Meri Aahiqui Episode 225–228 Update on Thursday 21st February 2019

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Ishaani takes Ritika’s promise not to tell Ranveer. Ranveer enters the room, Ishaani hides behind the door. He asks Ritika what is she doing here, Ritika was lost staring at Ishaani. RV turns his back to Ishaani while Ishaani goes out of the room. RV was about to turn but Ritika takes his attention showing pain. RV asks what she is doing here, she came to meet Krisha. Ritika says she had to go to washroom, so she came here. RV says he can’t now leave Ritika alone and will even go with her to the washroom until she goes in. He tells her that he gets much worried about her, and takes Ritika out of the room. Ishaani comes inside, locks the room and cries.
Amba comes home calling Ritika. Amba tells her husband that Ritika wanted to eat jalebi, he tells Amba that Ritika isn’t home. The doctor allowed and Ranveer took her to Shekhar’s sister’s engagement. He asks why she is being so worried. Amba and Lakshmi say Baa and other Parekh family must also be there. Why that Hansa Parekh came here to invite, there is something going on in her mind. Amba says she can’t leave RV and Ritika among them.
Shekhar greets Ritika in the party. Ishaani comes to the mirror and says why she is crying. She always wanted Ranveer to stay happy, now that he loves Ritika and is about to be a dad she is crying. She says to herself that she won’t cry now. RV is worried why isn’t he happy, he promised Ritika to keep her happy; he must be happy that she is also happy now but why isn’t he. Mr. Mehra takes RV to meet some friends of his.
Ishaani is worried what if Ritika tells someone, she texts Ritika ‘Please don’t break you promise’. Ritika reads it and says she won’t tell anyone, not even Shekhar. Ritika asks Shekhar about Nirupa, he says he wanted them to meet her but she is shy and awkward because of her past. Ritika asks how he met her, Shekhar says it’s an odd story. He tells her all about the jail, then beach encounter and then she was in his house. Ritika thinks Shekhar loves Ishaani. Shekhar says she doesn’t only lives in his house but has dwelled in his heart even. Ritika says she seems like a nice girl and hopes he isn’t passing time with her. He says he wouldn’t have told them if he wasn’t serious. Kanchal announces that Dewarsh’s family has arrived, Shekhar goes to welcome them. Ishaani watches from upstairs about them. Kanchal calls Chaitali ask Samdhan ji, but Chaitali says she can only call her Chaitali. They come inside. Falguni comes to the event, Kanchal greets her. Chaitali says to Ritesh that finally her son is bringing a rich girl in the house. Baa wonders where Ishaani is, she must be here in the same house. She watches RV and Ritika and wonders why Amba not come has, but Amba will come for sure and seeing Ishaani for once she will be like seeing some ghost. Ritika watches Amba coming and comes to her, she says it was good Amba came here. Ritika introduces Mr. and Mrs. Mehra with Amba. Mr. and Mehra get busy, Amba and RItika get some time alone. Amba tells Ritika that there is something wrong, Hansa Parekh is upto something. She must have asked her before coming here. Ritika wonders if she should tell her Ishaani is here. Baa comes to them, and says to Amba that she finally accepted her invitation. Amba says she came here not on her invitation but Shekhar’s invitation. Falguni hears this. Baa says sometime later, her hands as well as mind will stop working. Falguni callsBaa, Baa asks her to work. Falguni takes Baa away, while Ritika stops Amba. She thinks she will tell her about Ishaani later. Falguni asks Baa what she is doing, today is Dewarsh’s engagement.
Kanchal brings Krisha, Chaitali asks Baa to see her. Every eye is stuck on Krisha.
Baa comes and blesses the couple. They take family photos, while Ishaani happily watches this. Kanchal asks about Shekhar who comes to the family and gets his photo made. Ishaani happily watches Dewarsh making Krisha take seat. Baa wonders where is Ishaani, Ishaani hides behind the curtain while Baa comes upstairs. Kanchal asks Baa what does she want, Baa asks about Nirupa. Kanchal says she is somewhere out. Baa says it seems Ishaani is hiding everyone.
Sharman comes to the engagement, the family is happy to see him. Chaitali hugs him, Baa also greets him. Ritika is off mooded watching Sharman, Sharman watches Ritika, RV comes to Ritika at once. He turns to Ritika and says she has been standing for a while, if she gets tired it will effect their child badly, looking at Sharman.
PRECAP: Falguni shows Kanchal Ishaani’s photo and asks if this is Nirupa. Kanchal asks how does she has this photo, does she know her. Falguni looks around..
