Kawach Episode 36 Update on Tuesday 12th March 2019

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Rajbeer takes Pari to their room. Pari thanks him for giving their marriage one more chance. She then sees his changing facial expresssions and realizes eveil spirits has possesed him already. Evil spirit starts torturing her and reminisces how Saudamini gave her powers to enter Rajbeer’s body whenever he can. He tells Pari that she will come to him tonight, else he will take Rajbeer’s body to Ritu. He then goes to Saudamini and tells he enjoyed torturing Pari a lot and now he has given her ultimatum to come to him tonight, else he will send Rajbeer’s body to Ritu. She asks who is he. He says she will know soon.
Ritu passes by and sees Rajbeer in a room. She enters. He cries that he wants to give Pari and his marriage a second chance, but she wants to go away.
He hugs her and asks if she will not leave him. She says she will not forever. Natasha hears their conversation standing near door. She goes to Pari and says Rajbeer wants to get back to her, then why she wants to get away from her. Pari prays hanumanji to help her. She walks out of her room and sees Ritu happily informing Kabeer that Rajbeer had called her to Gulmohar hotel and wants to express his love for her.
Ritu goes to meet Rajbeer at a hotel and is surprised to see door opening itself. She enters. Rabeer gives her champagne and hugs her. She asks if he will not drink. He says he will drink via her eyes. Pari comes there and he runs behind her. She runs into jungle. He laughs and says she cannot get away from her, he is everywhere. Pari sees human temple and runs into. She gets holy thread. Evil spirit Jolly runs back and speeds up in car. Pari jumps on car and tries to tie holy thread on him. He applies brakes and Pari falls down and her thread flies away. Jolly evil spirit then laughs that now Pari will see what he will do to her. He reverses car and just when car is about to hit Pari crushes a passing man. Man falls down injured. Pari runs towards man and pleads Jolly to save this man. Saudamii comes there and Jolly says he is enjoying his powers and torturing Pari. She says he is most bad evil in their community. Pari calls ambulance and takes man to hospital. Jolly calls police control room and tells an accident happened by Rajbeer bundela.
Pari takes man to hospital and asks docs to treat man soon. She reaches home and sees Rajbeer in her room. She thinks if this is Rajbeer or evil spirit. Jolly starts torturing her again and walks into other side of mirror and says he has sent Rajbeer from where he will never return. He drags even her on the other side of mirror and back to room. Tipsy sees everything from door slit and runs to her room. She sees Jolly’s spirit searching whole house. She runs and sleeps on her bed. Jolly enters her room and goes back.
Pari walks in dar and thinks where did she come. She sees a village but no one there. She see a man and asks who is he. Man opens his mask and reveals he is Jollyy. He takes her to his room and asks if she remembers anything. She says he had gone to jail. He says because of her, he went to jail. She says tried to kill a girl. He says the girl acted as loving him and then betrayed, now she will suffer like he suffered. He leaves. Pari starts wandering again.
In the morning, Daadi while having breakfast tells Bharath that Rajbeer has decided to reaccept Pari. Inspector comes and tells he came to arrest Rajbeer. Bharath asks why. Inspector says Rajbeer made an accident. Jolly in Rajbeer’s body comes and says he did make an accident. Ritu comes and says Rajbeer was with her whole night. Joly gets out of Rajbeer’s body and laughs that nobody can save Rajbeer now. Rajbeer gains consciousness and asks why Ritu is holding her hand, what is happening here. Bharath says inspector he does not have warrant and proof that Rajbeer made an accident, so he cannot arrest him. Inspector leaves. Rajbeer asks where is Pari. Jolly laughs and says to himself Pari will not come back at all.
Precap: No precap..