Till The End Of Time Episode 184–185 Update On Thursday 11th April 2019 On TV3

Saanjh rushes Ayan to hospital. Doc says Ayan lost a lot of blood and she brought him late. He takes Ayan to operation theater. Saanjh cries and thinks nothing should happen to Ayan. She calls Arjun. Arjun in sleep hears vibration and picks call. Saanjh says Ayan met with an accident and he is in city hospital. Arjun says he is coming right now. Maya stops him and asks what happened. Arjun says Ayan met with an accident. Maya reminisces crushing Ayan under her car, but acts as shocked and says she will accompany him. Arjun asks her to stay at home with maa, he will go. Maya gets worried that Ayan is still alive.
Arjun reaches hospital and asks doc how is Ayan. Doc says it is internal bleeding and critical case, they should file police complaint as Ayan was tried to murder by crushing him
under car repeatedly. Arjun thinks who will try to kill Ayan. Saanjh reminisces Ayan calling and telling her that he wants to inform Maya’s truth.
Maya goes to Vandana’s room and seeing her sound asleep says she had to kill Ayan as he wanted to kill her bandar. Jahnvi comes and presses beep. Maya stops her and requests not to inform Vandana, else Vandana will call her mad, she is fine now and even got Ayan out of jail, she just needs Arjun’s love, but Ayan wanted to snatch Arjun’s love and her bandar. A mother can do anything to save her child, she is Maya after all. If she really loves her and wants to see her happy, then she should pray that Ayan dies, if returns, her madness will also return.
Arjun repeats who will try to kill Ayan. Saanjh reminisces Ayan telling Maya wants to harm even her child for Arjun and is still mad. She says Maya, Ayan was right, Maya is still mad. Arjun says enough now, he knows what Maya can do, he went to mental asylum for 6 months to prove that he loves Maya. She asks if he knows, then why is he taking Maya’s side. He says Maya stayed in mental asylum for 6 months and did not accept defeat just for him.
Maya cleans her blood stained shoes and says she tries to come out of her madness, but people force her to become mad again. She reminisces Ayan’s blood on her gown.
Saanjh says why don’t he understand Maya tried to kill Arjun. Arjun showing his dumb side as usual says stop doubting Maya again, she is innocent, when Sanjh called him, Maya was with him. Saanjh says when will he leave his dumb side, Ayan was crushed by vehicle repeatedly. She further says he is afraid that if Maya goes to jail, his bandar will be born in jail. Doc comes and says Ayan’s operation will continue for 48 hours and his life is very critical. Arjun shatters and says what will he say maa. Nurse comes and takes him.
Saanjh calls Vandana, but Vandana is asleep. Maya picks call and asks if Ayan is fine, Arjun asked her not to inform about Ayan to maa. Saanjh says she wants to speak to Vandana. Vandana comes and asks whose phone it is, whom she is talking to. She takes phone. Saanjh informs Ayan met with an accident. Vandana is shocked and drops phone. Maya acting as consoling her goes to bring water. Saanjh calls again and says Ayan is in City Hospital and to run away from there silently as she doubts Maya did that accident. Vandana stands shocked. Arjun scolds Saanjh why did she inform maa. Saajh says because aunty is with Maya. Arjun says he trusts Maya is cured. Saanjh says she trusts Maya is still mad. Arjun if she trusts, the how will maa handle Maya’s madness.
Maya asks Vandana not to go. Vandana pleads Maya to let her go. Maya holds her hand and says she is not asking, she is ordering. After sometime, Vadanda changes dress and silently walks thinking she should go before Maya stops. She sees blood stops on floor and follow them to Maya’s bathroom and sees Maya cleaning her shoes. She reminisces Saanjh telling that she doubts Maya tried to kill Ayan, tries to rush out, but Maya comes and holds her hand.
Vandana sees Maya washing blood and gets shocked. She tries to leave from there, but Maya stops her.
Arjun and Saanjh are trying to reach Maya and Vandana, but their phones are not reachable. They leave to go to Maya’s house.
Vandana confronts Maya for killing Ayan. Maya says what else she could do. Ayan was saying that Arjun will leave her after their child is born. She accepts that she made mistake, but she’s not wrong. Vandana threatens her that she will tell everything to Arjun. This time Maya won’t be able to spare. Maya begs her for forgiveness. Vandana refuses to listen to her and pushes her. Maya almost has miscarriage and shows worries for her child. Vandana tells her that she cares so much about her child who is not even born and other side she killed Ayan. Didn’t
she think he is someone’s child too. Maya again says she made a big mistake, but Vandana says enough is enough. She will get punished now. Jhanvi is hearing all and trying to get up, but is unable to.
Vandana leaves house saying Maya will get punished for every pain that she gave to Ayan. Maya follows her to try to stop her from telling anything to Arjun. She says Arjun will leave her. Vandana says that’s good.. he will leave his bad habit and sooner the better. She will free Arjun from her madness.
Arjun and Saanjh reach Maya’s place. Elevator is out of service so they take stairs. Maya continues begging not to separate Arjun from his child. Vandana says it’s her weapon to keep Arjun to her. Even step moms wouldn’t use a child. Vandana reaches stairways. Maya blocks her way. Vandana tries to move Maya from her way. Arjun and Saanjh come there. Hearing Arjun’s voice, Maya loses her balance, possibly purposely, and falls off the stairs. Everyone is shocked. Maya cries.. my child. She falls unconscious. Arjun is angry to Vandana and asks what she did! He takes Maya and rushes out from there. Saanjh goes with him. Vandana sits there in shock.
Arjun brings Maya to hospital. She’s taken to operation room. Saanjh consoles Arjun that nothing will happen to his child. Vandana comes there. Arjun turns his face away and doesn’t talk to her. Saanjh now consoles Vandana and takes her to Ayaan. Arjun cries. Other hand, Vandana cries seeing Ayaan in operation room. Vandana shows regret that she didn’t believe Ayaan and tells Saanjh that Maya has not gotten fine. She again succeeded in fooling her. She sent Ayaan to jail and now she did this. She will get curse of a mother. Arjun stares at Vandana in anger. Vandana continues.. someone who enjoys killing someone.. how she will bring a life into this world. Saanjh hugs her. Ayaan’s doctor comes out and says he’s still critical, but out of danger now. Vandana and Arjun both are relieved.
Maya’s doctor comes out now and says they couldn’t save his child. Arjun, Vandana, Saanjh all are shocked. Arjun is heartbroken.
Precap: Maya is holding someone else’s child and not letting it go. Arjun gives it away and tells Maya that their child is dead.