Ashoka Samrat Episode 190 Update on Tuesday 12th March 2019

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Akramak has arrested a few refugees. They blame Ashoka for cheating them. You are a stain in the name of friendship. You and your mother was one of them a few days ago. You and your mother will go through the same fate. That is when you will realise our pain. Acharya slaps one of them. You cannot talk to Ashoka like this!
Ahankara cannot go to meet Dharma as the guards are outside. They will inform Sushim. She diverts their attention by breaking a pot. They get busy in cleaning it up. Ahankara goes inside to check on Dharma. Dharma is taking Ashoka’s name. Ahankara replies that it is her. Ashoka has been sent for an important work. She is sad that no one fed her medicine in her absence. She feeds the medicine to Dharma.
Sushim reaches outside Dharma’s room. He gets angry on the guards for not doing their duty. Ahankara hears his voice. Sushim notices a shadow inside the room. He goes in to check but finds no one there. Ahankara is hiding under a couch. He looks around the room. He steps on her hand. She covers her mouth to hide her scream.
The refugees are being taken inside the palace. A soldier is about to attack them with a hunter but Ashoka holds his hand. You don’t have a right to hurt them without proving their crimes. They are no culprits till then. Sushim says they have been running like thieves. This is enough to prove them wrong. Ashoka tries to justify their stance. Good people get scared of thugs too. Sushim suggests him to wait till their crimes are proved. I had given you a responsibility in which you failed. I can punish you for the same but I wont do it. You couldn’t catch Agradoot. Don’t feel bad. There is more. I will announce the punishment for your friends and you wont be able to do anything to stop me.
Ashoka comes to his mother’s room. Charumita is there. She shares that Dharma is fine now. She has been given medicine by the Vaid. The more she rests, the sooner she will get better. Ashoka checks on his mother. He asks Charumita if she knows about father’s return. She tells him not to worry. We all are here with you. He knows it but mother needs him most at this time. Charumita makes him sit as she has brought food for him. The chapatti has been made from the same blood soaked flour. Ashoka politely refuses to eat anything alone. I will eat with mother from her hands when she wakes up. He leaves for courtroom. Charumita does not want to lose such opportunities anymore. I will have to find a way!
In the courtroom, Sushim reprimands everyone for not being able to see Agradoot’s face. He doesn’t even spare Acharya Akramak. I will fulfil the incomplete task today. I will hurt Agradoot in such a way that he will have to come out. Sushim announces that these refugees took help from the traitor Agradoot. They helped him as well. This way they too are traitors of our state. These people are surely culprits. They will be hanged before everyone. Everyone is taken aback. Their death will leave everyone shocked. No one will ever dare to go against me in future. Ashoka apologizes on their behalf. These people were forced to do it. There is a difference between refugees and revolutionaries. Sushim talks about proof. Ashoka challenges his words. These people had come to seek your help but you dint help them. They were forced to commit crimes. It wouldn’t have happened if you had helped them on time. Sushim calls his witness inside. He will prove it that you are wrong in your opinion. Purshottam steps inside. Ashoka feels that he has seen him somewhere. Purshottam shares that he distributed money to everyone. The refugees decline. We saw him for the first time. This angers Sushim all the more. Purshottam does not recall the names of these particular people which intrigues Ashoka. You remembered their faces though! I collided with someone two nights ago but couldn’t recall who he was. But I have been thinking about the person since I saw you. It took me time but I recognized you. He also notices the wound on Purshottam’s thumb. Sushim tells him not to speak rubbish. I trust Purshottam. I accept his words as proof. I announce these people culprits. Someone asks him to wait till Samrat returns. Sushim sticks on his decision. He asks Mahamadhya to make preps for hanging these people. Mahamadhya nods.
Acharya Chanakya’s disciple advises Ashoka to find the man who hid that money that was to be given to the refugees or get that money. This will help in proving their innocence.
Purshottam packs his bags. I should leave before Ashoka says anything to Sushim.
Ashoka checks the map that he had found the other night. Ashoka realises that Purshottam has hidden all the looted money at the location hinted in the map. He made this using his own blood. He was indeed lying in the court. It will help me in proving the innocence of the refugees if I find this money. Only Purshottam can help me in reaching this. I will have to become Agradoot again.
Precap: Sushim cannot find the map that Purshottam had made. We cannot let anyone else get him. Find him. Purshottam tells Agradoot about the location where he has hidden all the money. Agradoot / Ashoka reaches the place.