Ashoka Samrat Episode 173–176 Update on Thursday 21st February 2019

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Scene 1
Ashok is getting beaten up by hunter, Ahenkara starts counting with choked voice, one Acharaya says Ashok’s these mistakes and thoughts will affect his future, Sushim recalls how Ashok out classed him many time, 100 hunters are done, Sushim says how they are done so soon? he is angry on Ashok, Ashok is freed, he falls on floor, Dharma cries, Radha tries to help Ashok but Sushim ask Radha to come with him, Ashok is my brother, he will be given treatment, he orders to take Ashok.
Ashok is getting treatment, dharma is crying for him, Ashok says i couldnt see you getting insulted, Dharma applies cream on his wounds, she sings Lal mere song, Ashok recalls his good times with Dharma in Vann, suddenly Dharma gets headache, Ashok ask what happened? she says dont know, my head is aching alot, i am feeling my head will blast, Ashok tries to come to her but he is injured himself, otherside Charu is doing black magic thats why Dharma is getting headache, Ashok comes to her, she says i am listening some music, its spinning my head, Ashok says i am not listening any music. Charu stops playing music and says Ashok did big mistake by reuniting his parents, now his mother have to suffer, seh plays music again. Ashok ask Dharma to listen to him, he says you trust me? she says yes i trust you, he says i wont let anything happen to you, Dharma faints.
Bindu gets tensed, Chanakya ask what happened? bindu says dont know i feel someone close to me is in pain, i wanna go back but we have to go to Ujjain, Chanakya says after Raj and Niharika’s death who was their king queen, Ujjain is in chaotic situation so we have to go there and help them, they find same mysterious girl lying in jungle, they stop, bindu ask mysterious girl who is she? girl says my name is Mirka, i am trader, i was with my caravan going to Ujjain but i left behind, Bindu says we are going there too, you come with us, she thanks him, Soldier makes him sit on horse, Chanakya says to Bindu that there are many people in this society and most dangerous are beautiful and who have innocent faces, its weird that she want to go to ujjain only and her caravanleft her and didnt even care about her, bindu says you can doubt her but we cant leave her here, its not good, girl thinks Chanakya can have doubt on me but i am his counterpart only.
Dharma becomes conscious, doctor ask what happened? Dharma says i start listening some music/beats, it give me severe headache, Charu smirks, Ashok ask her to take rest, Radha says Bindu and chanakya are going to Ujjain so they will comeback later, i think we should send them letter, Charu says no need for that, i know the reason beshind this headache, which mother can see her son getting beaten up like this? he was given chance to leave that punishment but he stubborn, atleast care for your mother, she has already gone through many problems, i believe that whenever anyone goes against royal rules, God gets miffed with him, Radha says we should let Dharma rest, Charu ask Ahenkara to go in her room, she looks at Ashok and leaves, Ashok says to Dharma that if i have given you pain then.. Dharma says you have freed me from all pains, you are my Ashok so how can you give me pain? he checks Dharma and says you have fever, she says i will be fine after taking rest, Kasturi says Ashok needs rest too, she leaves, Ashok messages Dharma’s head, she sleeps, Ashok sleeps beside her.
Scene 2
Its morning, Ashok wakes up and checks Dharma’s fever, she is better, Drupat comes and says Ashok your friends have come from Vann, you dont worry i will stay with Dharma, she has served me alot, now i will serve her, you go, Ashok looks at Dharma, she ask him to go, Ashok goes.
Ashok comes to his friends, they are shocked to see Ashok’s injured back, they say there is injustice everywhere, Ashok ask what happened? they say Samrat has forgotten that his duty is to serve people, you know soldiers are killing people in Vann, one king is taking lands from innocent people, he is beating them, flashback shows king saying to people that Magdh Samrat has ordered to take lands from people and whoever will go against them will be given death, fb ends, Ashok says this is not true, Bindu cant give orders like this, Samrat is not like this, friend says we can trust what you are saying but people are snatched from their lands, they should be given some alimony, some shelter, you know when we came here last night, soldier stopped us at gate and was asking some money to let us go inside palace, we met Sushim and asked him help us, we told him that we dont have food or shelter but Sushim threw wine on our faces, they are not our savior, we have taken decision to bring revolution, to stand against Samrat, Ashok says dont do that, Bindu is not even here, Samrat is not involved in all this, friend says you know Rajvanshies are of no one, we should thank that we are not from Rajvanshies, they are cruel, Ashok says i will talk to Sushim, friend says why will he listen to you? are you his brother? he is of no one, Ashok says let me try, friends agree.
