Meri Aashiqui Episode 257–258 Update on Thursday 14th March 2019

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The episode begins with Baa kissing shikhar and saying they were lucky to get a good damaad and son like shikhar
He saved their izzat even before shaadi. He supported ishaani when all were accusing her
Baa thanks shikhar He assures he would support ishaani all his life
Shikhar says he will keep ishaani in sasuraal and never let her go to maika
Al laugh
Chetali offers sweets to everyone , they joke about chetali’s overweight And dandiya dance at sangeet , shikhar assures them that he would taKe full responsibility of the wedding expenses , they all could relax, baa is very pleased but embarrassed too
Devarsh tells his mother that they will arrange good choreographers
Chetali and devarsh talk about spending money
Ishaani brings devarsh to a room and scolds him for increasing the expenses. He was dreaming of enjoying with Shikhar’s wealth, he would never manage to earn the amount he was dreaming of spending. Ishaani scolds devarsh that he had not changed, he could do anything for money , devarsh denies stealing anything.
Devarsh assures ishaani that his job was almost finalised Ishaani tells him to win shikhar’s trust
At mehera house kanchan apologises to ishaani for suspecting her
Ishaani asks them not to apologise , raj and kanchan plead guilty and seek forgiveness. BecaUse this way they have doubted shikhar’s choice too
Shikhar arrives there and tells them to keep up family values
She asks al to retire for the night as sangeet was next day
Shikhar receives a CD from the CCTV camera footage
Ishkar watch the CCTV camera footage.
As they watch the footage they notice RV shooting a video on his mobile
They feel it would be important to see what he had covered on that footage
They decide to ask Ritika for that mobile footage
At RV’s house he tells ritika to rest. Both are sitting on the same bed in night wear. RV assures ritz that he would be with her all his life , but Ri is still doubtful
RV asks her to rest peacefully as he will never harm their baby
As Ri falls asleep Rv turns the other way and tries to sleep
Ishaani tries to call Ritz many times but no reply come from other end
Next morning ishaani call Ri again. And she learns from maid mala that ra Ri had gone to some paresh patel dance choreographer to learn dance staps for sangeet
Ishkar decide to go there to learn some dance steps too
Ra Ri are seen practicing on ” lahu mooh lag gaya ..”
They fail to get the chemistry , feelings etc
The choreographer asks more passion , feelings Ra Ri feel awkward about this
As the choreographer shows the steps dancing with RV Ritz watches them and laughs and RV feels awkward and at the first instance goes back to practicing with Ritz , ra Ri try to get some passion into their act
Right then Ishaani walks in looking pretty in a saree. RV stares at her. The choreographer asks RV not to show passion towards the one standing there but with the one he was dancing , but RV continues to stare at Ishaani. Ritz gets annoyed on noticing this .
Soon shikhar comes and stands next to her , the choreographer gets annoyed with the new intruders , he tries to shoo them away but ishaani says she is a friend of Ritika and wanted to speak to her ,but RV interrupts that he had paid him to teach his wife dance steps and not chat with his wife’s friend
Ar Ra Ri dance this time RV brings full passion into his moves
The choreographer praises them
Ri asks RV if he was thinking of Ishaani in her place ??
RV is shocked and replies that there was no end or cure for her suspicious mind and moves away
Ishaani asks Ritika for the video footage on her mobile. To check who pushed her Falguni mom, ritika looks worried

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Shekhar comes behind Ishaani and asks her not to be angry. Shekhar says if he is RV, I am also SM and is a big drama king from ever. He asks Ishaani to see now what he does. He comes insde, Paro again comes to him angrily. Shekhar flirts at Paro saying he has come to meet him, only Shekhar Mehra can recognize such a talent and personality. Paro is flattered and tells Shekhar he is married. Shekhar says he isn’t yet, and he wants him to choreograph his wedding functions. RV goes out to take a call. Ritika was free, Shekhar takes Paro aside while Ishaani comes to Ritika. Rtika says sorry, she couldn’t take her call. Ishaani asks Ritika about RV’s video of Shekhar’s staircase. Ritika says she shouldn’t talk to RV, he might not help but she will as she also left her papa. She asks if Ishaani will really get the person in the video. Ishaani says she might get an idea. Ishaani asks Ritika why she is sweating, Ritika says she is tired because of dancing. Ishaani gives her a handkey, Ritika refuses to take it as keeping someone else Handkey promotes fights. RV watches this all and takes the handkey to Ishaani, asking her to keep it to herself, some of her driver might wash it. They leave.
Ishaani wakes Krisha up and tells her that she has to complete her shopping till evening as it is their Sangeet tonight. Krisha felt morning sickness, and runs to washroom.
RV serves Ritika with the breakfast, she denies eating anything. Amba comes there, RV asks her to tell Ritika eat something and offers to prepare something for her. Amba tells her to get something made for her.
Krisha comes out of washroom, Ishaani was worried. Krisha says she went shopping with Dewarsh and had pani puri but is fine now. Ishaani asks Krisha not to take it lightly, it might be food poisoning and leaves.
Ritika was thinking how to take RV’s phone, he never leaves it. He was busy in eating, she picks his phone. Ishaani was calling Ritika but she cuts her call. Ishaani thinks she must be busy taking video from Ranveer’s video. Ritika tells RV that Ishaani personally invited her for her Sangeet, and she and Shekhar are both her friends so if he doesn’t mind she was thinking about going there. Parul calls them for decoration samples. RV keeps hand on Ritika’s and says he has no problem if she wants to go. Ritika thinks he can now check his mobile but RV takes it from her hand then, and says he can now check it.
Mr. Mehra asks about wedding preparations. Kanchal says Ishaani and Shekhar are doing them. Shekhar says to Ishaani that she won’t work today, and rest so that she can enjoy the Sangeet. Ishaani says it is ok, she can do work and enjoy as well. Mr. Mehra says Shekhar is saying it with much love, she must agree. Kanchal and Mr. Mehra goes to give cards. Shekhar tells Ishaani Ritika will give her the videos. He tells her he has made a booking for her in a hotel, she must go there and relax as this is what her mother would have wanted. Ishaani nods smiling. Shekhar leaves. Ishaani says she knows he is concerned about her but she can’t rest until she finds the murderer.
RV shows Ritika a design on his mobile, she thinks about going upstairs with the phone but it starts ringing. RV asks for it. Ritika wonders how to do Ishaani’s work.
Krisha comes to table and feels nauseatic again watching the food that Kanchal serves. Ishaani asks why she isn’t eating anything. Krisha says she doesn’t like anything today, she doesn’t want to eat. Kanchal says what has happened to her, she always eat papaya. Ishaani tells Kanchal not to worry, she will keep the papaya in fridge and will feed her later. In the kitchen she calls Ritika. Ritika watches the phone ringing, RV points at her to take her phone as it is ringing. He picks the phone to Ritika, she takes it and goes aside. Ishaani asks if she got the phone, Ritika says she has been trying. Ishaani says she knows it is difficult but it is very important for her. She promises Ishaani to bring it in the evening. RV notices Ritika. Ishaani says she has to wait till evening, she will get some clue then. Ritika comes to sit besides RV.
Krisha calls Dewarsh and asks to meet her now, it is urgent. She suggests to meet outside, else Ishaani would suspect her. Ishaani comes behind and watches Krisha worried. Krisha runs outside. Ishaani thinks there is something wrong, Krisha is so worried since morning.
PRECAP: RV watches Ishaani and passes her by when a rash driver brings the car nearer. RV shouts her name and runs to her.