Sightless Love Episode 46 Update on Wednesday 20th February 2019

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Marina asks herself if having too much anger for Luis is doing her good and also if she should let Luis get closer her son or not. She looks so confused.

Edson begins to mistreat Vanessa making it clear to her that now she is his wife and things are done his way and therefore she will eat what he wishes and not what she wants. The marriage starts becoming tough for her.

It’s Ana’s birthday and after her mum wished her a happy birthday and hope she finds the love of her life to marry. Ana tells her mother that Paulino will never look at her as a woman because he only sees her as a friend but her mum thinks she needs to hope for the best. Quickly, Paulino arrives to give her flowers as her birthday present from his heart. 

After he left, Soledad tells her that, she is sure Paulino likes her and he only needs a bit of a push and Ana asks her mum if she is asking her to tell him she likes him and Soledad replies that she has to make that step. 

Erick’s father thinks that his son is still not taking his work serious because he goes to anywhere and follow girls around aimlessly and so he decides to push him to the pharmacy shop so to get him occupied and this looks like a serious punishment because he feels everyone will laugh at him but his dad careless and states that he will still be there but before he will receive classes from the pharmacist and after the pharmacist will take over his post instead but all the same Erick sees a positive thing out of it because she thinks it’s better to be at the pharmacy or lab than being a doctor and putting people’s life at risk. 

Alberto informs Lucrecia about Erick being transferred to the pharmacy and she says she likes Erick a lot but it looks like he chose the wrong career and Alberto explains to her that it’s because he is coming from a home of doctors and so his father gave him no choice to do what he wants to become for himself.

Luis looks for marina so she lets him meet and visit her son because no matter what she is her daughter and also her child, his grandson. Marina asks him to look not for her again but go to his son Alberto and he tells her whether she like it or not through her veins the Ocaranza blood flows, marina tells him that she doesn’t want her son gets close to people like him, she tells him that she will not forgive him because he dragged her out of his ranch like a dog and handed her to Isauro knowing how wicked he can be towards her and Luis tells her that he believed that she had an affair with Isauro that is why he made that move. 

Luis asks Marina to forgive him for all his wrongs and Marina goes shocked because she never thought that he will apologize to her and says that she can’t forgive him just like that because she has to get rid of many bad memories from her mind and Luis understands. Luis asks marina if she will let him see his grandson, even if he is dead his grandson will always have everything, he will need but marina tells him that she is not interested in his surname or his money and Luis asks her to think of the baby and forgive him for all the things that he did in the past and all the hurt. Marina then takes him inside to see the baby. After seeing the baby, Marina asks him to leave now that he’s already seen the baby. 

Lucrecia chats with Erick and in a psychological way, she asks him the password he might be using to lock the medicine store room and he tells him it could be may be his date of birth or something not very complicated.

On the table of mothers, the two (Encarnacion and Damiana) reason together that that they all give a helping hand to make their children fall in love for each other and they all look happy about the idea.
Marina reveals to doctor Bazan that she is Luis’ real daughter and not Alberto because he was rather adopted after they thought that she was dead from childhood and the two of them were exchanged at birth and this comes as a shock to him. Bazan then thinks that she has therefore a share in the properties of Luis but Marina states that she wants nothing from them but on the other hand, she loves her mum Prudencia because she supports her in everything and all she thinks about now is her son.

After Luis went home, Prudencia congratulates him for sobering himself and apologizing to Marina because she actually knows it wasn’t easy for him to stoop so low. Quickly, he receives a call from Marina telling him that she can’t forgive him for all the wrongs he did to her but all the same too, he can’t let her son inherit her resentment towards him and so she will allow him to visit her baby any time he comes over to visit. Luis becomes happy and informs Prudencia about it.

Luis goes to see his attorney to ask him for example if a baby hasn’t been registered yet, can the baby be registered with his last name as if the baby were his own son and the attorney tells him that it could only be possible if he has a signed document from the real mother of the baby and he says that is good to know.

Alberto goes to congratulate Marina for letting Luis see her son and for making up with him and Marina tells him attackingly that whatever she does with her life doesn’t concern him. Alberto was never bored and said that regardless what she did was incredible. Suddenly, Bazan arrives to question Alberto what the hell he is doing standing beside to Marina and he answers that he only came there to speak with Marina but Marina quickly states that she has nothing to discuss with him and therefore she can’t help him. After he left, Bazan asks Marina what he came there for and Marina replies that Alberto congratulated her for making up with Luis and allowing him to see her son and with that statement, diving deep, she can tells that Alberto made it clear to her that her baby means nothing to him.