Kawach Episode 38 Update on Thursday 14th March 2019

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Ritu sits outside house on a bench feeling disappointed that she could not get Rajbeer. Jolly comes there and says she looks very disappointed and this must be due to love failure. She asks who is he. He says he can help her get back her love if she helps him. She agrees. He suggests her to call Rajbeer and tell that goons have attacked her. Rajbeer is with Pari who tells him that he is possessed by evil spirit who is forcing him to do wrong things. Ritu calls him and says some goons have attacked her. 
Pari says she must be acting as usual. Rajbeer ignores her and leaves in his car to save Ritu. Ritu tears her shawl and tells Jolly if she gets back Rajbeer, she will help him. Rajbeer comes there. Jolly gets into his body silently. Ritu walk son road alone. Rajbeer stops
car, gets out and asks Ritu where are goons. She says they escaped. He hugs her and smirks. Rajbeer/Jolly then takes Ritu home.bRitu removes Hanumanji’s flag from main door and lets Jolly enter house.
Jolly takes Rajbeer to Saudamini’s den. Saudamini asks him to come out of Rajbeer’s body as she has some work for him. He comes out. She gives her black magical sword and orders him to cut Pari into pieces. Jolly says he will not kill Pari until his goal is met. She yells and tries to stab him, but he escapes and locks her in a small bottle and mimics her loud dialogues. He laughs that nobody can stop him from using Pari.
Jolly enters back Rajbeer’s body cries hugging Ritu that Pari does not love he and wants to get away from her. He hugs her repeatedly and smirks. He wants to give her second chance. Ritu acts as consoling him. Pari sees them hugging and hears their conversation. She goes to home temple and cries…..She finds hanumanji’s flag on floor. She prays to protect her husband, etc… and then goes to her room. Jolly in Rajbeer’s body comes there and pleads to give him a chance. She says she has decided to free him from their marriage. He disappears and starts his real behavior. She says she knew it was him. He warns her to get intimate with him, else he will destroy his family.
Rajbeer takes Pari down and informs family how Pari helped him. Shreya says she saw CCTV footage and found that Pari saved her, she is sure she must have save even uncle. Daadi says she knew it from beffore. Shreya asks why did not she inform them. Daadi says everybody were angry on Pari and would have misunderstood her. Jollyin Rajbeer’ body tells family that he and Pari have decided to give their marriage a second chance. Family says it is a good idea. Ritu and Kabeer are shocked hearing this. Rajbeer touches Daadi’s feet. Natasha asks Pari to touch Daadi’s feet. Pari touches. Natasha jokes to go and have fun and grow their family. Jolly gets out of Rajbeer’s body and stands aside laughing. Rajbeer stands confused when family congratulates him for thinking of giving a second change to his and Pari’s marriage. Rajbeer goes to psychiatrist who says he is suffering from a mental condition and prescribes medications.
Jolly in Rajbeer’s body then goes back to room and tries to get intimate with her. She pushes him. He gets out of Rajbeer’s body and stands aside laughing. Rajber is shocked seeing himself on floor. Ritu passes by and acts as concerned for Rajbeer and shouts at Pari how can she push Rajbeer. Pari apologizes Rajbeer, but Rajbeer shouts he could not think she could push him and walks out with Ritu. Jolly laughs on Pari and says if she does not agree to get intimate with him, he will send Rajbeer to Ritu. He says she should come to him by evening.
Ritu starts showing her fake concern for Rajbeer and brainwash Rajbeer against Pari that he loves Pari, but she does not love him. Whenever he is with her, he will be so hapy and when he is with Pari, he is always unhappy. He asks what… She says yesterday he had come to her and they were happy and shows pics Rajbeer is shocked and says he does not knw what is happening and shows psychiatrist’s prescription. He says he wants to go awayfrom all this for sometime and will go to Panchameshwar business trip. Ritu insists to take him along and he hesitanly agrees.
Pari calls Rajbeer’s number. Jolly comes and says phone is with him. Pari asks how did he get Rajbeer’s phone. Jolly says when he can get into Rajbeer’s body, he can get anything. He says Rajbeer has gone to Mahabaleshwar with Ritu and even dumb people will romance in Mahabaleshwar. He warns her to get to him by 9 p.m., else she knows the consequences.
Precap: Ritu lures Rajbeer. Jolly in Rajbeer’s body smirks. After 9 p.m., Pari throws fire on floor and Jolly gets out of Rajbeer’s body. She consummates with Rajbeer and then frightens Jolly with fire torch.