Ashoka Samrat Episode 226 Update On Wednesday 17th April 2019 On Joy Prime

Amadhya Raakshas asks her why she is hurting herself. Why do you want to come to Takshshila? He gives in. She looks glad. She keeps her foot down. Forgive me, I dint answer you as I might have lost my concentration. He asks her the same question again. She says my father, my ancestors have studied in Takshshila. I have heard many stories about Takshshila. It is my dream to study there. Luckily, I got this chance today. Please take me with you as your disciple. I will only get a chance to enter there with you. I will spend the rest of my life there only and help others. The other guy appreciates her remarkable spirit. Amadhya Raakshas asks her to pack her bags. She mentally apologizes to him for lying. It is important that my reason remains a secret so I succeed.
Ashoka thinks of his Gurudev. I have left to fulfil your dream. I will make that dream come alive.
Amadhya Raakshas looks at Ashoka’s boat. You may have begun your journey but you wont be able to compelte it. I will end Chanakya’s dream with you today. Kaurvi thinks she was right in chasing her dreams. I don’t know how I will do it but it is no point thinking of stepping back now.
The sailor asks Ashoka to take some rest but Ashoka denies. It will happen only when I free Takshshila from the evil people. Kichak’s men keep an eye on Ashoka. One of the soldiers cannot understand why he has been made to wear such clothes. The main guy says we want people to think that some pirates are behind the attack.
Amadhya Raakshas pays money to the sailor for allowing them in his boat. The sailor assures him they will reach soon. Kaurvi wonders how Bodheshwar got so much money. The other guy says we must not think too much against our Guru’s. We have to accept them and their decisions with a clear mind.
Ashoka writes a letter to his mother. I know you will be thinking about me right now.
Kaurvi holds something in her hand. Come what may, I will succeed in my mission.
Ashoka finds Madhav looking at the sea, wiping his tears. He walks up to Madhav. I know you are sad at losing your grandfather. Madhav is actually worried about everyone in Takshshila. How does evil become so prominent at times? Ashoka reasons that change comes only when one tries. I assure you, good changes will come. I heard someone saying that the end is not till everything is good.
People on the boat discuss about Kichak’s tortures. They have decided to give in to Kichak. Kaurvi comes there. Someone will certainly rebel one day or another. Someone has been daring enough in the past too. Someone will do it in future as well. I have heard about one trader named Jagannath who took a stand against Kichak. They say such people come and go.
The sailor tells Ashoka about Kichak’s reign / tortures.
Kaurvi speaks strongly against Kichak. Did he even know how many families were left bereft after Jagannath ji died? Why is Magadh’s Samrat not doing anything? Why is Kichak still alive? She realises what she just said and leaves from there. The traders get curious.
Ashoka too is angry at Kichak for he has harmed too many people. The sailor adds that Kichak got greedy for power which made him do all the wrong things.
Siamak falls during sword practising. His Guru tells him to focus on the person against whom he is picking up the sword. Siamak angrily starts practising. Sushim watches them. Why is Helena getting Siamak trained by a Unani? Sushim watches Siamak practising sword fighting. You are wrong to think you will sit on the throne. Only I will sit on the throne. You will have to defeat me if you really want to become the king. I will not let you win.
Kaurvi asks for someone in particular to a guy. He walks away from there without saying anything. She follows that man. I know you are hiding something from me. Another guy holds her hand strongly. She bites at his hand to free herself. The monk asks Kaurvi if she is ok. She nods as she hides her hand. He is sure there is something.
At night, the weather is really cold. Kichak’s men are waiting for Ashoka’s boat. Ashoka notices Madhav having a hard time managing the boat. He covers Madhav with a shawl. Madhav speaks about the bad weather. Ashoka manages the engine. He later climbs up a pillar to manage the cloth. Ashoka notices the boat that is coming closer to them from the opposite side. He runs downstairs to avoid a collision. He tries to signal the other boat to move aside or stop. Kichak’s men get ready to attack.
Precap: Dharma is pregnant. No other Rani is happy. Helena talks about finding a solution of the problem before it can even become real.