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Falguni comes to Kanchal and asks her to talk to her for a moment. Kanchal goes with Falguni. Falguni says that Nirupa gave us all so many gifts, we must also give gifts to her. She asks Kanchal to hand a gift to her, and asks where is she. Kanchal says she is a bit shy. Falguni says she won’t insist.
Shekhar makes an announcement that he is going to give a dance performance for his sister’s engagement. Ishaani comes upstairs from behind the curtain to watch this. Everyone enjoys the performance and claps. Kanchal goes and gives the gift to Ishaani saying Dewarsh’s kaki gave this. Ishaani reconfirms sentimentally, and opens the gift. It was chain and pendant. Ishaani weeps, while Kanchal says to her that she said she gave gifts to everyone; she is so sweet that she wins everyone’s heart. She wanted to meet her, but she denied. Kanchal asks if she really doesn’t want to meet anyone. Ishaani says no please, and don’t force me. Ishaani cries. Kanchal asks why is she crying, does she miss someone looking at this. Ishaani says no, someone gifted her after a long time so she got a bit emotional. Kanchal goes down to someone’s call. Ishaani asks her to say thanks to Dewarsh’s kaki.
Shekhar comes to Ishaani, she wipes her tears but Shekhar stops her. He says it is her brother’s engagement, can’t she forget it all for one day. Ishaani says no, she won’t meet them. Shekhar asks doesn’t she feel like being a part of her family for a while. Ishaani says they are happy being away from her, and she will be happy watching them from a distance. Shekhar thinks it is her right to be happy in their happiness, but he will let her watch the ceremony.
Mr. Mehra asks them all to come forward for ring ceremony. Shekhar wonders if everyone stays around how Ishaani will see the ceremony. Ishaani peeks from behind the curtain, and was about to go when Shekhar callsthem all to stop for a minute. He asks them to come with the huge mirror, Kanchal asks what is this. Shekhar says Dewarsh and Krisha will watch the mirror while doing the ring ceremony. Kanchal asks Baa to let him do this, Baa allows when Shekhar says it increases love. Ishaani can see the ring ceremony from mirror now. Shekhar looks at her, she nods at him gratefully.
Ritika feels discomfortable, Ritika says it was very hot there, she feels clatarophobic whenever in crowd. RV goes to get drink for her, Ritika thinks it doesn’t feel right to lie to RV, she must talk to Ishaani and makes a call to her.
Kanchal offers them food, Pratik says they will take it by themselves. Kanchal asks Krisha to offer Dewarsh food as well. Krisha says Dewarsh’s stomach will fill seeing her eat, when two people are in love one’s stomach fills the others itselves. Kanchal says actually Nirupa was telling her about love relating it to love. Falguni asks what was Nirupa saying. Krisha says Nirupa told her her papa said that when one is in love, one’s love alone is enough for both. Falguni remembers Harshid saying this to her and misses Ishaani. Dewarsh tries to handle saying he will love her as much that his love alone would be enough for them both. Falguni follows Kanchal and says she has to talk to her for a while. Kanchal asks Falguni why is she worried. Falguni asks is Krisha talking about the same girl for whom I gave you the gift. Kanchal asks Nirupa? Falguni asks where is she, she says I don’t know that girl but it seems I have a long relation to her, I want to meet her, who is she and where she came from. Kanchal says I don’t know much about her, I can tell you whatever I know. Kanchal says she herself took a promise from me not to tell anyone, Falguni promises not to tell anyone. Kanchal says her real name isn’t Nirupa, she came freed from jail so she asked to change her identity. Falguni asks which jail, Kanchal says she was charged with murder and was about to be hanged on 25th march but since she was innocent her hanging was discarded. Kanchal tells her that Shekhar fought her case and saved her from hanging. She is happy that an innocent got justice from Shekhar, how can such a lovely girl kill someone. But people don’t understand this and see her as a murderer, so she changed her name to Nirupa so that she can start a new life. Falguni takes a photo of Ishaani from her phone and asks is this Nirupa? Kanchal is shocked to see the photo and asks how she got this.
Falguni says she has met her, she helped her as well. Kanchal says she told her what she asked, but please don’t tell anyone. Falguni asks but where she is, can she meet her once; she promises not to tell anyone. Kanchal is reluctant for a while, then says she is there in the room; she can go and meet her. Falguni goes upstairs. In the room, Falguni comes calling Ishaani’s name. She wasn’t there, Falguni goes to pick Ishaani ear pins and cries holding them to her chest. She says I want to know what happened to you, you said you murdered Chirag, but you were freed; this means you were innocent and if you were why you took such a blame to yourself. Why you didn’t tell your mother the truth, I have to say sorry to you as being a mother I couldn’t recognize your liability and you had to go to jail. She wonders where has Ishaani gone, then watches Ishaani’s phone. There was Ritika’s message in it, she says this means Ritika knows Ishaani is alive and in this house. The message read Ishaani! Meet me in the terrace. Falguni wonders if RV knows about it?