Sushim is enjoying girls dance in court, Ashok tells about land problem to Radha, he says i will talk to Sushim, he comes to Sushim in court, Ashok says there is one problem thats why i have come here, Sushim says i was taking rest for sometime and its my right and if someone tries to intervene that then he should be punished, Ashok says i have come to ask something from my brother, Sushim ask Ashok you have come here to beg? you know you have to beg like beggars open their hands and beg, you are asking me for first time so i will listen, he ask him to speak, Ashok says there are some friends of mine, they used to live with me in Vann, Sushim says one minute, first wash my hands, i cant concentrate, Ashok comes forward reluctantly and washes his hands, Sushim thinks this stubborn will not shoo away like this, Ahenkara thinks today i will get free from him, Sushim ask Ashok to wash off his feet too, Ashok thinks for those innocents i will bear all the insult, Ashok comes to him and washes his feet, Sushim ask how are you feeling after washing Samrat’s feet? Ashok says same like a younger brother should feel after washing elder brother’s feet, Sushim says seeing this water i feel like my feet were dirty, so now take this water and.. Radha says if Samrat Bindu know all this then.. Sushim says i was just saying to to take this water and throw it away, Ashok brings people who have problem, they tell Sushim that their land is snatched from them and soldiers say that its Samrat’s order, we want our land back or do something for our shelter and food, Ashok ask Sushim you will fulfill your promise? Sushim says fine, we will see the matter, one person says that you have to do something for us, Sushim gets angry and says you will not get anything, they say this is wrong, you are Samrat, you have responsibility, Sushim says you guys have no problem, they say you are trying to say that we are lying? Sushim ask to throw them out, They ask Ashok to come with them, Sushim says he is prince Ashok, he will not go with you, he orders to punish the people who tried to speak infront of him, Ashok thinks what kind of situation os this, Bindu and Chanakya are not here and Sushim is very cruel, he will burn down everything, he will give pain to nation, only a savior, a justice king can save people, can protect people from him, he wears black clothes and veil, he takes sword in his hands.
PRECAP- Ashok friends have started revolting against government, they kill soldiers in palace, Ashok is sleeping in his room when one friend comes in to kill him.
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Scene 1
Helena says to Charu that Sushim have sent Aakramak to bring Ashok back? Charu says yes but dont know what will happen, war can happen too, Helena says no one should know what is going to happen, nation is already tensed for Ashok, Charu says they will remember Ashok for sometime but then another problem will come infront of them, they will forget Ashok and then my son Sushim will sit on throne, Helena says for sure, Siamak comes there and ask about Ashok, Helena says sushim is there to think about it, charu leaves, Helena thinks that Charu doesnt know who will sit on throne, Siamak says i dont trust Sushim thats why i wanna help Ashok, Helena says Ashok is not that innocent, he is clever to protect himself, he knew about his father being Bindu but he kept it hidden, siamak says he was waiting for right time, Helena says Ashok wanted to win trust of everyone, he wanted to become great before revealing his truth and see now whole nation is going crazy behind him, i feel he will snatch throne from everyone, Siamak says he always say that i will become Samrat and he will become my army head, Helena says he is fooling you, you are kid thats why you dont understand this.
Bindu is practicing sword fighting, the mysterious girl Mirka is keeping an eye on him, soldier comes to Bindu and says we will stay here for sometime, chanakya is checking security in Ujjain, Mirka is smiling seeing Bindu practice, she sees a scorpio coming to Bindu, she runs and takes scorpio in her hands, scorpio bites her, Bindu orders to take her to doctor, she says no i know how to bring out poison from body, Bindu says but your protection is my duty, soldier takes her to doctor.
the Dasi whom Ahenkara helped to runaway comes to ahenkara’s room, Sushim comes there with her and brings coals there, dasi says i am sorry i did mistake, Sushim says you went against me now i will gift you something, he burns her face with coals, she faints, Ahenkara is shocked seeing all this, Sushim comes to Ahenkara with burning coals, he says you deceived me, you tried to runaway from me, i punished that dasi but if i dont punish you then all will think that i am unjustified Samrat, you want people to say these things for your would be husband? he is about to burn her face but stops, Sushim says your face is very nice, it shows sadness, tears, helplessness easily, if i burn it then how will i get happiness? he is about to kill her brother, Ahenkara says no, i did mistake, punish me but leave him, sushim says lets have some fun.
