Meri Aashiqui Episode 301–302 Update On Friday 12th April 2019 On Joy Prime

The episode starts with ishveer hugging passionately after her confession ,
Ishaani emotionally tells RV that she wished her entire life was spent in the bliss of his arms , Just their love. Their togetherness , She says with out him She will be alive but will not live .
RV then releases her and asks why was she crying ? He asures her he believed she loved him , She asks him she knew he too loved her very much , Why was he not saying it Pleads him to say it once, RV the says ILU ishaani. ILU soo much , RV smiles at her , they hug passionately
Outside the room, ri is peering thru the window , watching their passionate hugs , feeling jealous and furious she asks herself that is this why she was living here ?? To watch Ishveer romancing ?? , She is frustrated that all her plans to separate ishaani from RV always failed , Even her plan to make ishaani speak up truth with kadha was about to fail and hit back at her !!!
She wonders how many somvaar vrats had ishaani kept that she could never be separated from RV ??
Ritika gets a message from Falguni that next time the DVD will not be fake, and she will kill her after showing her reality to the world. And she is dead so no court in the world will be able to seperate them. Ritika says she will get crazy if she doesn’t stop this all, she says she must leave this place as soon as possible. She comes out to the parking and finds the saree sticking out of the car’s back. She says this is the same saree which was worn by Falguni’s ghost, she wonders who is doing this all, may be someone has turned to ghost just to make her fearful. She wonders may be Ishaani is lying about her mother and she herself is doing this all. Ritika says now Ishaani will not be able to keep this truth for a long time. To know this truth she will have to live inside this house.
Ranveer and Ishaani hug each other intently, Ranveer comes to a realization and seperates Ishaani from himself, he says this isnt possible. Ishani asks what isnt possible. Ranveer says he can’t even tell her anything. Ishaani asks what? Ranveer says in her condition she wouldnt remember anything. He asks why? Why she married him but loved Chiraag, she killed Chiraag and went to jail because she didnt want to live with him, now she has returned and wants to live with him. He asks why she does this again and again to him. Ishaani hugs him from back and says she did this only for him, she loves him. Ranveer seperates her and asks if she thinks they are both spouses. Ishaani qualifies isnt it enough they love each other? Ranveer tells her not to make it difficult for him. He heads to leave murmuring he can’t do this, then comes back and holds her face saying he shouldn’t do this, this is wrong. He tells her to go. Ishaani gets into washroom, shuts the door behind her. She splashes her face with water. Ranveer sits on the bed recalling his own words. The tap gets displaced in the washroom, he hears the shower sound in washroom as Ishaani fights with it and fells on the floor. Ranveer goes inside and turns the tap off. Ishaani had fallen on the floor, he picks her up but she slips in his arms. Both share eye lock, Ranveer helps her stand up. SHe had pain in her feet, he picks her to her bed. Ishaani tells Ranveer she didnt slip intentionally. Ranveer tells her to take rest, it doesnt matter. He heads to leave but Ishaani holds his hand. He sits besides her, she tries to hug her and they share intimate moments together. Ranveer switch the lights off and goes to sleep on the couch.
Next morning, Ishaani wakes up, and finds herself clothless. She thinks she had a Qara last night and has a headache because of it. She finds her clothes lying nearby, and gets worried that yesternight she and Ranveer… then jerks the idea herself and feels guilty what she will reply to Shekhar.
Shekhar talks to a client that trust is the most important thing in life. His client says that he never suspected his wife but she kept on meeting her friend and betrayed him, now he wants a justice and doesn’t want his wife back. Shekhar promises to get him justice, Krisha was standing at the door. She says the same is happening to him as his client, he says he has kept Ranveen and Ishaani together knowing how much Ranveer loves Ishaani. Shekhar says Ishaani is ill. Krisha says that she is ill but she remembers all her happy memories. She says that RV can come closer to Ishaani and then he won’t let her away. She tells Shekhar to forget her, Ishaani may go much far away in her relation to Ranveer. Kaka calls Krisha upstairs, Shekhar tells Krisha not to worry about him and Ishaani.
