Saraswatichandra Episode 23–24 Update On Friday 12th April 2019 On Adom TV

The Episode Starts with Badi maa telling Vidyachatur that from today their duties towards Saras are over and now Laxminandan and his guilty son Saras have to see. Kumud, her mother, Vidyachatur just looks on surprisingly.
Potter comes there and calls for Kumud and says he brings chalk and sand. He says he needs to go to market and he leaves.
Vidyachatur about to asks Kumud about the chalk and sand, just then Badi maa comments that Saras said infront of everyone that he will do the paschiatap but how will he do, who never touched the sand utensils, how he will make the sand utensils.
Badi maa further tells Kumud that she wants to learn the art of making sand utensils from her but she will not teach her and support Saras and be a part of his sins. Kumud teary eyed, Vidyachatur and all the family looks on. Badi maa leaves.
Kumud comes to Vidyachatur and says yesterday I didnt shout aloud on Badi maa, but she said killer to Saras and I could n’t tolerate. Vidyachatur says I listen to you but listen to Dugba too. He says dont asks any questions from Dugba and tolerate her anger. Kumud says no one is bigger than Badi maa and I accepts his anger. I never wants to hurt her heart. She says if you are with me, then I am also not wrong naa Bapu.
Saras sitting somewhere:
Saras is sitting under the tree and thinks Kumud doesn’t have any reason to have faith in me then why she is trusting me. She quarreled with village people, it seems like she knew me more than myself. I hurt her ego and she is doing all this with what relation. She remembers the FB scene where Kumari says that Kumud made his sketch even before the alliance came for her.
Kumud home:
Kumari tells Kusum that how jijaji must have slept in the hut, Kusum says he slept outside all night, she didn’t allowed him in.
Kusum says she went there with the food but he slept without food. Kumari says that Kumud will fight from everyone for Saras. Kumud comes there and asks them to help her. Kumari asks are you troubled because of jijaji. Kumud says no. Kumari says she should not wash the already wash utensils. Kusum says our jijaji is somewhat different. badi kaki says he is a killer, nobody cares about yash. Kumud says killer is the one who run covering his face, but he will run from his guilts. She says she will bring out the truth. Badi kaki says you are doing this for a stranger and talking about yash like this. Kusum says jijaji is not a stranger. Kusum says what he did, nobody can do it, he did save vidyachatur from fire. Kumud mother comes there and asks her to calm down. She says I will pray for yash, she asks Kumari to pluck some flowers for Puja. Kumud mother asks Kumud to dont take it on heart. She says Saras is not the part of this family. Kumud says I remember, I am helping him so that Ilaben and her family dont gets hungry.
Kusum says sand utensils can only taught by dugba and it seems she will not agree.
Scene shifts to dubai:
Ghuman tells Laxminandan what Vidya bhai give him money mortgaging his house. Laxminandan says there was no other way. After marrying you Bapuji asked me to leave the house. That time if Vidya would have not helped then we would be on street now. Laxminandan continues that vidyachatur made his life but he himself are in debts. Ghuman says why you not inform him that you purchased his haveli. Laxminandan says I accept his favour forever. but he didnt think of money given to me as a credit, if I return it then he will get hurt. Ghuman says I feel ashamed to point out whatever I did for you. I did a duty as a wife.
She says Vidyabhai thought of debt given to you as his duty. She says today I got to know why vidyabhai is more to you than me. Laxminandan says that Vidya is equal to her. She asked about the money which kantilal send whose money is that. Laxminandan replies that vidya gives money every month to Kanti lal and he did send that money to laxminandan. He says I started new small business for Kumud with that money but that business is not growing. If it doesnt grow in three months, then have to closed it. Ghuman says it is doing for someone good so the outcome cant be bad, rest is Vidyachatur luck. Laxminandan says this business should grow. Ghuman says she will take care of this business, so that this debt can be cleared. She asked him to trust her.
