Madhubala Episode 474 Update on Thursday 14th March 2019

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Part 1
Madhu informs about theft of her jewelery … n talks of informing cops..! Dips says not to do so…! Pabho supports her! Pabho tells Madhu she is worried about her jewelery ..more than her hubby! Madhu says worried about RK too . .but no news..! She says jewelery matters coz RK gifted them! Pabho asks if she is sure its been stolen? Pabho asks if Madhu is trying to create a scene? Paddo speaks up too! Madhu asks Paddo to relax but she says cant tolerate ur insult..! Pabho says she is sure.. n Paddo says.. u urself know ur only blaming Madhu ..! Pabho says knew Madhus upbringing is faulted..! Paddo says.. dun blame me… i m proud of raising my kids with pride..!

Pabho says thank u for showing me my place ..Paddo..! Pabho says once RK comes .. i will leave..! Sikky says good! Dips asks to shush it! Radha says over reacting! Pabho says.. am smart enough to understand meaning of words! Pabho says will sit in the hall and wait for RKs return. .n wont eat/nor drink water!
Sikky tells Dips that he stole Pabhos mala.. not Madhus jewelery! Dips wonders who stole then? KRK shownplaying marbles with kids..! He misses and the kids tease him ..! He goes to get the marbles and just as he turns he reads the poster about his mom missing..! KRK is in panic! He calls on the number mentioned n its Bhujang..! He fumes on KRK and he says cant do such work.. return my mom to me..! Bhujang says.. poured money like water on as i say! KRK relents!

All try to appease Pabho …! Paddo apologizes for her behaviour! KRK arrives.. and all are relieved..! Madhu chides KRK and asks never to repeat it..! Paddo chides KRK..n KRK asks Paddo who she is? All are stunned..!
Part 2
Sikky says.. chot saas ko lagi hai aur yadash damad ki chali gai..! KRK is worried and dramatisez to cover his track..! He says.. u forgot us so i forgot u..! Paddo says went for char dham yatra! KRK teases saying ur not that old..! Paddo asks where KRK was..?
KRK says he went to Bhind jail to check on the duplicate! He says just to be reassured!
Part 3
KRK finds out that Pabho is on maun vrath. .n asks why? Dips says.. ask ur mom in law.. whose rude words have hurt her..! KRK asks why? Dips says.. reason is not important.. Pabho has been insulted..! KRK is all emotional …! Pabho melts at KRKs words! Madhu apologizes too!
Precap — Madhu comes and finds RK holding her jewelery and is shocked..!