Scene 2
Mirka is in clinic, doctor ask her to show hand in which scorpio bite, she says i dont need any treatment, i am fine, doctor says let me check, he checks her hand and says scorpio didnt bite you, you are fine, i will inform Samrat, she pinches him with nails, he dies, she says i am a poisonious lady, i have given task to kill Bindu, he has to die from my hands.
Sushim brings plank which has pricks on it, Sushim ask Ahenkara to dance for him on it else he will kill her brother, she stand on pricks and dances for him, her feet bleeds, she is crying and tries to dance, Sushim says why dont you understand that you are important for me, my soldiers will keep eye on you, if you try to run again then your brother will be killed, this is my last warning, he leaves, Ahenkara comes to her brother and says everything will be fine, her feet are wounded.
Ashok sys to shtrujeet(his friend) that bindu is not involved in all this, i will talk to Bindu when he returns, shrtujeet says we are dying and if we have to die then we will die after killing and creating chaos, we will force royal people too to leave their house, Ashok says we have to find other way, shtrujeet slaps him and says you have become Rajvanshi too, Ashok sys you can beat me but you will remain my friend, Shrtujeet slaps him again, he orders to find if Patliputra have accepted their demands or not, Aakramak reaches there with his force, he attacks Shtrujeet’s den, Shtrujeet starts leaving from there with Ashok, Ashok ask shtrujeet to take blindfold from his eyes, Shtrujeet does that, Ashok ask him to free his hands, untie ropes as he will help them, he says i have to stop this attack else no one will remain alive and your truth will never come out, trust me for last time as friend, a soldier comes to beat Shtrujeet but Ashok pushes him away and saves him, Shtrujeet is about to kill him but Ashok stops him and says our aim is to get justice not to kill anyone, Shtrujeet smiles and untie his hands, he gives his sword to him and takes other sword, Ashok says we need to leave from here, shtrujeet says there is one secret way to leave from here but let me check if there is any danger there, he leaves to check it and doesnt comeback, Ashok goes to check him but he is caught by the killer sent by Khalatak, killer cuts Shtrujeet’s neck, Ashok gets angry and tries to fight with him but killer pushes him away, Ashok falls on ground, killer says they sent me to kill you? he is about to kill Ashok but Ashok puts dust in is eyes, he hits him with stone, killer faints, Ashok goes to Shtrujeet and ask him to open his eyes, i wanted to make you trust that i am with you, now he will tell me about this cruelty, shtrujeet becomes conscious, Ashok says i will bring help, killer comes an pushes Ashok from cliff, Ashok shouts Maa, Aakramak sees him falling.

PRECAP- Voiceover says magdh is burning inbetweeen Sushim’s hatred and Ashok’s helplessness, Magdh’s savior(Ashok) will come to save it..
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Scene 1
Dharma is praying in mandir, Sushim comes there and blows off fire in Havan by putting water in it, Dharma is stunned and ask whats this? Sushim says we couldnt save him, Ashok is no more, Aakramak says i have seen Ashok falling from cliff, he fell from such height that its impossible for him to be alive.. Dharma says no this cant happen, Sushim says it has happened, Dharma says this is lie, she leaves, Sushim orders to prepare for Ashok’s last ceremonies, Charu comes to him, Helena and charu smirks to him.
Ahenkara comes in terrace where Dharma is waiting for Ashok, she cries.
Sushim says to Khalatak that dont know when i will be able to last rituals of AShok.
Dharma says to Ahenkara that you know ashok will comeback to me, dont cry.
Sushim burns some wood and says i cant wait to burn his deadbody, i was always insecure in Ashok’s presence, the one who should have been Samrat is dead now, he laughs only to find Ashok coming there, Khalatak and Sushima are shocked, Ashoka song plays.
Radha comes to Dharma and says Ashok have returned.
