Saraswatichandra Episode 21–22 Update On Thursday 11th April 2019

The episode starts with Yash who is about to swear of his mother and Saras holds his hand and stares at him. Everyone are shocked to see Saras stopping Yash from swearing. He tells Yash that one cannot false swear of the mother. He tells Vidyachatur that yesterday night Yash came to drop him at the bus stop and he was driving the car. Everyone looks on.
Saras tells that he has hit the cow and he is responsible. Kumud and everyone are shocked. Vidyachatur asks Saras what he is saying. Saras tells yes, he was driving the car in high speed and the cow suddenly came before the car. Yash feels ashamed as he is keeping quiet.
The villagers say that Saras has said this so lightly and it is bceuase of his ego. They will not leave Saras. They start fuming against Saras. The pandit says that after bhagwaan they worship the cow, and Saras has hit the cow. The villagers say that Saras is Saraswati’s son and after his mother died, her values have also gone with her.
People say that he does not have mother so what worship he will do of the gau-mata. Saras hears everything patiently. Kumud, Kusum looks on. People say that if Saras’s mother was alive, she would have died seeing this. VidyaChatur keeps him head down listening to people’s comments. BadiMaa is shocked and keeps looking.
The Pandit says that he had forgiven Saras’s mistake, Saras has made the water impure by going in and he has put Gangajal there but this mistake he will not forgive. Kumud is about to cry.
The pandit says that Saras should get punishment for this act. Everyone are shocked and people discuss among themselves. The villagers say that they will not leave him. Vidyachatur says that Saras cannot do this and he might be taking someone else’s blame on him. Vidyachatur says if he talks to Saras alone, there might be a solution. Saras says Kaka I’m ready for the punishment and I’m responsible.
Gyaan says that they cannot punish their guest and he will make sure that this thing does not happen again.
The pandit says no. The cow belonged to Ilaben, and the cow was the way for her to take care of her family. The pandit shouts and asks Gyaan will he bear her family expenses. Gyaan keeps quiet.
One villager says that Saras’s car has not only hit the cow, but also hit Ilaben and her hand is wounded. and Saras should get high punishment. They say they should make his face black and they take him along them. Kumud thinks he cannot do this and runs to save Saras. Yash also wants to stop the villagers but his mother stops him. Kumud stops everyone, and argues with the villagers. She says that Saras has not done anything and he is innocent and no one will touch him. The pandit says he will not listen to Kumud, and if she comes in between, she will also be punished with Saras.
Kumud says she always fought for truth and today also she will fight for truth. Saras looks at Kumud.
Kumud says Saras has taken the blame on him to save her family’s image.
She says that if Saras wanted, he could have left the village and have gone far, he came back because of her family. The pandit asks whether she has any proof that Saras has not done it. She says she does not have any proof but she has faith.
She speaks in favour of Saras saying that he goes to Mandir daily because his mother used to go to mandir. How can they blame such a person. When the factory caught fire, it was Saras who jumped in the fire and saved Vidyachatur. He saved a girl from a lake. She says that those who are blaming Saras are actually insulting his mother. She says Sorry to Purohitji, and says that she is taking side of the innocent, and it is her dharam, and she will always do it. Vidyachatur says that Saras has saved a girl’s life, and he should be given a chance. The pandit says ok but he has to do Prayaschit. Saras says he accepts.
The pandit says that the Prayaschit (Atonement)would be tough and Saras does not understand the meaning of gaudhan. Saras says he knows. The pandit says ok and tells him that he will have to work hard in the village and bear Ilaben’s family expenses and buy her a cow. Till that he cannot leave. the pandit also says that Saras will be given food one time a day, and a bed outside Ilaben’s house and he should sleep there under any weather condition. Kumud cries.
Vidyachatur says Purohitji I’ll take care of Ilaben’s loss.
