Madhubala Episode 458–459 Update on Thursday 21st February 2019

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RK is informed about Rias incident n rushes to her..! He finds out about her having Madhus bangles n their convo..!
Meanwhile, Pabho tries to fall lights on Madhu, but she moves out on last moment as she feels something wrong. She turns back and finds RK carrying Ria. Madhu had no clue that lights even fell beside her.
RK brings Ria inside n all are shocked! He cancels the puja.. n all leave! He makes Bittu open guest room for Ria!
RK fumes on Madhu and says.. all coz of u.. Ria tried to hurt herself
RK asks Madhu u gave Ria the bangles to Ria.. ??? Madhu says yes.. coz she needed money
RK says lies..
Madhu says.. went to meet Ria ..but only to say.. no third person can come between Rishbala
Madhu says my love is not so weak.. that have to buy it from an unknown girl ..! Madhu says din say anything to hurt ..her!
RK says.. u were so insecure.. u told her off…she being emotionally weak.. tried to kill herself..
Tried to convince u . .that nothing between us.. still?
Madhu says… that girl loves u. .n is playing games with u..!RK says i know.. she loves me.! I dun love Ria! Madhu tries to clear her stand n says.. i told Ria off n she was convinced..! U went to Ria n ruined things..! Madhu says i went to her..coz i cant bear to see someone entering ur life..!
RK asks then why went to meet her? RK says.. i thot my Madhu cant do anything wrong .but u broke my trust! Madhu asks RK to think from her side too!
Madhu asks how to bear ..that the girl who told her..she loves u.. is in my house.. n i will go welcome her? RK asks remember Sultan? I beared that too..
RK says. .if i thot like u.. i wuldn have married u..! RK says this girl will stay here till she is ok …n thats final! Madhu is shocked!
Pabho fumes on Madhu ..says he told u .there was nothing between them. .n u culdn trust him?? Dips taunts her too .. about her so called blind trust over RK ..!
Right then Police arrives ..n asks for RK..n talks of Rias suicide attempt n how they want to take a statement! RK goes with Cops in Rias room..! Radha feels weak n Sikky takes her to her room!
Cop asks Ria the reason for her suicide attempt? Ria looks at RK-Madhu ..! Pabho n Dips rejoice about Madhus mess up n how she will end up in jail..!!
Cops come n share how Ria only talked of depression being the reason! They leave! RK goes to his room …!
Later RK is about to go to change n Madhu comes to RK trying to explain! RK says.. thank ur stars that the girl din say.. all to cops or else..! Madhu says was only trying to explain to her.. !RK says.. tie me around u.. then.. n chides her for her childishness..!
Next day.. Ria says.. got ur bangles back? Madhu says.. yes.. n will ensure it doesnt land in wrong hands again! Madhu says.. get well soon n Ria says so she leaves??? Madhu says yes.. will take good care of u .. so u get well n leave .. so u know my hubby is mine!
Ria smirks n says… keep dreaming. . u have no idea..what plans i have for u.. will turn this whole game around!
Ria adds some liquid in it…n smirks!
Radha is fixing breakfast n Madhu asks about RK! Radha says.. tv room or gym n Sikky says.. he went in Rias room!
RK comes to Ria. .n finds Ria coufing n she says.. feeling pukish …din eat anything last nite..n just drank tea! RK checks the tea n says its spoilt! Ria says.. din see .. Madhu gave it..!
RK fumes .. n Ria says now he will ask his wife.. how dare u do such cheap act Madhu?
Madhu says… what did Ria accuse me of now? Poisoning her? RK says din say that just that u were not careful in preparing tea! Ria comes n says .. dun fight coz of me.. i will leave! RK says.. no .. till ur ok ..u will stay here! Ria asks about Madhu n RK says..she wont come near u ..! Radha asks RK to mind his language n asks Madhu to come with her n Madhu fumes n says.. wanna see how low RK can fall …!
They still walk away! RK tells others that Ria is his guest and should not be troubled.. by anyone!
Madhu comes to her room n finds Ria wearing her clothes n fumes n she says. RK said to wear ur clothes so wearing them .n just like this . one day will make ur hubby mine! Madhu says to mind language n Ria says.. mind ur tone.. or RK will come!
Ria says.. ur hubby cares a lot … n as such this dress suits me better just like ur hubby! Madhu asks her to leave..! Right then Ria spots RK!
Ria tells Madhu … RK told so wearing ur clothes.. dun be angry! Ria offers to go change n Madhu says to cut it. .n RK comes n says.. i told her to wear ur clothes!
Radha tells Madhu to come with her to temple n RK says..good go eat Bappas head !RK asks Pabho any nivaran for overthinking? Radha-Madhu-Pabho-Dips leave for temple!
RK asks Ria if she wants to go with them n she says. .not feeling well..!
Ria worries about Madhu being angry on her.. for wearing her clothes n RK says.. she doesnt overthink dun worry! Ria asks if he minds? RK says no till she doesnt wear any of Madhus yellow dresses.. he is ok! Ria smiles
Precap — Madhu prays to Bappa to give her courage to keep her relationship n her hubby safe!
Part 1
RK tells Ria that he has no probs as long as she doesnt touch Madhus yellow color dresses! He reassures her dresses will come next day! Ria says no need.. dun wanna increase tension at home! RK says true there is tension but family is one that takes tensions..! Relax.. all will be well ..they can endure RK..they will endure u! Ria asks about Madhu n RK says in last few days things are not well between us but dun worry. .all will be well ..any more questions? Ria says no.. going n resting in my room!