Laxminandan says he need some time to think about it. Ghuman thinks that she will keep Vidyachatur’s haveli as property for taking loan from the bank and she will start the business from it, and the business will fail as Vidyachatur’s fate and Vidyachatur took loan for his friend and now Vidyachatur will come on the street. Ghuman smiles.
The scene shifts to India:
Kumud is standing in her house top. Kusum comes and says that Saras came to say No but he could not say no and you have asked him to go and he went but he had to come back. Kusum says that you have already said that if you both are made for each other then you both should try to come together. It is as if Shiv ji is taking your exam in which you both pass. Kumud says I don’t know what Shiv ji wanted, but I want to help him.
Kusum says that helping can be done by giving him food, but not being hungry. He will be also seeing this and he would have came to know that saying No to you was a big mistake. Kumud says there is nothing like this. Kusum asks Kumud to bet on this and Kumud will fail as always. Kumud says she will make sure about Badimaa but she will not let Saras fail. Kumud leaves as Kusum looks on.
Kumud comes to Badimaa, Badimaa notices her presence but ignores her. Badimaa is angry and tells that rain and unwanted guests come even if not wished. Kumud tries to talk to her. Badimaa says she cannot do it and Kumud says yes I know. Badimaa says it is because of your stubbornness, everyone is listening to you. Badimaa is angry and says she cannot help Kumud. Badimaa leaves, Kumud follows her. Badimaa says she will not listen to Kumud at any cost.
The scene shifts to Dubai:
Didi is dancing as Ghuman looks on. Didi says that she is happy dancing and says that she dreamt that she is dancing in Vidyachatur’s haveli. Ghuman says that she is making the haveli property on her name and her didi is still thinking of dancing there. Didi in an angry tone says that it is because of her Ghuman is here in Laxminandan’s house. Ghuman makes faces. Didi says that Ghuman would have been belly dancing in any Dubai club. Didi asks Ghuman to dance with her. They both dance. Laxminandan enters in a shocked way. Ghuman sees him and stops dancing.
Laxminandan says do I need to remind you that this is Laxminandan Vyas’s house. He scolds them. Didi and Ghuman both makes excuses and Didi leaves. Laxminandan stares at Didi’s feet because of the Ghungru sound.
Ghuman tries to calm Laxminandan’s anger by talking to him, he leaves.
Back to India:
Badimaa is angry on Saras and speaks bad about him. Kumud cries. Badimaa asks her to stop crying and tells that how much Kumud knows Saras that she is trusting Saras more than her.
Kumud says Badimaa herself taught her to support the truth and she is fighting for the truth and she needs her else she will not be able to fight. Badimaa agrees to help Kumud, not Saras. Kumud smiles and hugs her.
The Episode starts with scene in India in Ilaben’s house. Saras is trying to make mud pots alone while kids are seen playing there. He is doing hard work to shape the mud. Saras makes seven earthen pots. Ilaben comes there and scolds her son and asks him not to play. Ilaben kicks the pots which Saras has made and says that she will not consider it to earn a living and she takes her son inside the house.
Saras is upset and sits there and thinks Ilaben’s words : ”Is paapi ke haath ki kamai khaenge to hame bhi paap lagega”. Saras thinks how he made the promise to do the prayaschit to Purohitji. He again turns to the wheel and starts making the pots.
The scene shifts to Kumud’s house:
Vidyachatur is sitting tensed and Kumud’s mother comes with tea. She asks him to have tea and snacks else he would have chest pain. Vidyachatur says he has having pain thinking about Saras, how he is working there alone being hungry, living like a thief. What he will say to his Laxminandan and he has to do something. Yash’s mother stands outside their room and hears all this. Kumud’s mother tells Vidyachatur that Kumud is also working hard and she was making mud pots the whole night. She is working on your behalf, and she is taking care of your responsibility. Vidyachatur is happy to hear this and says that doing kanyadaan is the biggest pleasure and he will be getting double pleasure if he marries off a good daughter Kumud. He will be proud of her and he will tell Saras that his daughter will support him in under any circumstances. Kumud’s mother smiles.