Ishaani gets ready in the morning, worried how she can do this, she had promised Shekhar then how could she… She thinks about talking to Shekhar.
Shekhar still thought about Krisha’s words and was restless. He picks his phone to call Ishaan, then cuts the call himself. He says I trust you Ishaani, nothing can go wrong in the relation.
Ishaani walked towards Shekhar’s home upset about breaking his trust. Ranveer was restless in his office, thinking about Ishaani’s words and their sincerity, and the confession last night.
Ritika comes to Ishaani’s room looking for her. Pratik comes from behind, Ritika hides herself in washroom. There was noise on washroom, Pratik says Ishaani is in washroom and tells her that Baa has taken Amba and Lakshmi out of the house, till then they must begin their plan. Ritika thinks about getting to know which plan they are talking about. Pratik comes to Sharman out, Ritika spies on him. Sharman was waiting for Ishaani, Pratik suggests about using Chaitali instead of ishaani and tells Sharman that Chaitali made her fearful. Ritika thinks that this means everyone was making her fearful, now she will do the drama to know about their truth. She is ready to play Ghost game.
Ishaani comes to Shekhar’s home, Shekhar asks what happened. Ishaani was stammering, she says she has to tell him something important. Ishaani was at the verge of crying. She says it was her mistake as well. Shekhar tells her to be clear, it was him who sent her there. Ishaani begins to cry. Shekhar helps her stand, was worried and asks if everything is alright. Ishaani says she has to tell him something, that she and Ranveer… yester night… Ishaani’s phone rings. She goes to attend as it was Ranveer’s call. He asks where she is, he has to meet her right now as he will pick her wherever she is. Ishaani asks him to tell where to meet, she will come there herself. Shekhar asks what happened, but Ishaani says she must leave right now as Ranveer is calling her. She leaves Shekhar worried. Krisha comes from behind and asks Shekhar why was crying, she says Ishaani was crying either because she lost whom she loved.
Ritika was restless at room, she cries Ghost, ghost outside the room. Pratik stood outside and poses to be afraid too. They see Falguni walking in the corridor, Pratik was afraid with Ritika and offers to go to Chaitali as she can talk to a ghost. Chaitali comes there, Ritika and Pratik run to her. Chaitali gets fearful as well and asks if Falguni appears at the day time as well. Ritika says she saw her too. Chaitali asks Ritika how Falguni was looking. Which saree was she wearing? Chaitali turns upstairs to see Falguni walking in the corridor. Ritika says that her baby is getting fearful because of this stress. Pratik asks Chaitali to read the mater about getting rid of the ghost. Chaitali looks upstairs and says that ghost has vanished, she again see the lady and says there it is. Chaitali faints. Sharman runs from behind and slaps Pratik that there is no ghost ever. He tells Ritika not to believe in the ghosts as she is educated. Ritika smiles that they think they are making a fool of her but actually she is making them a fool and will continue until she gets to know what they are up to.
Ishaani and Ranveer come to each other while it rained heavily. Ishaani says she know what happened last night, it was what happened between husband and wife. Ranveer says nothing such happened. He says for a long time he thought she didn’t lose her memory, but he was only suspecting her and didn’t trust her. He says he is sorry to mistrust her, because he is now sure she didn’t lose her memory because last night when he came closer to her she didn’t panic. He recalls the scenes, then tells her how he had helped her get a sleep. He says they had taken control of themselves. He says she has lost her memory, and what she remember is that they are spouses. He doesn’t know that where in there relation her memory works, he doesn’t want last night to happen again.
PRECAP: Shekhar was drunk, he tells Ranveer that Ishaani has no memory loss, she is betraying them both. Ranveer says this means Ishaani betrayed him again.