Till The End of Time Episode 145 Update on Tuesday 12th March 2019

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Maya leaves in car after meeting Samay and thinks Samay has to get engaged to Saanjh so that their weakness will become her strength. Saanjh confronts Arjun and asks him to act at least for his mother and prove that his mother did not bring up a coward. It is better he would have left her on road than taking her home to be tortured by Maya. She continues confronting him.
Arjun reaches home and sees Vadana looking at her broken hand and writhing in pain. He holds her handemotionally and apologizes that all this happened because of him. He says he thought Maya would change, but she is going worse. Maya is different, she is good for one who is good for her and very bad for people who do bad. She is so much mad and possessive that she can do go to any extent and even kill herself. He says he will not keep quiet this time as she harmed his mother.
Maya comes and hears their conversation. Vanddana notices her. Arjun then holds Maya and shouts how dare she is to harm his mother. Maya acts and says she did not. He says he always was on her side and even sent his brother to jail thinking she will trust his love, but she is same. Maya says again she did not hurt maa, he can check CCTV camera. Arjun says she is mad and can do anything. Maya says if he does not trust her, then it is best she goes from there. She walks to her room. 
Arjun tells Vandana that is it, a son breaks hands which harmed his mother. He walks into Maya’s room and says he will not spare her for harming his mother. He locks door. Maya says if he does not trust her, it is better to get punished. She starts lashing herself with belt. Vandana thinks he is lashing Maya and shouts to leave Maya, her son cannot harm any woman. Arjun tries to stop Maya, but she pushes him and continues lashing herself. Vandana climbs chair and peeps from window and sees Maya lashing herself, feels happy t hat her son did not lose his morality. She then rushes and keeps chair back and stands in her room. Maya continues her drama. Arjun falls for her lies again as usual.
Maya takes Arjun to Vandana’s room and asks her to tell truth, what was she doing in her room. Vandana reminisces Maya closing door and tying rope and repeatedly closing door on her hand. Maya shows Video to Arjun where she shows her secret CCTV room to Vandana and Vandana searching proof in her room. She says she did not even know maa was tere and closed door by mistake. She asks Vandana to speak truth. Vandana reminisces Arjun’s words that Maya can go to any extent. She tries to speak, but Arjun shouts maaa and walks out.
Maya starts her brain game again and tells Vandana that relationships are made with effort, why she wants to break their relationship, she depicts as Arjun lashing her and shows her injuries.
She continues that that she just expects love from Arjun and does not care if he tortures her, but if an outsider watches it, Arjun may even go to jail. Her brain game continue.
Precap: Maya sees Vandana again in her room and warns whoever tries to harm her, she will destroy them completely.