Ashok comes in court, Dharma comes to him and is happy to see him fine, Ashok says to sushim that soldiers are killing people to snatch their land, sushim murmurs to Khalatak handle Ashok, he should not know we are involved in all this, Khalatak says to Ashok that nothing like this is happening in any city, i feel you are making fake story, we dont have any record, Sushim says say clearly what you wanna say, Khalatak says i feel Ashok have done his kidnapping, maybe he wanted money thats why he made plan with his friends of his kidnapping, Ashok says even if i needed money, i would not stop this much low, Sushim says i can trust you but why are you doing this? you wanna show all that i am not good Samrat, i am trying to accept him as brother, he says to Dharma that i dont differentiate between him and other brothers, i always think that he has same blood but Ashok always prove that he is from other world, he is doubting Khalatak who is been appointed by Bindu as he is competent, Ashok says if you dont trust me then come with me and see that city, sushim Samrat doesnt have time to go and check every house, prime minister checks all these things but you are not letting me trust him too, Khalatak is serving Bindu from many years, i cant doubt him, i have to trust him, i will not go against him, i have no doubt against him, Ashok says ok i will bring proofs of this injustice then we will talk, he leaves, Khalatak says to Sushim that we have to stop Ashok as we both know on whose orders this all is happening.
Ashok is leaving, Dharma ask where are you going? Ashok says i am going to help poor people and to fight for their rights, Dharma says this is a very big problem, i think you should wait till your father comes back then you can tell him everything, Ashok recalls how people were dying because of hunger, he says to dharma that the scene which i had seen there, the in justice, the cruelty which i have faced there, i cant wait for second after seeing all that, i am going to help them, Radha says to ashok that i can help you. Ashok ask him if a person is asked to give his land and government will him money in return, you will be asked to give your fingerprints to prove that you have given your land, right? Radha says yes, Ashok says i need to check those finger prints.
Ashok and Radha comes in record center, he ask people that he wanna see record of people who has given their land, no one listens to him, Ashok gets angry and shouts that Magdh’s prince, Bindu’s son wanna see record of people who have given their lands to government, i wanna see Shtrujeet’s signs, the man comes and says sorry to say but only Magdh’s ruler have right to see them, not the one who washes ruler’s feet, you are new prince so you dont know that its not possible, Sushim comes and slaps him, he ask did you understand that how to talk to prince, Ashok have right to know everything, give him all the records, he says to Ashok that dont worry, they will find it, when you left the court, i thought that if you are saying truth then we have to see this matter as its very serious, we cant wait for Bindu’s return, all workers check records and says we have not found any record of Shtrujeet, Ashok says i knew my friends cant lie to me, they were forced to leave their lands, man brings fingerprints of Shtrujeet and says we have got these now only, Ashok matches it with Shtrujeet’s fingerprints and says its Shtrujeet’s, sushim says to Ashok that i worry for my nation but you dont care about your father, people were blaming your father and brother and you took their side, i have a doubt if you are a even a Maurya or not, i was said that you are my brother and i accepted that btu for Magdh’s betterment i announce that Ashok is a liar Rajvanshi, he is the person who keep lying, he faked his kidnapping and tried to provoke nation, he wants people to hate me, i stoop in people’s eyes, i know you are doing all this as you wanted to become temporary Samrat, now he is trying that i do some mistake and he snatches throne from me, he doesnt understand that he is hurting people and destroying government for his needs, i temporary Sushim announce to snatch every right of being prince from Ashok, till i am Samrat, Ashok will not be allowed to involve in any matter of government, he wont be able to check any record as i doubt his intentions, writer writes this statement, Sushim says when Bindu will return, i will show him this to tell him what his new son has done behind his back, he leaves, Ashok is hurt to see Shtrujeet’s fingerprints there.

PRECAP- Voiceover says magdh is burning inbetweeen Sushim’s hatred and Ashok’s helplessness, Magdh’s savior(Ashok) will come to save it.

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Scene 1
Ashok is meeting his friends in jail, Ashok’s friends says to Ashok that you are trying to saying that we are lying? Ashok says i have seen your finger prints on land papers, if you are not lying, Sushim is not lying then what is truth? friends says we know our truth and you promised to bring Shtrujeet’s truth to world, now fulfill that promise.
Ahenkara comes to Kasturi and ask if Dharma is in her room? she nods, Ahenkara says i wanna talk to her but Sushim has ordered that these soldiers will remain with me, Kasturi says soldiers cant go in her room, she takes her from there.
Ahenkara comes to Dharma and ask about her health? she says i am fine, Ahenkara says can i stay here for sometime? i feel safe with you, Dharma nods.
Charu and Helena are playing chess game, Charu says its very difficult to beat you in this game, Helena says you have started playing this game well too.
Dharma hugs Ahenkara, Dharma ask Ahenkara what happened to her? Ahenkara stares her.
Charu plays chess with Helena and says this is my new trick.
