Till The End od Time Episode 146 Updarw on Wednesday 13th March 2019

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Maya continues her acting and crying and tells Vandana if anyone sees Arjun torturing her, he will go to jail, if Vadana wants her son to go to jail. Vandana says no. Maya continues acting and asks if she is perfect for Arjun. Vandana reminisces Maya torturing herself, her lies, etc. Maya continues she does not know why Arjun tortures her so much. Vandana says Arjun cannot control himself when he is angry and apologizes Maya on Arjun’s behalf. Maya says she shoud not apologize as she is a mother. Her drama continues.
Saanjh reminiscing Vandana’s broken says Samay that with a minor cut, they feel so much pain, what if handbreaks. Samay asks whose hand broke. Saanjh says she is just imagining. He says she cannot life properly. She asks where he had been. He says to meet the one who broke
hand. She says he is also lying. He says he lies to ones whom he feel he should.
Arjun sits on stairs and cries. Vandana goes and sits next to him. He leaning on her lap tells her that he did not hit Maya, he always tries to correct Maya with his love, but her condition is getting more worse, she is mentally ill. He continues pouring his heart out. Maya leaning on Jahnvi’s lap cries that she just needs Arjun’s love and wants his trust, but she is forced to become bad, etc.
Samay holds engagement ring and reminisces Maya’s order to marry Saanjh and take her away from Arjun, love means not just gaining but also sacrifice. He serves dinner to Saanjh and chats, searches ring. Saanjh shows ring in her finger and asks since when he is planning. He says after he got order. She asks what. He reminisces Maya’s order. She hugs him and he says I love you, murmurs in mind Maya.
Arjun continues pouring his heart out. Vandana says his marriage with Maya was a wrong decision and correcting wrong decisions. He says Maya is not bad, her nature is bad. She says if he thinks about Ayan same. Arjun says Ayan was wrong and he would protect his wife at any cost. He asks her not to talk about Sanajh or Ayan in this house and just think how to be in Maya’s good books. Once he leaves, Vandana thinks Maya is not ill, she is bad, reminisces her torture and bad nature.
Saanjh’s whole family greets her and celebrate. They show Samay’s gifted rings. Samay says marriage is with whole family and not a single person. Family bonding and drama continues.
Vandana sees Maya in Jahnvi’s room, silently enters Maya’s room and picks her mobile. She messages Saanjh that she is fine and not to reply her as it is Maya’s number. She gets a message from Samay that he obeyed her order and everything is going as planned. She byhearts number. Maya enters and repeats number and asks what she is doing with her mobile and takes it from her.
Precap: Saanjh goes to Maya’s house with Samay. Arjun asks why did she come here. Saanjh says she and Samay are getting engaged and she came to invite Vandana and get her blessings. Vandana throws garbage on her head.