Till The End of Time Episode 137–138 Update on Thursday 21st February 2019

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Saanjh reads Samay’s papers. Samay enters and asks what happened, what is all this. Saanjh says this is his story, he lied to her. She burns papers and says he lied he came to Mumbai for her, but he lied. Samay reminisces coming here for Maya. Saanjh says he lied a lot and should tell truth to everyone. Samay thinks if she will know that he came here for Saanjh, then he will be in trouble. He tries to change topic and asks where are everyone calls uncle, aunty, Shubh. Saanjh says she sent everyone out so that they don’t hear his truth. Samay thinks to keep Maya happy, he has to kill Saanjh. He picks knife. Saanjh comes near him and asks why did he do this to her. He parts apart and blows candles. She asks what is he doing. He then holds her and says he can do anything for love, holding
knife behind her.
Maya looks at her hand injuries. Arjun touches her and she acts as shocked. He pampers her and says let us have aloo parantha and feeds her. She says he is very tasty today. He says tasty is food. She says nobody can come between them. He reminisces Vandana cursing him and says everyone are gone know, nobody can come between them. Maya smirks.
Samay looking at knife and hugging Saanjh that he is waiting when will her marriage break and she comes in his arms. He is about to cut Maya’s beck when Saanjh’s family enters cheering up. Samay hides knife. Shubh says he frightened Saanjh today with truth. Saanjh says there is no truth here. Samay says she is right, he came here for his first love, kisses Suman’s hand and says his first love is mother Suman. Saanjh gets emotional. Samay says she will not find anything in his papers. Suman says she will play court here and asks everyone to play a character. She asks Shubh to hand cuff Saanjh and Samay. He does. They all hug Saanjh and Samay. Samay looks at knife in his pocket. Saanjh says papa told she has to move on in life, from today Sharma family is just her neighbors. Vandana enters and shatters hearing that. Suman notices her and she returns. Suman tries to go behind her, but Saanjh stops her and says aunty has to wipe her tears herself.
Vandana rushes to her room crying and holding Ayan’s photo cries that he left her alone. She reminisces Maya and fumes that she is the root cause of all problems. She picks knife and leaves home. Maya standing in her balcony sees off Arjun and smiles. Arjun gets into car and starts it, but stops seeing Vandana. Vandana hiding knife behind her back says enough now. She kneels down holding her pallu and begs Arjun to return her Ayan, he won and she lost, she can even touch his legs. Arjun says Ayan is being punished for his act. Vandana says he is elder brother should forgive his younger brother. Maya rushes down. Arjun asks Vandana to go, he and Maya cannot do anything in this issue. Vandana says she can even hold Maya’s legs and beg her. Arjun says they cannot do anything and asks her to go. He tells Maya that maa has come to apologize on behalf of Ayan. Vandana picks knife and rushes to stab Maya. Maya shouts Arjun…
Precap: Operation theater is seen, someone being operated. Arjun waits outside OT.
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Vandana kneels down and begs Arjun to return her son Ayan. He says he and Maya cannot do anything and asks her to go. He asks Maya to go to apartment, he will go to office Vandana fumes seeing Maya, picks knife and rushes to stab her. Maya shouts Arjun…Arjun holds Vandana’s hand and saves Maya. Vandana walks back reminiscing Ayan being pronounced guilty by judge, Ayan crying that he did not do anything, Arjun denying help and warning her to go. She gets heart attack and collapses. Arjun rushes and holds her. Maay fumes seeing this.
Arjun rushes Vandana to hospital. Saanjh with family rushes. Arjun looks at her and calls Dusky. They both reminisce their fights. Arjun walks towards her, but Maya comes in front of him and says don’t worry maa will be fine. Doc comes out of ICU and
says Vandana got a mild heart attack, any one family member can stay with her. Suman says she will stay with Vandana. Maya says doc told family member, Vadana’s bahu and beta are here to take care of her, so they can leave. Suman gets very angry, holds Maya and confronts she is the reason for all these problems. She continues tongue lashing Maya. Arjun says she cannot insult Maya like this. Suman tongue lashes even him. Maya panics and pushes Suman on stretcher and pushes her out of window. She then realizes it is her imagination. Arjun says Suman she cannot misbehave. Suman says she is not afraid of his wife or him and continues. Nurse asks them to keep silence. Saanjh says let us go. Maya says he should not waste his energy on waste people. Suman says excuse me. Saanjh says why she is arguing for neighbors and takes Suman. Maya tells Arjun that she will set things right, maa is alone at home. He asks her to go home, he will be here. Maya gets angry, but repeats she will set things right. Arjun nods yes. She leaves.
Maya goes down. Saanjh taunts her that she tried to keep Arjun away from his family, but could not. Arjun went back to his mother at last. Maya says excuse me lady, she is waiting here for her car. Saanjh continues smiling. Maya says she is there with her. Saanjh nods no and takes back her hand. Maya gets into car and leaves. Saanjh continues smiling and says nothing can be done of her.
Doc informs Arjun that his mother is fine and he can take her home. Arjun asks if they can do maa’s few more tests and keep her in hospital. Doc says everyone want to get out of hospital, but he wants to keep his maa here. Arjun murmurs everyone does not have wife like Maya. Doc says he can take his mom home. Arjun thinks how to take maa home, Maya will harm her. He enters Vandana’s room and says she may not like to stay with Maya, so if she can stay with some relative or at her home, he will make necessary arrangements. Vandana says why don’t he accept he is afraid of his wife, she just requested Ayan’s life, but he rejected it. Only Saanjh can help her now and asks him to call Saanjh. Arjun gives phone, but takes it back saying battery drained, he will call from outside. Vandana says why don’t he accept his wife checks his mobile. Arjun walks out and calls Saanjh from reception and asks to keep their fight on one side and take maa home with her. Saanjh says she will come later and disconnects call. Arjun waits for her. She reaches hospital and walks towards him when Arjun sees Maya behind Saanjh and stops.

Precap: Vandana pleads Saanjh to take her along, she does not want to go with Arjun and Maya. Saanjh says sorry, she cannot take her as she promised Samay to take care of herself hereon. Later, Vandana calls from mental assylum and tells no schizophrenic can harm her.