PRECAP: Ishaani hides from RV who follows her. She hides herself behind a door and pray God to send RV away as she doesn’t want to come in front of him.. 
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Shekhar says to RV that he must dance in his sister’s engagement. If not for him then for Ritika. He challenges him if he can do anything or not. Ritika stood worried, RV looks at her then Sharman. Ritika thinks Ishaani hasn’t replied her still, if she is coming on terrace or not. RV thinks Ritika is upset seeing Sharman may be. Ishaani watches from upstairs as RV brings Ritika to the center and says this dance is for his beautiful wife Ritika. Ishaani is upset. They do a couple dance on Ishq Bulawa. Ishaani remembers her dances with Ranveer. Tears fill her eyes as Ritika and Ranveer dance. Ritika runs away while RV turns to see her left. Everyone claps, Amba comes to appreciate his dance. Shekhar says he came out to be multi-talented, Ritika must be very happy. RV wonders where she has gone and excuses himself. He comes to look for Ritika hoping she is fine. Shekhar comes to him and taunts that he keeps on finding his Laila. RV complains that he called them here to meet Nirupa but she isn’t here anywhere. Shekhar says he will let them meet if he comes to him. RV says he was very busy. Shekhar says he will make him meet her but first tell him which one to gift her and shows two anklets. RV smiles that he would give her anklets, Shekhar says he is thinking about tying her feet with him so that she can’t go away from him. RV laughs, Shekhar complains that he is confused because it is his first give. He asks what to say with it, she might slap him otherwise. Ranveer laughs that the biggest lawyer in the city is speechless in front of a girl. Shekhar asks which one to give, Ranveer chooses one saying she must like it. Shekhar says he knows what kind of girl will like what, he was also a heart throwing lover. RV says his eyes didn’t wander from a single face, how could he see others; she was also shy so he knows such tastes. Shekhar asks what he must say at the time of gifting her, RV says he must say anything from heart. Tell her he is thankful for what she is doing to his family, thanks her for coming to his life and house. She will know about what is in his heart, and if she replies he would also know what she thinks. Tell the truth and be safe for a long time. Shehar says to RV he is truly a love-teacher, he has drunk if fully dissolved. RV says lived love, and those who live love never makes mistakes in love. Shekhar asks him to transfer this thing in him, he will impress Nirupa today.
Shekhar comes to Ishaani and shows her the anklet. She asks if this is for her. He says yes and places it in her hand. He says it is for her, gulps and thinks she is so unpredictable. What if she slaps instead of saying thanks. Ishaani watches him, he says if she dislikes he won’t mind it. He hasn’t send this gift, mom did and was about to leave. Ishaani asks if mom gave this? Shekhar says yes, she did because she helped her in NGO and then in Krisha’s engagement too. Ishaani looks at it, and is about to speak. Shekhar says she must be asking why mom didn’t come herslf. Ishaani denies but he says mom is busy with guests and she doesn’t want to go between them. Ishaani again looks at anklet, he says he has hidden his love in anklet. She smiles, he thinks thanks God she didn’t catch his lie this time. He asks how is the gift She says it is good, infact very good. He smiles. She says this is the same as she likes. Shekhar thinks RV was right, Ishaani would like this anklet. He asks won’t she wear it for him. She asks what. He says aunty has sent it, she would like to know how it looks. And what if she keeps it somewhere and forgets, he will have to find it then. Ishaani asks does she forget? He requests her to wear, she says ok and bends down. Shekhar is happy to see her there this way, and thinks that before her mood changes he must make her meet RV. Ishaani stands up, Shekhar says statue and tells her to stay here, he will be back. She asks why? He asks why she asks so many questions. Ishaani stood still, he tells her not to move and runs inside. Ishaani stood there still.
Kanchal comes to RV and asks why is he worried. He says he can’t see Ritika after dance. Kanchal says she told her to rest as she was tired and must be in Krisha’s room. RV says she must rest. Shekhar comes and says she accepted it, wore it and liked it too. He says it is good he meets her as she is in good mood and is in corridor. RV says he will meet her with Ritika, but Shekhar says she will meet her later. Kanchal calls Shekhar for dance of Krisha and Dewarsh. RV tells him to go watch dance, he will go and meet Nirupa. Shekhar says he must tell him if he liked her, because his love life won’t proceed without his opinion.
