Till The End of Time Episode 147 Update on Thursday 14th March 2019

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Vanana tells Maya that her phone was ringing, so she was bringing it to her. Maya warns to stop thinking of her and think of herself and leaves. After something in kitchen, Vandana tries to reminisce number on Maya’s phone and repeats 98..Maya enters and repeats 98..Vandana nervously says she is trying to count reversely to divert her attention from pain. 
Maya continues her emotional drama and says she loves Arjun so much and Arjun loves Vandana, she does not want anyone to be between her and Arjun and can go to any extent and even kill. She cries to forgive her. Vandana says she did. Maya asks her to feed her and prove it, she likes having food from maa’s hand.
Saanjh reaches Vandana’s message from Maya’s mobile and thinks that means Maya took Vandana’s mobile and is spying on her.
Suman enters with jewelry boxes and asks her to select she wants, sees her engrasped in thoughts. Saanjh says they should invite Vandana aunty for engagement. Samay says she is right, getting excited to meet Maya.
Maya serves breakfast to Vandana and asks to have it. Vandana says it is bland without salt. Maya says salt is bad for her and showing Ashwin’s garlanded photo says she will become like him else, meaning she will die soon. She calls Arjun.
After sometime, Vandana sees Samay on door and thinks Saanjh must have sent him to know her whereabouts. Maya sees Samay and asks what is he doing here. Samay sees her hand injuries and asks what happened. Saanjh enters and they start acting. Saanjh sees injures. Maya comments. Saanjh says they came to invite Vadana aunty for their engagement. Maya comments she came to invite her neighbor, reminiscing the incident. Arjun comes and asks Saanjh what is she doing here. Maya says she came to invite neighbor Vandana for her and Samay’s engagement. Arjun goes to Vandana and says Saanjh has come to invite her. Vandana says that way, Saanjh will have to bear lots of expenses, she will not attend strangers’ engagement. Arjun says he is stuck always and informs Maya that maa does not want to meet Saanjh. Saanjh says she will not go until Vandana tells. Maya comments if she does not tust her duffer. Saanjh says she trusts her duffer, but not Maya’s husband.
Maya goes to Vandana and says she should not force her to become bad, because of her Saanjh is scolding Arjun and she does not like that. Vandana walks out. Saanjh invites her for her and Samay’s engagement. Vandana asks why she wants to invite neighbor. Saanjh says she needs her blessing. Vandana gets garbage from kitchen and drops it on Saanjh’s head. Maya looks happy. Vandana signals at garbage to Saanjh and says she is not looking at what she is looking at. She broke her heart, so her blessing is garbage for Saanjh. Saanjh says she will accept her blessing and picks garbage. Samay asks what is she doing. Saanjh says she is picking Vandana Aunty’s blessings and leaves. Maya smirks.
Saanjh shows garbage to Suman. Suman is shocked. Samay says Saanjh took it as blessing and brought it home. Prem says he does not think Vandana can do this, it must be Maya. Shubh says Maya must have brainwashed Vandana. Saanjh says Vandana bought her up since childhood and she ransacked her, her love is seen even in her anger.
On the other side Vandana hopes Saanjh saw her message. Saanjh checks garbage and finds Maya written on it. Vanan is seen writing message on bottle gourd skin. Saanjh reads that Arjun is trapped by Maya and is in danger.
Precap: Vandana hears Maya speaking to Samay and ordering him to get engaged to Saanjh soon. Maya sees her peeping in. Samay thinks how can he wear Saanjh’s engagement ring instead of Maya’s and cuts his finger, shouting Mayaaaaaaa.