Servant brings breakfast and juice and says Madhu kept it reserved for u! RK says.. trying to learn French to tell u that dun wanna eat…! I will tell Madhu that u did ur work sincerely now go home and go eat ur wifes head.. ! Ria smirks happily overhearing that servant is off …! Ria self thot.. wont get such golden chance ..will use it for sure!
At temple Dips is on phone n Pabho snatches it from her! Dips says.. better think of Nivaran ..! Pabho says shut up! Madhu prays to Bappa for strength to manage every trouble in her relation win over troubles..! RK is talking on phone n pacing in hall n calls Bittu to come in the evening! Ria calls RK and he says.. lemme call Madhu first! Ria makes RK turn n he is surprisedto see her dressed up in saree n all! He asks why so decked up? Ria says why? Not looking good? RK asks going someplace? Ria says.. am already there. Superstar RKs home! RK is quiet..! Ria says.. regretting? RK says no..! RK says ur weak.. u need rest.. dun trouble urself.. go rest! Ria slips and falls in RKs arm! She hugs him tightly ..! Someone sees them together and RK pushes her away! He asks the servant who sees them to go off! He leaves!
At temple , Radha gives Madhu prasad! She tells Madhu that Bappa will always support his true devotees! Madhu says nothing right is happening right now! Radha says i understand.. just think .. time is testing relations..! Ask urself one question.. do u trust RK?? That will answer all ur questions! Madhu says never asked this question coz i trust RK that much! She says.. but in last few days.. things are.. messed up! Radha says.. its possible eyes are tricking us..! Ask ur heart .it wont lie! Madhu agrees..! She decides to go home..!

Ria tells RK that she is not ok .. only he can set her right..! She is closing in on RK n he jerks her off! RK asks the matter? Ria says since i met u.. lost myself.. ! She hugs RK n says.. make me urs! RK walks off! Ria says..what is the trouble?? No one is home.. why doing this drama! U accept that u love me.. u r crazy about me! RK jerks her off n says.. told u before am married! Ria says.. ur married to a woman who doesnt trust u .. i love u RK ..thats why i came here to get u..! Ria says.. u brought me here in a way so no one doubts us! Ria says. . no one is here.. come on! RK pushes her away n says.. i din bring u here coz i wanted to cheat on my wife.. i brought u here. .coz u needed help .. ! Ria says. .u told me i m ur lone best friend. .u told me u trust me. .u scolded whole family coz of me! RK says.. i liked u as a friend..! RK rues that.. Madhu told him about all this. .i din trust her.. its my mistake! Ria says. always Madhu?? Dun think of her now. .its just us now..! Ria says..what we have .. u n Madhu dun. .u r attracted to me..! Dun u want me?? RK pushes her away n says. .one noise n ur one step towards me ..will be ur last nite! Ria says..shame on u .. a girl is ready to sacrifice herself on u n ur not ready to react?? Ur busy playing biwi drama? RK says enouf.. leave.. or i will get security to throw u out! Ria ruins her lipstick .. n says. .no .. i wont let u reject me..! She messes up her hair.. throws her earing away n says. will drive u nuts. .i came here to get u. n i will get u! Ria breaks things around ..! RK calls security…! She rips her blouse off..! RK is shocked! Ria says.. told u will ruin u!
Right then Radha arrives and Ria runs to her and says. .save me.. this man has gone crazy..! Ria says..he was reacting like an animal with me! Ria says.. i trusted RK .. n he ..! RK says she is lying! Madhu and all are shocked! RK rues and says u tried to explain to me.. but i din understand n now i have..! She messed up tea! Ria says i swear ..din take ur name..! Ria says.. RK wanted to keep u away from he could come near me.. n today he tried to force himself on me..! Madhu is horrified!
Part 2
Ria says.. ask the servants..they saw it all! She calls them and says. .no servants.. too ..he sent them off! Ria says.. RK planned this! RK says. .shut up .. i gave holiday to servants. .just like i culd read the script of my new movie! Ria says.. there was reason.. he saw u with me n so u sent him off! RK says.. u r lying n Ria says ur lying! Ria begs Madhu to trust her.. n says.. i liked RK .. n thot he was great friend. but he misused it..! Madhu glares at RK …! Madhu picks Ria up and slaps her.. ! She says even RK doesnt know what a cheap person u are! What do u think seeing ur tears n drama i will trust u?? U r in big misunderstanding.. !! Madhu says u thot u will make ur space between us?? A lot of strength is there between Rishbala.. told u before. .no one can come between us..!
Part 3
Madhu says get out..! Madhu storms to her room ..RK follows..! RK asks Madhu to listen to him ..n he says sorry! Madhu says told u so many times that girl is a liar.. but u din trust me..! Why?? Madhu says.. before her u proved me wrong! She rues that RK gave more importance to Ria n asked me to serve her..! Madhu says.. u saw my suspicion and not her cheapness? RK says i agree i was wrong! Madhu says what if i agreed to Ria? All wuld have ended today! RK says that din happen. coz i know u wont let that happen! Madhu asks so u expect that i trust u blindly .. even if u dun trust me? Madhu says wont have trusted u ..if i din trust on my wedding vows! Madhu says if any problem comes ..a simple break. .i will fill it up with my hubby! Madhu says wont trust people like Ria ever! RK says i agree am cheap too but i love u! Madhu says. .i love u too but i m tired of handling u..coz i only have to compromise.. n understand..! Madhu asks what can u do for this relation? Leave ur anger.. insecurity?? Madhu says just one time ur wife..! RK says.. God made me like this.. n gave only attitude..! RK says dun punish me for his mistakes..! RK says.. i trust u always! Madhu says.. no ..words cant heal..!
Precap — Ria gives interview to media n says.. RK tried to molest her n says.. he tried to get close to me.. when i refused he forced himself on me!! RK and Madhu are shocked watching the interview!