Kawach Episode 19 Update on Thursday 15th February 2019

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The episode starts with Pari coming into her room with aflour smeared all over her body. Rajveer watches her going into washroom. While cleaning herself, ring and chain in which Manjulika is confined falls down. Manjulika shouts she fell down. Janaki calls Pari and she goes out without noticing her chain. Rajveer comes to washroom and sees ring and chain on washbain and angrily flushes it down the toilet while Manjulika shouts not to. Pari comes backand sees her chain missing. She thinks it fell while escaping from Saudamini’s attack and goes to kitchen.
Saudamini sees Saroj/Arhaan working and asks who is she, she will kill both her and Pari soon. Arhaan says she can do whatever she can, she can go and save her daughter, he will kill her on pooran maasi. Saudamini thinks only
guruji can tell who this new spirit is. She goes to guruji and asks him who is the new spirit. He says it is a good spirit who is more powerful than her, it has even captured Manjulika, she should find Manjulika soon and also findout wo this new spirit is.
Shakti comes to Saroj’s room and calls her mom. Saroj/Arhaan thinks why he is calling her mom. Shakti sees Saudamini sitting on tree branch and realizes someone else is in Saroj’s body. He says Pari told even she is like mother as she took care them since their childhood. He then walks out. Pari searches her ring and chain in whole house. Saudamini thinks what she is searching, something is wrong. Rajveer’s sister comes and asks Pari waht i she searching. Pari lies that her watch is missing. Sister says her bathroom is not working, if she can use her bathroom. Pari says yes. Sister goes to bathroom. Pari then walks towards Arhaan’s room. Arhaan is seen running on treadmill and Minty staring at him standing near door. She says he is hot. Rajveer’s brother says what is in Arhaan that he does not have. Minty says he does not unestand. Pari comes and they all leave. Pari goes and informs that her ring is missing, she doubts Saudamini got it back. Arhaan says they have to find ring before pooran maasi. She slips and he holds her. Rajveer passes by and gets jealous seeing this. Plumber corrects sister’s washroom and gives her ring and chain. She thinks it is Pari’s and returns her in kitchen. Pari sees Saudamini in kitchen and starts acting to divert attention.
Saudamini informs Shakti that some good spirit is in Saroj’s body and Pari has called it, they need to know who is it, so he has to call Pari out so that spirit also comes behind her and she knows who is it. Shakti says he will do it today itself. He wears mask and jumps out of window. Pari starts following him. He gets into jungle. Pari callsArhaan and says she is following masked man who went into jungle. Arhaans ays it is Saudamini’s trick and asks her to stay there before he comes. Rajbeer hears him talking to Pari and follows him, but cannot go further due to Saudamini’s created illusion. Saudamini holds Pari in air and tortures her. Arhan comes to save her. Pari shouts she can torture her as much as she can, she cannot harm her much. Arhaan comes and saves her on time. Saudamini realizes Arhaan is a jin and is the one who is protecting Pari and her family. She goes to tantrik/guruji and informs a jin is helping pari. He says it is a good news, he needed one jin to complete his meditation. He asks her to find Manjulika soon before jinn destroys Manjulika on pooran maasi.
Rajbeer returns home and sits sadly. Natasha shows her news in news paper. Rajveer’s siblings ask him also to see. He says he is not interested and thinks where did Arhaan and Pari in jungle. Pari returns. He goes behind her to room and yells that he knows she is having an affair with Arhaan, so he wants her to divorce him. Pari starts crying and falls asleep. Jo bheji thi dua….song…plays in the background. Pari dreams same 5 things Heera showed her in havan. Saudamini goes to Arhaan’s room and says she knows he is jinn and tries to attack him, but fails. He says she cannot harm him. He goes to Pari’s room and tells her that Saudamini knows about him now and he has to destroy Manjulika tomorrow. She tells about dream. He says he has to meet Heera and asks how to destroy Manjulika with ring. Rajveer comes and insults Arhaan and asks him to get out. Arhaan leaves. Pari says Arhaan is her friend. Rajveer says he knows what she and Arhaan are up to. Saudamini realizes where Manjulika is and goes to Shakti’s room and says she needs to talk and asks to send Natasha out. He asks how can she. Natasha gets romantic with Shakti. Saudamini blows air and Natasha and her hair turn up like antenna. Shakti laughs and Natasha shouts seeing herself in mirror.Shakti asks her to go to washroom and correct herself. Saudamini tells him that Arhaan is helping Pari and will kill Manjulika on pooran maasi, so he has to get Pari’s ring in which Manjulika is.
Shakti calls all youngsters and says let us play game, they all will all their favorite item in bowl and whoever removes item correctly, everyone have to obey his/her words. He looks at Pari’s ring and thinks he has to get it, not the one which Manjulika is in. He takes everyone’s jewelries. Pari takes her finger ring out. Rajveer comes and removes her chain and ring in which Manjulika is. Pari and Arhaan get tensed. Shakti realizes this is the real ring, Pari’s husband became her enemy. Rajveer taunts it is just a game and she has to part ways with ring for sometime.
Precap: Heera tells 5 elements cannot kill Manjulika, Pari has to remarry and then destroy ring. Rajveer thinks if Pari’s happiness is in Arhaan, he should part ways. He returns Pari’s ring and chain. Saudamini fumes seeing that.