Kusum and her mother are also seen crying. Vidyachatur says that he will buy a cow for Ilaben and Saras will stay with them in their house. Saras says Vidyachatur that with money they can fulfill her loss, but not the wounds of her heart. Kumud hears this and cries. Saras says only if he does as how the Purohit said him, Ilaben will be justified.
Badimaa is shocked. Everyone stares at Saras. Saras says lets go and the Pandit takes him. Yash’s mother thanks her bhagwan that the bhagwan has sent him to save Yash. Yash says that today jijaji has saved him but if anyone comes to know the truth then what will happen.
she says there is only one way and packs his clothes and asks him to run away from back door. Yash runs away. Kantilal is seen at the postoffice sending money and he says it is a burden to keep someone’s money.
Saras goes to Ilaben’s house. Kumud follows him. Saras knocks the door.
Ilaben’s son opens the door and says that someone has hit their cow. Saras says it is him who did it. Ilaben is resting and she hears it and asks him to leave otherwise she will do the same thing what he did to her cow. Kumud overhears this.
Ilaben is furious and asks Saras to leave. Saras says he will make mud pots and sell them and buy a cow for her. She does not accept this as Saras has killed her cow. Ilaben says that she and her family will commit suicide rather than taking Saras’s help and shuts the door. Kumud comes and tells Saras why he is listening all this if he has not done anything. Saras tells Kumud to go home and does not come in this thing.
Kumud says she knows he is innocent as she has seen him going alone from their house. Saras then asks why she was watching him. Kumud keeps quiet and thinks if she has stopped him, this would not have happened. Saras lies to Kumud, Kumud understands that he is lying and she says she will support him whether he wants her help or not. Kumud then leaves. Saras thinks that he stopped for the good as he saved Yash.
The scene shifts to Dubai;
LaxmiNandan asks Ghuman whether Saras called. She says no. She says that Saras might be getting more love there. Laxminandan smiles and say they will also go to Gujarat. Ghuman jokes they will take Vidyachatur’s haveli in dahej. Laxminandan is shocked, Ghuman says she is joking. Laxminandan is about to leave for the board meeting. Ghuman feels that Laxminandan is hiding something and she will come to know the truth.
The scene shifts to Kumud’s house;
Vidyachatur says what he will say to Laxminandan who thinks that Saras is with them. Badimaa comes and speaks against Saras. Kumud’s mother says Badimaa that she should believe Saras as he is Saraswati’s son, not Ghuman’s son. Badimaa says she cannot believe.
Yash’s mother is hearing this conversation and thinks Yash should run away very far.
She then comes in the hall and says that Yash has left the house because they all have insulted him taking Saras’s side. Vidyachatur is shocked. Kumud enters and hears this.
Yash’s mother cries aloud, Vidyachatur asks her to clam down.
Saras is seen sitting outside Ilaben’s house thinking about Kumud’s words. Ilaben’s son think about Saras as he might be feeling cold. Saras thinks about Kumud and Kumud thinks about Saras.
Kumud’s mother says she should have food. Kumud is thinking about Saras. Kumud tells her mother that Saras is doing all this for her family and she cannot see this because he is innocent. She speaks in support of Saras. Kumud’s mother tells her to do what her heart says.
Kumud tells she wants to help him. She says she will not see any dream this time. She will do the Prayaschit (Atonement)and her mother supports her. Vidyachatur says he is feeling ill. He cannot save Saras, though he knows Saras was innocent. Kumud and Vidyachatur go to Saras. Vidyachatur gives a blanket to Saras. Vidyachatur says sorry to Saras. Saras says he should not say such.
Vidyachatur says everyone is with Saras. Kumud comes with food. Vidyachatur asks Saras where he was going in the morning. Saras is about to tell him but Kumud interrupts and asks Saras to have food first. Vidyachatur asks Saras to eat food and he will talk to Ilaben. Kumud tells Vidyachatur that Ilaben will not listen, and he should go home and eat food and take medicines also.
