Tomorrow is a New Day Episode 68 Update on Tuesday 19th February 2019


Monica again disguises and dresses as a waitress at the reception but unfortunately for her, Nico sees her and speaks with her and she bids him bye and asks him to not tell anyone she was there but Nico informed his dad and asks him to come with him to see Monica.

Laura asks Adrian why he’s been distant from him the last past days and she can’t take it because she already has enough with being drift apart from Paloma and she doesn’t want that they drift apart too and Adrian tells her that he’s been behaving that way because he saw her kissing Patricio at the hospital and that she told him that there was nothing between them, that he doesn’t understand why she lies to him but that it is her life. 

Eugenia approaches Laura and she tells her that sometimes she doesn’t know how to show her love, but she does really love her very much and that she wishes that they get along better and Laura agrees to make it up with her and they hug and it was a moment of emotional sentiment. 

Margarita asks Pablo what his intentions are with Regina and Pablo replies that it is his business and Regina’s not her and Margarita tells him that as long as Regina is pregnant for her it is also her business, and therefore he shouldn’t think of having a relationship with Regina but Pablo replies that he would love that Regina were his girlfriend and to raise her baby together but that is Regina’s decision and he will respects her on whatever decision she takes. 

With throwing of the bouquet, it seriously lands in the hands of Almudena and everyone becomes shocked but at the same time, same flower also lands in the hands of Monica coincidentally as it also falls from the skies and she becomes shocked but it turns out there was a wedding reception also at where she sat with Inaki to have some drink and whiles throwing her bouquet it ended into her hands. But on the other hand, Almudena becomes so happy.

It’s time for the beginning of their honeymoon and waooo the tough moment comes on for the two as Barbie wants to have fun but as sometimes people say the difficult time with the virgin begins because Barbie looks a bit naïve and also since Mauricio’s love is fake, it becomes really difficult to be a man and he feels so very confused and thinks it’s Paloma’s fault for casting a spell on him. 

Nico tells his father that the house is very quiet and Camilo tells him that his siblings will come and visit them; Regina tells them that the house will never be the one that it was used to be. 

Rafael asks Paloma if she is still in love with Mauricio and Paloma answers that she isn’t because she realized that what she felt was loneliness and that’s why she had a relationship with Mauricio and also with Pablo. Rafael then answers that he is happy to hear that and Paloma tells Rafael that she is starting to feel love for him, but she’s afraid to lose him and Rafael replies that he feels the same way and they kiss and they end up making love. 

Manuel tells Margarita that he wants divorce and margarita answers that she’ll never grant him the divorce and that if he insists on it, he is going to get to know the real and mean Margarita. 

Mauricio and Barbara’s weeding night doesn’t turn out as Barbara dreamed, because Mauricio can’t fulfill his duty as a husband since Mauricio’s manhood is somewhere far away from the room and he goes to have a drink at abar and bumps into Ximena there and he psycologically beats Ximena’s mind telling her that a friend of his is also on his honeyoon because he also had his wedding same day and he has problems and since Ximena wants to know about the problema and he asks her to sit with him so he can tell her the problem.