Tomorrow is a New Day Episode 58 Update on Thursday 14th March 2019

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Regina tells her mother, Laura and Adrian that Rafael has no need to steal because his stepfather is a millionaire and his mother is a rich woman, so why would he want media link’s money, Laura tells her that it makes no sense. Diana says that she would like to help Rafael, but at that moment her word has no meaning to Camilo and Nico wants to know what happened to Rafael.

Camilo arrives at Monica’s apartment looking for Cristóbal and there Camilo tells Inaki that Rafael committed fraudat his company and Inaki tells him that Rafael is not a thief and he is going to prove it but Camilo careless but his only mission there is to take Cristobal home. Cristóbal comes out of the room to tell his father that he is going to stay at Monica’s place and that he believes in Rafael’s innocence about the so-called fraud. He also tells him that Mauricio is a hypocrite, but as he is a drunkard nobody believed him. 
Mauricio goes to pay Damian for helping him ruin Rafael’s life because now he is the Executive manager and he assures him very soon he will put in place things that will end him up becoming a millionaire.
Rafael looking so depressed about the issue, he tells Paloma that he didn’t only lose his father’s love and respect, but he also lost his family and it is Nico who hurts him the most. Paloma tells him that most of them believe in his innocence and she more than anyone believes in him that he is incapable of stealing so, she loves him and together they’ll prove that Mauricio is the only responsible for it. 
Camilo goes to see Almudena to tell her that Rafael defrauded his company and Almudena tells him that Rafael has never stolen anything, not even a piece of candy and Camilo tells her that it is only natural that she defendsher son and Almudena again seeing how Camilo feels bad that she is defending her son and it could end her up by pushing Camilo from her side, she later meets Camilo and tells him that she will rather support whatever he decides and that she’s not going to lose him because of her son’s mistake. 
Camilo arrives home and he angrily tells his family that he knows they are all going to support Rafael and quickly Barbie says no and therefore whatever happens to Rafael is none of her because she is going to stand behind him. He tells Adrian that if he wants, he can send Rafael to jail and Barbie encourages him to do it because he deserves it because all along, she and her husband Mauricio never believed in Rafael and Camilo says that is what he needs that moment for someone to believe in him and not to support Rafael instead.
Rafael, Armando calls Luis and Pablo to help him investigate through Mauricio and his (Rafael) Computer so they can help him unmask Mauricio. 
Pablo and Luis help Rafael to get evidence against Mauricio that is the fake invoices, and after forwarding it to Armando and Rafael in the presence of Inaki, Inaki and Monica decide to support Rafael to unmask Mauricio because they see the invoices to be fake and Inaki thinks someone is helping him because with Mauricio alone those fake documents can’t be done and Monica says may be that accomplice is outside but not at Media link and Inaki wants them to find that person. Luis sends them another document with the partnership proposal and they detect that could be Mauricio idea of stealing the money.
Cristobal has now agreed to be confined at a rehabilitation center so he can overcome his alcoholism.
Damián tells Mauricio that he already got rid of Camilo’s son; that he also married his daughter and now he will buy the company of his father-in-law with his own money. 
Damian asks Mauricio about the next step he is going to take after becoming Camilo’s partner and he tells Damian that he wants the entire company to himself and Damian tells him that it’s strange that he’s been stealing money right under their nose ever since he started working there and now is blaming Rafael for stealing and now he’s going to be partners using same money he stole from his in-law and now he will look like a Hero in the eyes of everyone and that is true wickedness and he in life if one wants to climb up, he has to cheat.
Monica tells Ximena that she will need her help to reveal Mauricio’s accomplice and Ximena tells Monica that she remembers that Mauricio got a message on his cell phone from someone called Damián telling him that he already got the evidence he needs to bring down a guy. Monica then tells her that his accomplice is that Damian and the guy they want to bring him down is Rafael and Monica decides to come up with a plan to help Rafael to unmask Mauricio.