Vidyachatur wants some time from Saras and he leaves. Kumud sit there feeling cold. Kumud says she will help him and she will share his Paschiataap. He asks him to have food. Saras makes Kumud also eat food with him as he knows she too did not had food. Kumud is happy. Saras is also happy that Kumud is with him. He continues eating food.
The episode starts with Saras looking aound Ilaben’s house. Her son is seen sitting there, Saras goes and throws water on him. Saras plays with him and makes friendship with him. The boy says he is hungry and Ilaben did not cook anything yesterday. Saras promises to buy them a new cow.
Saras feels sad. The boy asks him to get a mango for him from the tree. Kumud comes there and see Saras and the boy playing. She feels happy. Saras climbs up a tree to get the mango, Kumud watches this and smiles. Saras is not able to get the mango. Kumud advises him to come down else he will get hurt. Saras stares at Kumud.
The boy notices this and says Bhaiya get the mango, why are you watching teacher(Kumud).. Saras gets the mangoes for the boy. Ilaben enters and throws the mangoes from the boy’s hands and says it is better to die rather than taking help from such stranger because of whom the cow died. Ilaben’s mother-in-law enters and blames Ilaben for all what happened. Ilaben asks Kumud to leave and not get into this matter.
The scene shifts to Dubai:
Ghuman gifts Laxminandan cufflinks. Ghuman has a talk with her Didi when Laxminandan enters. He says he prefers to accept the gift from his wife alone. Didi leaves. Laxminandan likes the gift a lot. Ghuman says she has brought things for everyone in Gujarat. She says she has used the money she received from Gujarat. Laxminandan gets furious on her and tells her that she should not have used that money. Ghuman asks why. She asks him the reason and says that she married him and looked after Saras and also gave birth to their child and Laxminandan is hiding something from him. Laxminandan says Ghuman not to take him wrong.
The scene shifts to India:
Saras watches Ilaben and her son making mud pots and they are finding it difficult to do as Ilaben got her hand hurt in the car hit. Saras moves forward to help them but Kumud holds his hand and stops him. Kumud says that Ilaben will not take his help. Saras says he will help them and asks Kumud to go away. Kumud says she will help them else they will not get food today also. Saras listens. Ilaben after trying gets tired and takes her son and goes from there. Saras goes to make mud pots, Kumud follows him. Kumud argues with him and tells that he has not dont Gau Hatya so he should tell this to Ilaben. Saras does not listen to her and pushes her. Kumud falls. He then rushes to her and holds her hurted hand and music starts. Kumud tells him to take her help.
***added missed part below*****
Saras tells Kumud that Ilaben asked her to be away from Saras. He says nobody can support him. Kumud replies back that she cant live after taking his debts. Saras tells there is no debts. She says if you thought of us as yours then there is no debts, but then you will not even help us. She says (kyunki yeh rishta hamare liye hamesha ke liye jud jaata hai) because for us this relation is connected for forever. hamesha ke liye……..
Saras asks Kumud how will she help him, Kumud says I’ll see. Kumud goes away and talks to a potter. She says she will learn to make pots from her Badimaa. Kumud hears the potter and her son talking. His son says he will not go to Vidyachatur’s house. Kumud hears this and asks him where is Yash, as he is Yash’s friend.
He says he does not know anything. Kumud comes home and Badimaa asks her to have food. Kumud asks Badimaa to teach her how to make mud pots and tells that she is not feeling hungry. Badimaa shouts on her and asks for whom is she fasting, and tells Saras did Gau hatya. Kumud gets angry.
Kumud tells Badimaa that till he is not proved wrong, how can we say he is guilty. Kumud says she has full faith that he is not resposible for Gau Hatya. Kumud says he is bearing the pain for them.
Badimaa says because of Saras, Vidyachatur had to listen from Purohitji. Everyone listen and are tensed. Yash’s mother looks on. Badimaa tells Vidyachatur to call Laxminandan and tell him that they are not responsible for Saras from now on. Kumud is shocked.
Vidyachatur says that Kumud has to listen to Badimaa. She says she is ready to bear Badimaa’s anger.