Ahenkara shows an insect to Dharma and says he is waiting for you and his friends too, many insects starts coming in Dharma’s room, she ask Ahenkara to leave else they will hurt her, Ahenkara laughs(she is under effect of Charu’s black magic), insects starts covering Dharma’s body, she cries, Kastruri comes to her and ask what happened? Dharma sees there are no insects there, it was her imagination, Dharma says dont know what is happening with me, she ask to not tell anything to Ashok, Ahenkara leaves.
Helana says to Charu that you won game, Charu says its just start, Helena smirks.
Ashok says to himself that one side is my friends and innocent people who are bearing cruelty and otherside is soldiers of Bindu who are doing cruelty and going against Bindu, Sushim have no idea what is happening behind his back and i have no proofs to prove it, Bindu told me before leaving that Sushim maybe Samrat but i have to fulfill my duties but how? whatever i do in this condition, Sushim will think i am going against him, how to make my friends understand that Rajvanshis are not bad and i have not deceived them, how to handle things, he imagines his inner soul(counterpart) wearing lion mask, he says to Ashok that dont worry, i know you are not wrong, he takes off mask, Ashok is stunned to see his counterpart, his counterpart says to him that i know your intentions are not bad but what about your aim of serving people? i understands that you had to bear so much because of Sushim, your friends dont trust you because of Sushim, because of Sushim people are bearing so much pain, their lands are snatched from them, Ashok says being silent is also like helping injustice, his counterpart says you have started to think like Yuvraj but at this time you need to think like Vanraj, when injustice is prevailing then you have to find ways to bring justice by means which may not be right or legal, Ashok says justice cant be brought by illegal means, counterpart says it doesnt matter, remember what you learned in royal school that you have to behave with people by seeing their behavior and what they deserve, you have to go against rules to bring peace like you used to before becoming Yuvraj, your aim is big, dont think about right or wrong, you have to fight for people, you have to bring Yuvraj and Vanraj together, you have use power of Yuvraj and Vanraj both, if you want to defeat these cruel people then you have to think 100times ahead of them, Ashok says you are right, if i want to fight for people then i dont have to think what is right or what is wrong, i dont care what they think about me, i promise that till i dont bring justice and peace for innocent people, i will not touch Chandragupt’s sword, he leaves sword there.
The landlord who ha records of all land papers is drinking wine in his office, Ashok makes him drink more wine, he faints, Ashok brings to isolated place and ties him, he becomes conscious, Ashok ask how you got fingerprints of my friends? man says what you think that i will say truth? i know everything but i will not tell you, Ashok says you know what i have poured on your body? its honey, there are bees nest around you, if i throw stone at them then all bees will stick to you that you wont be able to live, think if all bees bite you, then you will feel, now choice is yours, will you tell truth or not? man says we have send some agents with fighters like Shtrujeets, the agents tell us where they are hiding, we go there, make them unconscious and take their fingerprints forcefully, we did same with Shtrujeet’s fingerprints, he says i told you truth so leave me now, Ashok shows him dagger and cuts his ropes, he frees him, Ashok says dont try to follow me and dont leave from here in hurry, he starts leaving, man is leaving but he puts foot on plank, plank rise from other end and the stone which was placed on it, projects and gets hit to bees nest, bees starts covering man, Ashok turns and says i told you to not leave in hurry, Ashok wears shawl and leaves from there.
Scene 2
Ashok’s friends are sleeping in jail when they see hooks being tied to window frame, its Ashok who is standing outside jail, he has veil on his face, he ties rope to hooks and ties other end of rope to horse, he starts riding horse, the hooks pull window frame out, window is open now, he brings friends out of jail, friends thank him and says our friend Ashok has deceived us but you helped us, Ashok ask them to leave from here, he says if you are in problem then raise red flag on fort, i will come to your rescue, they ask his name, Ashok says my name is Agratoot, they leave.
Ashok stand on fort roof, he raises red flag and looks at magdh, he recalls how he had seen innocent people dying because of hunger, how his friends are facing problems, he takes off his veil and says my own identity was stopping me from getting justice for people but this is fate that i have got new name and identity but my intention is same that i wont let injustice happen, i am here to bring Justice and i am Agratoot, he wears veil on face.

PRECAP- Sushim says to Aakramak that some kids ranaway from jail and you dont know anything about it. He says to ashok that you should not lie after taking swear of your mother, he puts Ashok’s hand on Dharma’s head and ask him to tell truth, Dharma says to Sushim that i assure you Ashok will not lie, Sushim ask Ashok when your friends were running last night from jail, where were you?