Kawach Episode 35 Update on Monday 11th March 2019

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Ritu acts as trying to suicide and waits for Rajbeer to come and save her. Rajbeer comes and saves her and gets her admitted. Kabeer starts yelling. Rajbeeer asks him to go home as Shreya must be waiting for him. Inspector comes and says he needs to question Ritu to file a chargesheet against Pari. Rajbeer says inspector will ask just 4-5 questions. Inspector asks Ritu how did Pari enter her room. Ritu says via window. Inspector says window was closed. 
Ritu says Pari entered and closed it from inside. Inspector asks how did Pari go out. Ritu says via main door. Inspector says Rajbeer’s family was standing in room, how did she go out then. Ritu says must be via other door. Inspector says there is only one door in that room. Ritu says she does not remember anything. 
Rajbeer says let Ritu rest now, he can question Ritu later. Inspector leaves saying if he does not get solid prooof against Pari, he cannot file a chargesheet against her. Rajbeer asks Ritu what happened actually. She says she does not remember anything, she fell unconsciou, Daadi told Pari trried to attack her and filed police complaint. Rajbeer says he needs to meet Pari.
Pari in police station cell acts as falling ill and unconcious. Constable sees that and informs inspector who takes her to hospital. Doc says Pari needs to be admitted. Inspector says she is a criminal. Doc says Pari’s life is at risk and needs to be admitted. Inspector agrees and Pari is admitted. AFter sometime, Pari escapes via window and enters Ritu’s room. Ritu shouts. Pari shuts her mouth and says she did not try to kill her and she was not present at all, her house is posessed by evil spirits and it must have frighented daadi to lie. Even Rajbeer is posessed by evil spirit. Ritu falls unconscious again. Pari leaves to save Shreya. Rajbeer goes to police station and tells inspector he needs to meet Pari. Inspector says Pari is admitted in a hospital.
Shreya’s goad bharai ceremony starts. Daadi performs rituals and says if she bears a body, she should keep his name as Krishna and if a girl, then Radha. Natasha calls Rajasthani folk dancers. Pari enters wearing Rajasthani attire as a dancer and dances on Rajasthani song. She reminisces Saudamini’s puzzle and realizes Shreya is in danger and electric wire will fall on her. Just then lights flicker, Pari runs and pushes Shreya out of a swinger and electric wire falls on swinger after that. Uncle sends Yug to go and check elecctric fuse. Daadi asks Shreya if she is fine. Shreya says yes, a rajasthani woman saved her life. Pari walks out silently. Saudamini sthrows a wooden arrow kinda thing near her and laughs that she did not lose target and was just testing her, she save Shreya with her intelligence. It is already sunset and one of her family member is out who will kill her other family members, who knows it may be Rajbeer.
Rajbeer takes uncle in a car and drives car rashly. Uncle shouts to slow down and fixes his car seat belt. Rajbeer jumps out of car and car is about to crash when Pari enters car, unlocks car seat belt and pushes uncle out. She crashes car to a tree. Uncle gets up and sees car and finds no one there.
Saudamini reminisces saving Pari’s enemy who tells how much he hates Pari as she sent him to jail. He also reminisces trying to throw acid on his girlfriend and Pari getting him arrested via police. He got a death sentence and a day before he was to hang, he saw Pari coming to meet Shakti. Shakti introduced him to Saudamini. He tells Saudamini he can even die to take revenge from Pari. Saudamini makes him evil spirit and gets him to Rajbeer’s body.
Uncle reaches home injured. Daadi asks what happened to him. He says his car was about to crash when a rajasthani girl saved him. Daadi realizes it is Pari and thanks god. Rajbeer comes and uncle scolds him why did he try to kill him. Rajbeer says he saw car brakes failing, so tried to escape from car and save him, but his head hit a stone and he fell unconscious. He acts as worried and hugs uncle. Pari watches everything from a dance.
Pari enters Rajbeer’s room and thinks where he must be. Rajbeer hanging from ceiling extends his hand and strangulates her. He frightens her and says he will kill Rajbeer and gets a knife. Pari snatches knife and tries to hold it, but falls unconscious. Rajbeer shouts to get up, he needs to torture her more.
Pari wakes up in the morning and finds herself in hospital bed in hospital clothes. Ritu comes and says she has taken back case against her as Rajbeer came to her and pleaded to take back case and also told he is fed of Pari and wants to get rid of her. She yells if she really has any dignity, she should leave Rajbeer and go as he does not love her at all. Pari says she told her already that Rajbeer is posessed by evil spirit. Ritu says she will not fall for her drama, when her family does not trust her, why will she. Whatever she tries, she will get Rajbeer at any cost. She walks out while calls her name.
Ritu with Rajbeer reaches Rajbeer’s house. Daadi makes her sit on sofa. Ritu says she and Rajbeer has decided…. Pari enters. Uncle and aunt yell that Pari creates problem always and returns her, she tried to kill Ritu, but Ritu generously forgave her. Rajbeeer asks him to stop, already there are so many problems in their lives. He will give one more chance to Pari f she wants and takes her to his room. Ritu goes to Kabeer’s room and shouts what Rajbeer thinks of himself, he came to her yesterday night and now he is telling he wants to give Pari a second chance, now they have to use their trump car card. Kabeer asks her to relax and says she should get into Rajbeer’s heart.
Rajbeer takes Pari to their room and locks door. Pari looks at their marriage pic and thanks Rajbeer for giving their relationship a second chance. Rajbeer gives evil smirk and hows that he is evil spirit instead.