Ashoka Samrat Episode 224 Update On Monday 15th April 2019 On Joy Prime

Helena talks to Justin’s photo. Bindu is eating food with his son for the last time. He will soon realise what it feels to eat alone. He will regret not spending enough time with his son, of not being there for his son. He will feel guilty. That is when he will understand my pain. I promise you, his pain will not stop there. I will kill his entire family before killing him. SIamak will sit on the throne. This will mark the end of Acharya’s dream. He sacrificed our lives for it. She drinks.
Soldiers bring in a man they have held captive. A kid wants to know a story of owner and servant. Kichak points out that cheating your owner will get you nothing but death penalty. The kid shows an inclination to see the punishment. Kichak looks at the man. The kid is shocked to see his father. Soldiers hold him back as Kichak keeps his sword near that man’s neck. People call me cruel. I have to do it for the state. I have to punish those who don’t pay taxes. I cannot see this kid’s tears. I cannot snatch his father from him. You are getting another life. By when will you pay taxes? The guy reasons that he has nothing to give to him. Kichak tells him to sell his wife and friends. I can do it for you if you cannot! The soldier asks him why he left that man alive. Kichak wants to spread fear in people’s minds. Now no one will delay in paying taxes. A king has to keep this fear alive in his citizens. Who will I rule on if I kill them? Kichak receives Sushim’s message. Sushim informs Kichak about Ashoka’s arrival through sea route.
BIndu blesses Ashoka. Be successful in your mission. Ashoka seeks his mother’s blessings. Radha Gupta tells Ashoka that Acharya will guide him. Hope you are able to fulfil his dream. Ashoka seeks the blessings of everyone else too. He hugs Sushim. Don’t think that I will forget you when I will be away. I will think of you every second. I hope you too will do the same. Sushim advises him to focus on his mission. Ashoka replies that he has his focus on the same. I have to come back here only in the end. Ashoka hugs Siamak. You don’t have to get weak. You have to be strong for your family. Siamak thinks that he will surely surprise him if he returns alive from Takshshila. Ashoka leaves for Takshshila. Helena thinks that this will mark the beginning of Unani Yuga. It is important that all the Maurya’s die before that.
A man gives paan to the sailor. The paan is infected with poison. The man dies. Ashoka asks him about how much time they will take. The sailor explains that the weather is actually on their side. The poison shows its effect. The sailor dies on the spot. The kid, who gave the paan to that sailor, gets scared. He hides. Ashoka is upset.
Kichak’s soldiers are in sea too. One of the soldiers cannot understand why Kichak dint kill Ashoka directly. All the problems would have finished. The other soldier says in that case, Ashoka might have been treated. It would have been a murder. Kichak will be blamed for it. If we give him the same poison when he is away from the land then no one will be able to help him.
A few monks ponder over how to help the people in Takshshila. Amadhya Raakshas comes there. He offers to go there. He shows a letter of recommendation from Bodhitsav to the monks.
The soldiers take away the dead body of the sailor. Other soldiers want to find another sailor for them. We should not lose time. Kichak will continue creating trouble for people in the meanwhile. A guy offers to do it. He is the son of the dead sailor. Ashoka apologizes to him for not being able to do anything for the late soldier. His son isn’t sad about it. He died for his motherland. It will hurt him if your journey is delayed. Please allow me to take over. I went with my father on his expedition. Ashoka is amazed by his dedication. He allows that man to be their guide. We will do your father’s last rites first. We will leave tomorrow morning. The guy agrees.
Precap: A girl (Kaurvi) wants to go to Takshshila along with Amadhya Raakshas. She insists upon going there. Ashoka is on his way. I only will become Samrat Ashoka!