Kumud’s mother gives him tea and goes to bring breakfast for him. Vidyachatur smiles. Yash’s mother is tensed.
The scene shifts to Ilaben’s house:
Saras is working on the wheel. Kumud comes there with a tiffin for Saras. Sweet music is playing in the background. Kumud says: Dekhte hi rahoge?
Saras turns. Kumud tries to manage her hair. Saras stares at her. Saras helps her and then holds her face and smiles. They stare at each other while music plays. Kumud spoils her hair again and gives him the things. Kumud goes to Ilaben and hears that Ilaben is scolding her son and saying that there is no one to give them food and he will not go to school. He will have to help her selling utensils.
Scene in Kumud’s house: Badimaa informs Kumud’s mother that she was making the mud pots till late night. Kumud’s mother tells badimaa not to worry as Kumud knows her maryada.
Back to Ilaben’s house:
Ilaben’s son says his friends come to school. Ilaben says that no one has stopped their earnings. Saras enters and tells her not to spoil his future by stopping his education and I will help you. Ilaben gets angry and tells she does not need Saras help. Kumud says that she is the boy’s teacher and even she tells that he should study. Ilaben says she is the mother and she also does not want to stop his studies but she has no means to earn. Kumud convinces Ilaben to let her son study. Kumud promises that tomorrow she will sell the pots in the market. Saras is shocked to hear this. Kumud then gives the tiffin to Ilaben. The boy feels hungry and looks at the tiffin. Ilaben says how she can take it. Kumud says that Ilaben should take her help.
Ilaben says ”aisa kab tak chalega”, Kumud says till she sells the pots and she will make sure that they get a new cow also. Ilaben praises Kumud. Kumud says that Ilaben should not stop the boy from going to school. Ilaben says what to do, how to manage money. Kumud tells her not to worry and take care of your health. Saras asks Kumud why she lied that the pots will be sold tomorrow in the market. Kumud says it will be done and she is with him. Kumud then takes her bag and prepares to leave. Saras stares at her. Kumud again manages her hair. Saras smiles seeing her.
Kumud recollects how Saras managed her hair. Saras tells her to tie her hair properly. They come on her face. Kumud says that her hair is not move according to him. Saras smiles. Kumud leaves.
Scene shifts to Dubai:
Ghuman brings lunch for Laxminandan in his office. Ghuman says she has come there to make up his mood, as he was upset in the morning. Ghuman tries to ask him if he is hiding anything, which might be troubling him.. Laxminandan says he is missing Saras and only Saras can manage Kumud’s business.
Ghuman reminds him of their son who is studying in Harvard. Laxminandan says he left his studies and left for spain, and now he has to pay his fees if he wants to study. Ghuman says not to pay his fees as he has to come and join his father’s empire. Ghuman says he can also look after kumud’s business. Laxminandan says No.
Scene back to Ilaben’s house:
Saras thinks how Kumud made the promise to the boy.. Saras tells himself that he understands Ilaben’s pain and he will help her.
Saras again starts making the pots but is unable to do.
Ghuman gives haveli’s papers to manager and wants to keep the haveli ”girvi”. The man says it is risky. Ghuman says you have not seen the haveli, else you should not have said this. The business is important for Laxminandan and she is ready to take the risk. She asks the manager to keep this secret. She says that Vidyachatur was making her out of Laxminandan’s heart, now she will make him out of his house.
Ghuman gives a cunning smile.
Scene outside Ilaben’s house:
Saras is making the pots and he is thinking about Kumud. Suddenly Kumud comes there and helps in making the pots. He asks her not to help, she says to trust her and she will not let it damage. Saras smiles while staring at her.
The episode ends on Saras’s face.
Kumud says Saras has made it right but he took much time to learn. Saras thinks ”tumhari ankhon me nahi kho ta to pehli baar me hi karleta” and tells her ”koi aur teacher hota to aur jaldi seekhleta”. Kumud calls him dumbo. The music is playing in background.