Sightless Love Episode 75 Update on Monday 11th March 2019

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Ricardo Bazan tells Alberto that he asked him if he loved marina purposely so he can move aside but since he didn’t say anything like he is still interested in Marina, he assumed that he did not, and now he demands him not to get near her and so he does not want to see him around his office. 

At the bar, Vanessa really goes through hell at the hands of her husband Edson as he forces her to drink to embarrass her in front of the bar customers and Vanessa looking at the great embarrassment her husband is putting her through, she makes up an excuse to go to the washroom and without saying goodbye to her husband she sneaks out of the bar quietly.

Paulino kisses Ann passionately, but he calls her Vanessa in the act and Anita tells him that he said he has already forgotten her, but it is a lie. 

Ana then goes to inform her mum about it and Soledad tells Ann that she should be patient because Paulino knows how much she is worth and he is going to love her more than he loved Vanessa. 
Alberto tells Erick that Ricardo believes he owns marina and that he told him that he shouldn’t look for marina anymore and Erick tells him that his relationship with marina is finished and so he should give way to Bazan, and he should understand that he has a girlfriend now who is the daughter of the doctor with whom he is working with and so he has to pay attention to Ricardo’s statement and leave Marina alone and not look for her anymore. 

Edson arrives home looking so drunk and he beats Vanessa mercilessly for having left him alone from the bar and Vanessa suffers from a panic attack and she asks Hilda to call Alberto over to come and take care of her butEdson looks so jealous that he refuses stating that Vanessa is only making things up but his mum commands him to accept so the can call Alberto and after Hilda did the call, Alberto immediately came over to take care of Vanessa. 

In the act, Vanessa tells him that she can’t go on like this anymore, because she hates Edson and asks him to help her to get out from there, and hospitalize her in any way to get her away from Edson’s side but Alberto tells her that she has to be able to convince Edson herself because as it is, he (Edson) is jealous of him (Alberto) and they two of them should look for therapy but Vanessa tells him there is no counseling that can heal her because she loves Paulino. 

Toribio reveals to Marina and Baldomero that the so-called wicked man he’s been talking about is Luis and they all become shocked but they still think that Toribio is exaggerating and imagining things because as it is Luis isn’t a wicked person.

After Edson told his mum about why he beat Vanessa, she advises him to stop beating a woman because Women don’t obey men when they beat them but rather with pampering and great care and so he should start that and see if Vanessa will not love and obey her and also he should understand that he insisted to marry her so he should also learn to bear the consequences.

Alberto goes to tell mum and son that Vanessa needs to be hospitalized so she can go under checkup but Edsonrefuses because he says that Alberto wants to stand on that so that whiles Vanessa is at the hospital, the two can do their own things and with that Alberto can steal her from him but Alberto tells him that if he continues being stubborn about the health condition of her wife Vanessa, the things will get out of hands. Edson refuse to let her go to the hospital and therefore decides to obey what his mum told her. Hilda then offer them a massaging

The day of the christening of marina’s baby arrives and Luis asks marina if he can carry his grandson and Prudencia convince Marina to let him and she accepts and Luis carrying him looks so happy telling his self that his grandson will look as tall and a giant like him.

At the church the pastor helps to christening and there was Isauro too and watching them closely without anyone notice.