mother. Shekhar tells her to listen carefully, the mother of child is so rich and the baby will at once inherit all from his mother. Shekhar promises that if they claim the baby as their child he will make sure they get their share of the inheritance. He tells her that the mother is Ritika, the only daughter of Mr. Zaveri and the heir of all his property.
At home, Lakshmi and Amba discussed that Ranveer and Ritika must be having fun together while Ishaani must be stuck in rush. Ritika arrive home upset. Amba asks about Ranveer, Ritika asks didn’t Ranveer come home till yet. Amba says he went with her, he should come with her as well. Ritika says Ishaani came to the party and did a drama there, so Ranveer had to come with Ishaani. Pratik and Sharman listened this all and were happy. Lakshmi asks why she didn’t do anything herself. Ritika says she couldn’t embarrass Ranveer any further who was already embarrassed to have two wives in a party. Amba scolds Ritika for not speaking in the party about anything. Ritika was curt.
Ishaani and Ranveer pass through the way where Chiraag had been murderned. Ishaani remembers everything happened there, then Ritika’s confessions. Ranveer notices that she was lost, he asks if she is ok. She nods and wipes her tears. She thinks she has brought Ranveer away from Ritika but how will she tell her about her realilty. Ranveer asks the driver to drive fast, he says the way isn’t well to drive fast. Ishaani asks Ranveer about the depth, she says she has been here before as well. She thinks something happened here, what happened? Ranveer asks what she remembers. Ishaani says everything is unclear and tells the driver to stop the car.
Ritika hears Pratik and Sharman mocking her in the corridor, saying someone is smelling anything burning in the kitchen. Ritika says she will make sure their sister lose the home crying.
Ranveer and Ishaani comes down the car, Ishaani goes watching the site, Ranveer runs to save her fell off the cliff. Ishaani thinks sorry, I will have to do complete drama now.
Ishaani says that when she woke up in the hospital doctors told her that she was found here. Ishaani asks Ranveer if she went to jail. RV says she already knew this, he told this at the day of his and Ritika’s wedding that she went to jail, she killed Chiraag and didn’t love him ever. Ishaani says sorry to him. Ranveer asks for what? Ishaani says she did this all to him, but she could never tell him why. Ranveer says she has lost her memory, it is not her mistake. She asks Ranveer if Chiraag died here. Ishaani says that she remembers that when she came here Chiraag was dead. Ranveer is shocked to hear that she didn’t kill Chiraag when she repeatedly shouted this and was firm at it. Ishaani says she thought Ranveer had killed Chiraag. She says she tried to save Ranveer because he was fighting with Chiraag. Ranveer says that Ishaani wasn’t drunk in the party still she lied and posed to be drunk and didn’t stop him from leaving the party. And now she is denying having killed Chiraag and is taking advantage of her memory loss to prove herself innocent. He won’t believe in her because she always lie and is still lying. Ishaani fell on the ground, Ranveer is concerned but Ishaani says she will be fine. He leaves her and asks her to get up, Ishaani tries but is unable to stand up. Ranveer sits with her and asks couldn’t she stand by herself. He says she must agree a few things aren’t in our hands, like he loved her so much but she couldn’t. Ishaani was about to say something when Ranveer twists her foot. He says he was trying to divert her attention. Ishaani and Ranveer stand up to leave, Ishaani was unable to walk so Ranveer picks her up. They reach home, RV explains to Ritika that Ishaani’s foot got twisted. Ritika was smiling comfortably, Ishaani is shocked to see her family stood at the door with their bags packed. Ishaani stands on the floor, Ritika explains there was a big problem and her family must leave the home. Ranveer and Ishaani are shocked. Ishaani asks what and why? Ritika looks at Ranveer then looks at Ritesh and asks what the problem that made them leave the house is. Ritika says there is termite issues in the servant quarters, they can’t stay like this. Ishaani asks where they are going then, they have left their old house as well. Ritika gives Chaitali her flat’s keys and tells them to live their comfortably. RV is happy and goes to get their luggage. Chaitali is happy and says she will sit in the terrace there, Ritika smiles at Ishaani that she must sit on the terrace as well. Ishaani is concerned and says she will also go with them, but Chaitali and Ritesh say that it is her first Teej in the house. She must get prepared for that. Sharman tells Ishaani to keep an eye on this Ritika, tomorrow is an important day for her and she must win as a wife. When they all leave, Ritika says to Ishaani that she took her game and sent her support system away. Now she would see how Ishaani wins.
The Parekh family come to a commercial place and say this is the address Ritika gave them. Sharman says Ritika is trying to toss them. Chaitali asks Ritesh to wake someone, she wakes a guard. They ask the guard about flats, he points at a road ahead and tells them they are really beautiful. Chaitali dances in happiness about getting such good flats. Ritesh says she is happy today but when she knows about the truth of Ishaani and Ritika she will also cry. Sharman says that only he knows about the truth and must not share it with Chaitali. The guard behind says they will now know what a five star hotel is. Chaitali comes to a house and goes to curse the guard. Sharman tells her to be calm, Chaitali asks Ritesh to open the door but the lock couldn’t be open. Ishaani tries the number of Sharman but they didn’t pick it up.
Ritesh calls Sharman saying the keys aren’t working. Chaitali curses the men saying can’t the three of them do anything. Ishaani says she has gone crazy, they must be asleep now. She must sleep as well, as it is her Teej fast tomorrow. Sharman says this keys aren’t of the lock, and this flat can’t also be of that richess Ritika. Pratik says it can be a servant quarter, and any servant who ever lived there must have changed the lock. He says they must get a key maker.
Ishaani comes to the kitchen and searches for something. She asks Mala if Amba made any Sargi for her. Mala says Amba took everything in her room. Ishaani says she can’t start her fast if she doesn’t eat something from Sargi. Mala says there is one laddu of coconut left made by Amba. Ritika comes and eats that santching it from Mala’s hand. She says she was craving for this and in her condition she may take anything anytime to eat. She tells Mala to bring milkshake for her. Ishaani thinks she must eat something else she won’t be able to fast.
PRECAP: Ritika asks Ishaani how she will do her fast without a Sargi. And if she doesn’t fast her husband won’t be hers. RV asks what is happening here.