Krisha starts the dance, Dewarsh dances with her on London Thumakda. Ishaani watches RV coming from the corridor, wonders why is Ranveer coming here and runs away. RV goes looking for her, but she runs away from him. RV calls her as Nirupa ji, listen to me but she runs into a room.
Everyone enjoys the dance performance.
Ishaani runs into a room and hides behind the door leaving it semi-closed. She prays to God to send Ranveer away, she doesn’t want to come to his front. RV asks her not to shy away, he is RV, Shekhar’s friend. He doesn’t know if Shekhar told her about him and his wife Ritika. SHekhar and Ritika are old friends and he met Shekhar sometime ago and became good friends. Shekhar speaks a lot about her. He says we met a few days ago in NGO but I couldn’t see her face because the light went off. He says he wants to say thanks to her for doing so much to Shekhar. She is Shekhar’s family friend so their friend as well. He asks if she is hearing him. Ishaan thinks if she won’t say something he might come in. Ishaani runs inside the room to her purse and goes into the washroom.
Falguni was on terrace why Ritika didn’t come here. She texted on Ishaani’s phone. She thinks she wants to know what she has to say to Ishaani. Would she leave RV for Ishaani, She is getting Ishaani’s happiness. It has her daughter’s right. She comes to a gallery and watches Ishaani running out of the fate. Ishaani looked for taxi on gate. Falguni was about to call Ishaani, then thinks she will first meet Ritika, and will meet Ishaani afterwards with good news. Ishaani comes to face Falguni.
RV calls Nirupa, knocks at the door and comes in to see she wasn’t here. He looks for her in the room.
Ishaani get in a taxi, Falguni comes to gallery calling her. The gallery was lose and fell off so does Falguni. She comes to the ground, Everyone hears her scream. Baa recognizes it is Falguni, they run utside. Falguni was hurt badly in head. They run to hold her, Ranveer calls her as Falguni maa. Mr Mehra checks on nerves to declare her dead. Everyone was taken aback, shocked. They all started crying. Ishaani cries in the car that she can’t even meet her mother nor Ranveer thought they are so close to her, luck has kept her away from everyone.

PRECAP: Ishaani asks Shekhar what happened to her. Shekhar was silent, he says she is dead. Ishaani slaps him.
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The episode begins with shaani arriving at a temple at an isolated place in a taxi , she prays
At shikhar’s house Kanchan cries and tells shikhar that falguni had brought a gift for Nirupa and she had sent her to nirupa’s room. She does not know how she reaChed the terrace
Shikhar tries to calm down Kanchan
Shikhat comes to ishaani after locating her with great difficulty
He convinces her to get back home She is reluctant but he insists that there had been an accident so she better get back home
Ishaani asks what accident. Shikhar than reveals falguni was no more
Ishaani slaps Shikhar and refuses to believe him , she shouts at him for this poor joke
She is in disbelief and weeps uncontrollably
She shocks shikhar by telling him that falguni was her mother
Ishaani pleads shikhar to admit he was lying just to make her return but shikhar remain silent as ishaani weeps and howls
She is heart broken as she was unable to meet her for the last time
RV is seen requesting Nitin to do the last rites as he was her husband
But Nitin declines as he could not do it, as he had lost the rights to perform last rites
He had ditched her unlike Harshad and RV who had supported her
He had never had any rishtaa with her
He did not want any one to raise queries on their rishtaa. She should be known as the wife of harshad parikh only , the respectable wife of a respectable person
Nitin persuades RV to perform the last rites of falguni as he was the closest to her after Harshad and ishaani
Nitin requests RV to do the last rites of falguni on behalf of Nitin, ishaani and harshad
Also harshad had handed over the care of his family to RV so he was like their son so by that rite he was authorised to do last rites
RV announces this to every one
Next scene shows Falguni’s last rites are being performed , she is lying on the floor with cotton stuffed into her nostrils
Naa is in tears as RV gets ready to perform last rites of Falguni , bit amba is unhappy about it. Ritika makes strange expressions
Ishaani arrives with shikhar and she pleads Him to let her meet her mother for the last time
Shikar shares with ritika how to make Nirupa take one last look at falguni as she knew her But nirupa was feeling shy. He asks ritika to help the heart broken nirupa
Ritika comes to ishaani and talks to her , shares her grief as she too had gone thru the same loss when she lost her father 7 months ago
Ishaani tells her that she wanted to meet her mother but wanted to hide herself from her family
Precap shows Ishaani in ghunghat crying over the body of falguni
Shikhar stands close to her
, he alerts ishaani by taking RV’s name RV is surprised to see shikhar’s GF Nirupa weeping over falguni