Find out what’s the next shocking twist in Adom TV’s Kawach

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Find out what’s the next shocking twist in Adom TV’s Kawach

Adom Tv’s popular show, Kawach… Kaali Shaktiyon Se (Balaji Telefilms) will see a crucial phase wherein the fight between the good and the evil will turn intense…
While Arhaan (Arjun Bijlani) will try his best to help Paridhi (Mona Singh), Saudamini (Ashwini Kalsekar) on the other hand will try her best to search for Manjulika (Ssara Khan), who has been captured in a ring and chain.
In the coming episodes, Arhaan and Pari will figure the one way to kill Manjulika.
As per sources, “The solution will be for Pari to get married to Rajbeer (Vivek Dahiya) again. And the idea will be to throw the ring and chain which has Manjulika, into the burning havan.”
However, Paridhi and other family members will be shocked to see Rajbeer’s changed attitude.
All of a sudden, Rajbeer will come and announce to all that he wants a divorce from Pari. This will shock Pari and everyone present.
OMG!! Why so? Well, it will later be revealed that Rajbeer would have been possessed by Saudamini. And the possessed Rajbeer will create problems for Pari when he will trap Arhaan inside a cage.
Post this, there will be a huge battle between Saudamini and Pari, wherein Saudamini will ask Pari to return the ring and chain in which her daughter is captured, failing which she will kill Rajbeer. Pari will be shocked to see Rajbeer being unconscious, with his body hanging in the air.
How will Pari save Rajbeer and kill Manjulika? Will Arhaan turn out to be her saviour again?
We tried calling the actors, but could not reach out to them.
Watch this space for more updates.