Tomorrow is a New Day Episode 69 Update on Wednesday 20th February 2019

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Mauricio isn’t able to consummate his marriage with Barbara, so he goes out and bumping into Ximena and with her he verifies if he has the same problem with all women by sleeping with Monica. He arrives at the hotel the next day to lie to Barbie that he had too many to drink and slept off at the bar and he begs her and Barbie forgives him.

Laura asks Paloma to forgive her for lying to her and she tells her that she didn’t want that she (Paloma) misjudge her and that she doesn’t want her to go to brazil and Paloma replies that she did the same thing to her as Eugenia did to her and that she won’t go to brazil, but not because of her but because she and Rafael love each other. 

Camilo tells Monica that he recognized her voice when she sang the hail Mary song at church wedding and he asks her why she didn’t stay at the party and Monica answers that she didn’t want them to feel uncomfortable with her presence, but she didn’t want to miss the opportunity to see him dance the waltz with her newlywed daughter. 

Pablo suggest to Regina so they can be sweethearts and Regina replies that she can’t think of having a boyfriend in her situation and Pablo asks her if she is saying that because she is pregnant and Regina rejects him and tells him that she doesn’t want to see him again and Pablo looks bad. 

Mauricio intentionally gave his phone to Ximena to prove to Barbie that it was stolen at the bar and unfortunately for him, Damian (Mauricio’s friend) texted him to let him know that he now has the evidence they are looking for to ruin Rafael and after reading it, she goes so shocked. 

Adrian tells Camilo that he noticed that his situation with Diana is improving and Camilo tells him that he doesn’t know if they will make it up and Adrian asks him if it is because of Monica or Almudena and Camilo tells him thatAlmudena is a thing of the past and Adrian tells him that Almudena is doing everything she can to attract his attention and Camilo answers that Almudena likes to attract everybody’s attention and regarding Monica he needs her at his company. Adrian tells him that he’s in serious trouble because he can’t have both. 

Mauricio later goes to get her cell phone and wanted to have another try with Ximena again since his second attempt with Barbie again failed but this time around, she rejects him and asks him to try some medicine to help himself.

Almudena reveals to Camilo that when Diana found out that she had cancer, she asked Monica to make him fall in love with her because she didn’t trust him to take care of the children very well and that means Diana and Monica manipulate him all the time and she’s certain that Monica agreed to make a deal, so she will be promoted in his company and keep the owner of media link to herself and Camilo becomes hurt.