Tomorrow is a New Day Episode 47 Update on Thursday 21st February 2019

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Almudena convinces Camilo that Monica and Diana used him for their own benefit and this makes Camilo becomes sand and angry and left. Almudena then thinking that now the way has been paved for her, she dreams that she will certainly get married again and definitely it’s going to be Camilo who is going to put that ring on her finger. 

Armando let Rafael know that though it might seem so childish for Laura to feel jealous of her own daughter now because of the kiss they exchanged some time ago but now he can say she might even be jealous to even see her own daughter as his rival now that something is between him and her daughter and Rafael says that he hasn’t done anything wrong since it never even crossed his mind of dating Paloma but it was just recently he defined his love for her. Armando then advises him to tell Paloma about his long-time date with her mum and Rafael agrees but hopes that Paloma forgives him as he never wants their relationship to end.

Diana tells Adrian that Laura is depressed because she went to ask Paloma to forgive her but she discovered from her that her daughter and Rafael are sweethearts. Adrian gets surprise stating that he doesn’t understand why Laura got sad or felt bad because Paloma couldn’t find a better man than Rafael. Nico then reveals to them that; his aunt Laura is sad because he one day saw Laura and Rafael kissed as if they were sweethearts and they all become shocked. 

After Monica showed Ximena some of the wedding videos of Barbie whereby Mauricio tells Barbie that he really loves her very much, Ximena involuntarily goes jealous and talks aloud that “Mauricio is a liar and very unfaithful person because he says he loves Barbie but spends his wedding night with another”. Monica then pushes her to spill out the truth and Ximena anxiously tells Monica about her affair with Mauricio on his wedding night and Monica goes mad at her. 

Barbara tells Mauricio that her whole family believes that they are in Miami where they are supposed to have their honeymoon and they are still locked in a hotel but what bothers her very much is that she’s still a virgin because her husband is not functioning in bed and so she demands him to go and see a doctor. 
Diana asks Laura if it’s true that she kissed Rafael and if she is interested in Rafael and if she’s upsets that Rafael is her daughter’s couple and Laura answers that she had interest in him but she later realized that they wouldn’t have any future and that is why she broke up with him but it annoys her that Rafael have felt in love with her daughter when there are a lot of women and men out here. 

Diana gets surprise after Camilo arrived home late in the night in a smell of Alcohol in his mouth and she asks him why and Camilo painfully asks her she by any chance seeking for his happiness has hidden a secret from him before because they agreed that their relationship will be based on honesty and Diana say it’s only her cancer diagnoses and Camilo asks her if that is all and she answers that she doesn’t have any more secret. This makes Camilo go more and more mad since the answer he was expecting was concealed again by Diana. 

Rafael confesses to Paloma that when he had just arrived at Mexico, he dated her mother and they kiss, but that was all that happened and Paloma answers that she knows her mum to be a person who hates being alone but all the same it’s a thing of the past and that she isn’t going to judge him since he didn’t judge her when she had a relationship with Pablo and later with Mauricio but quite the contrary he welcomed her into his house so she has nothing to forgive him for and therefore they can continue their relationship and Rafael becomes so happy. 

At the office, Monica gets surprise when Camilo tells her that since she’s been honest always towards him ever since she came to media link unlike some others who have betrayed his trust like Pablo and Mauricio though for Mauricio’s in the end it turned out that he wasn’t guilty of having an affair with Paloma, he does hope that she wouldn’t be capable of concealing anything delicate from him and she becomes really anxious. thing that Camilo was talking about Rafael’s project budget that has gone overboard but they are trying to hide it from him, she goes straight to ask Rafael to let his dad know about the problem if not it’s going to be bad for everyone.