Ashoka Samrat Episode 191 Update on Wednesday 13th March 2019

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Purshottam gets tired of all the walking. He notices a horse cart coming his way. He signals the driver to stop. He keeps his belongings in the cart and requests the driver to drop him near the shore. The driver is none other than Ashoka. He has covered his face and head using a blanket. Ashoka thinks that he will certainly drop him near the river. He asks Purshottam where he will go. Purshottam replies that he wants to go away from Magadh. Focus on driving the cart. 
I want to go far away from Sushim. Ashoka drives past the river. Purshottam tries to stop the cart but fails. Who are you? Ashoka removes the blanket from his head. I am Agradoot. Purshottam requests him to leave him. Agradoot / Ashoka asks for the looted money. Purshottam tries to stab him but Agradoot / Ashoka holds his hand in time. All of Purshottam’s pleas go unheard. 
Agradoot / Ashoka keeps asking him about the looted money. He drives near a cliff. Purshottam gets scared He agrees to tell him everything. Agradoot / Ashoka stops the cart right before the edge of the cliff. Purshottam heaves a sigh of relief.
Sushim cannot find the map that Purshottam had made. We cannot let anyone else get that map. Find Purshottam. We need to make another map asap. We have to reach that place before anyone else does.
Purshottam tells Agradoot about the location where he has hidden all the money. Agradoot / Ashoka has still tied him inside a cave. I will not trust a cheater. I will go and check the location first. If I find the money at that place then I will free you. If I don’t find it there then I will not return. Pray that I return or big mouse come here after sunset. You have a hope atleast but those refugees have nothing. Corrupted officials like you don’t think twice before maligning the name of Magadh. You shouldn’t be forgiven. Ashoka leaves from there. Purshottam thinks of the mouse.
Mahamadhya reaches Purshottam’s house but does not find him there. Sushim was right. Purshottam looted all the money and ran away! He would have crossed the river by now. That is the shortest route to escape Patliputra. I will have to catch him. He heads out.
Ashoka reaches the said place. He cannot see a cave anywhere. This means Purshottam cheated me.
Mahamadhya reaches near the river. He finds some clothes on the ground. He finds a paper in it as well. This is Purshottam’s stuff. How did it fell here? Why would he run away from here? There are easier ways to escape from Patliputra.
Ashoka continues to look around but cannot see anything. This is the exact place as per the map. Why can I not see the cave? He looks at the sun. Ma says, when you try to help someone then God helps you. Where is God now when I cannot do anything even after I am near my destination? Why isn’t he giving me any hint? The sun’s direction change. The sun rays falls on a nearby cave. Bright light appears from the creek. Ashoka gets inside the creek to look for the money.
Purshottam screams in fear as the mouse come there. They start biting his toes. Mahamadhya hears someone calling for help. He goes inside the cave to check. He notices Purshottam tied on a pillar. He shoos away all the mouse. Who did this to you? Purshottam takes Agradoot’s name.
Ashoka finds the looted money inside the cave. The refugees will be so at peace when they get this money. They will understand that it wasn’t Sushim but Purshottam who did all this. Sushim will also understand the truth of refugees. He keeps all the gold in his bag.
Sushim tells Purshottam that that looted money was going to be used to fulfil his dream. I had even risked my life to get all that money. You spoke everything before Agradoot just to save your life? I haven’t even given permission to my father to put my dream in risk. Who are you? Purshottam begs for mercy from Sushim but Sushim slits his throat. Mahamadhya questions Sushim’s act but Sushim points the sword at his neck. Do you also want to meet the same fate? Mahamadhya reasons that they have lost both Purshottam and the map now. Only he knew about that place. You killed him without thinking anything. Sushim realises what he did! I will not spare those people now. Ashoka’s friends will die before his eyes. I will give such death to Agradoot that Magadh’s history will never get over it.
Ashoka reaches the cave where he had tied Purshottam but does not find him there. How did he run away? He was the proof of my friends’ innocence. What should I do now? I should return to palace. SUhsim can kill my friends any minute. I have to save them.
Precap: Sushim orders that the traitors should be hanged. Agradoot frees them by cutting their ropes using his dagger. Sushim aims his dagger at Agradoot. He gets hurt.