Ashoka Samrat Episode 223 Update On Friday 12th April 2019 On Joy Prime

Episode starts with some pujari doing aarti of ashok before he leaves for takshila.
Bindu gives him a maurya coin and tells about the pride and honour.
He tells ashok this is the official order for you to go to takshila and fire sudama from his post and take over the reign. After that you have to capture keechak and bring takshila back to normal. Then you will open the trade route and in meanwhile i will do arrangements to get rid of keechak from takshila.
Ashok then takes out the CGM sword and pledges to destroy the enemies of magadh. The CC are fuming in anger seeing all these. Dharma can’t stop grinning. Bindu gives ashok advice than when you are ready to injure somebody you should also be ready to get injured.
RG starts “Rajkumar Ashok ki Jai” and everybody follows. Siamak looks like he will blow his fuse.
Jerkshim actually blows his lid and starts kicking things in his room.
Corruptak and VQ asks him to stay silent and find positives . Ashok wont return from takshila alive.
Jerkshim says but he does escape every time. I need to make a full proof plan to kill him.
VQ says now not only ashok but siamak is also your competition. Jerkshim says i dont care about him. VQ narrates what siamak did with AC and he can also do this to you.
Jerkshim is hurt that her mother believes in siamak more than him and is afraid of him.
He runs from that room and goes to his room where there is a girl preparing drinks for him. She turns around in style spraying water from her hair on sushim. (OH dear filmy CVs. ) SHe serves a drink to jerkshim and tells him to sit and enjoy her company. Jerkshim is gonna drink but throws and tells the girl to get out. The girl then scratches jerkshim and he faints as she is a vishkanya. SOme people come and kidnap jerkshim.
VQ comes looking for him but could not find him and is looking worried. Corruptak says Jerkshim has all qualities but his anger destroys everything.
A really nice ashok family scene where ashok is talking with dharma and bindu comes and assures ashok he will take care of dharma.
There is also a scene where ashok goes to take blessings of AC and says maa says to take blessing before leaving for an important work but guru is also like a god so i have come here to take your blessing.
Next scene is RAC (Rakshacharya) has kidnapped Jerkshim and tells all about himself. How he was instrumental in CGM defeating dhananand but AC threw me like a fly from milk. Now i have to take revenge from him but he is dead so i want to help you in defeating his chosen one Ashoka . Jerkshim asks what will you get, why are you helping me? RAC says when you become samrat i want my respect and dignity back.Jerkshim agrees. RAc then tells him to write a letter and stamp his sign on that letter.
Next is another good family scene where Ashok dharma and bindu are eating and looking really happy. Dharma tells ashok to keep writing letters to them. Ashok says dont worry and feeds dharma and also tells her to take proper rest. Next Bindu says the same thing about keeping in contact and ashok feeds him too and says dont worry and start horse riding soon.
Bindu says see our son is teaching me. Dharma says yes he has now grown in to a bog boy and we should think about his marriage. Ashok says i dont have time for marriage. Dharma shuts him up and says love does not need time, it happens . (I hoped CVs will show ashok thinking about ahankara or an ashkara flashback ).
Gussamak (since he is always angry ) sees this from far and gets more angry that his father neve loved him like that. Helena poisons him more and says you will have to snatch what you want to get.
Precap: Ashok leaving for takshila.