Tomorrow is a New Day Episode 55 Update on Monday 11th March 2019

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Almudena calls Nora to inform Camilo that she’s made a reservation at a hotel for the next day at 2:00pm just for the two of them. After hanging up, Nora sends the message to Diana and both Mónica and Diana decides to sabotage camilo and Almudena’s date and she will go back home with a stained dress.

Pablo and Luis goes to confront the guy (Chato) who hit him with his motto bike and he confesses to them that a woman paid him so he gave him a fright after describing her to them, Pablo figures out that it’s Margarita and tells him that he must be careful of that woman because she told him that next time will be worse if he doesn’t leave his girlfriend (Regina) alone. 

Luis then advises Pablo that he has to report Margarita but Pablo answers that he won’t press charges against her because his scratch wasn’t serious and the best thing is that Regina is not going to give her the baby. 

Diana tells Regina that it’s good she realized how crazy Margarita is now that later after she’s given her child to her. And now that she was rejected by her real mum who never even told her her reason for giving her up, she can stand on the and urge her to let her child stay with her because she will be better of with her than anyone. Nico asks her about the name of his grandma and she reveals to them that she is called Mercedes Garza. Regina then tells her mum that their father has some things to cater for outside and it looks like Almudena has offered to take care of them but they will do everything to make sure that she has a very bad time. 

Manuel tells Adrian that it hurts him to have been married to Margarita thinking she truly cared about him not knowing she planned rather to separate him from his love and ruin the life of the woman he dearly loved. Adriantells him that means that margarita’s hysterics aren’t new and Manuel replies that first she was obsessed with him that is why she tries to destroy Lidia’s life and now she is obsessed with Regina’s baby, and that is what has destroyed their marriage. Adrian then thinks that Margarita has to seek for therapy from a psychologist. All he wants to do now is to help Lidia because still he loves her.

Almudena arrives at Camilo’s house to offer her help to take care of Nicolas but, but the boy disorganizes everything in the house and 
In a trendy bar, the manager recognizes Cristóbal and the lady decides to report her to the police, because there is a video recording where Cristóbal appears stealing her wallet at the bar and Cristobal says she can’t remember and Javiera tells him it’s because he was deeply drunk since that was what the boys told her. Javiera then pleads with the lady she will pay her what Cristóbal stole from her plus a compensation but in exchange she shouldn’t report him because they are recording a disk and she doesn’t need any scandal about it. The lady agrees because she’s been Javiera’s fun all her life.
Javiera tells Cristóbal that he has a big problem with drinking and she cannot keep risking herself for him though he is a good musician, so his contract is over. 

Monica kisses Camilo and he wasn’t able to resist her and after, Monica asks him if there can be a chancebetween them since he ones told her that there is a certain connection he always feels when he is closer to her.Camilo tells her that he thought at first but now he feels differently since it surprises him as to how he got connected to her when it was all a plan but he prefers to forget the past and what happened between them and live in the present.

Mauricio uploads some fake invoice into Rafael’s computer to implicate him more so that Camilo will know he stole from the company.

Barbara confronts Mauricio that not only does he not do his duty as a husband he doesn’t also come home to sleep because it seems Mauricio return home at dawn around 3am and that pisses Barbie off which she thinks he is cheating on her. Mauricio then gives an excuse that he had to work to that time and through that he discovered that Rafael is stealing from the company of her father and he has proof to back that and Barbara answers that Rafael is an ungrateful person after all that her dad has done for him and she is glad that Mauricio will expose him.