Kawach Episode 37 Update on Wednesday 13th March 2019

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Pari is locked into a house by evil spiit Jolly. She pleads for help and prays god to get her out of here. Rajbeer tries Pari’s number and says it is not reachable. Tipsy hears him and says she knows where chachi is. Jolly in Rajbeer’s body frightens her to shut her mouth, else he wil punish her. Tipsy then prays god to help her chachi. Daadi hears her and asks what happened. Tipsy frightenly says nothing. Daadi assures her not to worry and to trust her. Tipsy points at Rajbeer. Daadi takes Tipsy to her room and asks what happened. Tipsy describes her what she saw, how Rajbeer is possed by evil spirit and he sent Pari on the other side of mirror and broke it.
Jolly goes to meet Pari. Rajbeer gains consciousness and sees his uncle and lawyer asking how did he
make accident. Ritu says Rajbeer was with her whole night. Rajbeer reminisces Pari telling that he is posessed by evil spirit who creates trouble for him. On the other side, Daadi asks Tipsy to show the place frm where Pari vanished. She shows room. Daadi sees broken mirror pieces and Pari’s voice coming from it. She says let us gather these pieces and see if something happens. They both fix pieces. Jolly laughs on Pari that she will not be able to get out forever. Pari prays hunamnji. Tipsy finds final mirror pieces glowing and shows it to Daadi. Daadi fixes piece. Pari sees a hanuman temple in front of her and enters in. She then sees herself in her room in front of Daadi. Daadi thanks god. Inspector brings warrant and arrests Rajbeer. Pari rushes down and says she did accident and not Rajbeer, Rabeer wanted to rpotect her, so he had locked her in a room. Inspector arrests her and takes along. Rajbeer gets emotional that she saved him and took blame on herself.
Daadi and Tipsy draw holy swastik marks all around windows and doors and protect house with holy things. Jolly goes to Pari’s cell and laughs that she willl be behind bars. Pari laughs on him that he could not harm Rajbeer and now she will be out on bail soon. Pari’s lawyer gets her bail and she rushes home. Jolly complains Saudamini that she if fit for nothing, all their plan went in vain and he could not harm or Pari. She burns door and says Rajbeer will come out, then he can possess his body. Pari calls Daadi and informs her not to send Rajbeer out as Saudamini and Jolly can trick and harm Rajbeer. Rajbeer sees fire and tries to go out. Daadi stops him, but he insists and goes out and is about to walk out of holy protection when Pari runs in jumping over fire and stops Rajbeer. Saudamini and Jolly fume seeing all this. Rajbeer sees Pari’s dupatta burning and gets concerned. Natasha and Ritu yell she must have eloped from jail. Pari says since she took man to hospital, she got a bail and came back home.
Pari goes to her room and then bathroom to take bath. Jolly watches from window and watches her undressing and bathing, etc.. Pari comes changes after bath and comes out of bath area. She senses somewhatching her. Jolly hides. Rajbeer comes in and they both get entangled in a curtain. A romantic song plays in the background. Ritu fumes seeing this. Rajbeer’s uncle comes in and he also gets shy and walks out. Pari and Rajbeer free themselves.
Ritu goes and fumes in front of Kabeer that Pari is taking away Rajbeer from her. Kabeer asks if she is loves Rajbeeer. Ritu says she just wants to have him, thats all. Kabeer says then fine and says he is fed of stealing petty things, he wants to plan something big. Jolly hears their conversation and smirks.
Rajbeer asks Pari what is happening. Pari tells him whole story how Arhan kept a condition that she will walk to his world with him if he gets Rajbeer free from Saudamin’s clutch, Jolly possessing Rajbeer, etc.. Rajbeeer says he cannot trust her cooked up story and does not believe thins which he does not see from his eyes.
Precap: Saudamini gives sword to Jolly. Pari says Rajbeer he is fed up of her, so she will leave him. He says he wants to give one ore chance to their relationship. Pari tries to attack Jolly, but he escapes and in Rajbeer’s body laughs on Pari that she cannot do anything.