Who Killed Libia Episode 116 Update on Sunday 17th February 2019

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Eva encourages Sofia to never lose hope in finding her daughter one day but she gloomily disbelieves that her daughter may still be alive likewise John and she swears to end up her own life if it turns out that the only two people she cherish most in her life are no more because nothing will become of her without them. Eva then tells her that if she loves John like she said, then she must consider her accusation against him because for all she knows, someone else might have stolen the baby and Sofia asks who could be capable in doing that.

Fernando heatedly attacks Rosa for exposing him to Gabriela as the father of Luis and suddenly Franco comes to her rescue and the two engages in a serious fight that Fernando points a gun at Franco and Rosa quickly gets in between and asks him to shoot her instead and he furiously sends them out of the room and shuts the door in rage, wondering why Franco has to show up when he was at the verge of strangling Rosa to death. 

In the same vein, Gabriela desperately searches through the drawers in Fernando’s bedroom to see if she canfind something to pay him back by exposing him to then Osei brothers that he killed their little sister and she comes across the belt with the snake symbol and she’s really surprised.

Franco asks Rosa why Fernando was strangling her like that and she explains that she made mention to Gabriela that he’s the father of her son and Franco cautions her to be careful with Fernando and if possible, she must report him to the authorities but she briefs him that she already has issues with the police and if he turns Fernando in, she’ll also end up in trouble.

Gabriela sits quietly as she picks the belt from the drawer and begins to wonder how it managed to get in there because she recollected that she gave that belt to Ricardo on that very same night Mr. Osei and his wife also lost their lives. 

Franco and Oscar pay a visit to Mr. Alex at the cells to find out from him if he knows any hidden dealings about Fernando and he tells them he don’t trust Fernando and that’s why he always makes sure Otafrigya keep a close eye on him and aside that, Fernando himself has also come to explain himself that he has no hands in the disappearance of John and Sofia’s baby so they should just accept that John himself took the child away for his own reasons but they refuse to agree by saying that he (Mr. Alex) doesn’t really know the nature of John .

Oscar furiously goes to show John’s wanted sticker to Sofia in her shop whiles she speaks with Father Teddy that his brother hasn’t committed any crime and therefore doesn’t deserve to be disgraced and accused of anything but Sofia still stands by her words that John is guilty and nothing will change her mind until he shows up from wherever he is. Oscar then warns her to be mindful of her attitude else if John returns and proves her wrong, she’ll regret big time.

Otafrigya shows up at the hacienda and Gabriela tells him to leave because Fernando isn’t around and he tells her he didn’t come sake of Fernando but rather, he came to see her to inform her that whenever she may need any help whatsoever, he’ll come to her aid and as she already knows, he adores her a lot and Gabriela happily makes a toast with him for the beginning of their new friendship.

Fernando drags Rosa and forces her to tell him why Franco showed up earlier and she states to him that Father Teddy doesn’t support his marriage with Gabriela and he also suspects he’s up to something so he sent Franco to watch over the sisters and protect them from all his evil deeds. He then sends Rosa away and make plans on how to get rid of Father Teddy once and for all.

Fernando silently traces Father Teddy in the evening and when he got him all by himself, he pulls his gun to give a first shoot but it didn’t get him and at the point of giving a second shoot, a woman and her husband comes to interrupt him and Fernando goes away without being noticed and says to himself that he doesn’t really understand what has been protecting Father Teddy but he wouldn’t give up until he succeeds in finishing him.

Fernando comes to meet Otafrigya as he makes his way out and he asks Gabriela to make sure not to involve herself with Otafrigya because he happens to be his enemy and Gabriela makes him to understand that she’s no longer comfortable with his attitude and it seems he’s not as responsible as she thought and Fernando grabs her and cautions her not to think of treating him bad or letting him down else, he’ll also expose her to her children so the silent she be, the better for the both of them.

Sofia confronts Fernando after she heard about what he went to do to her and she warns him never to lay hands on her again or she’ll make sure he ends up in police the custody and Fernando giggles and tells her that if she makes any attempt, Rosa will be the one to suffer and also, if she messes up with him, he’ll throw all of them out of the house and Sofia bets him to do his worse because she’s ever ready to face it.