Ashoka Samrat Episode 169–170 Update on Thursday 15th February 2019

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Scene 1
Noor is tensed in her room, she ask dasi to pack her bags fast, other dasi comes and says Bindu is coming to meet you, dasies leave, Bindu comes and ask about her health? Noor says congrats, your elder won the competition, you must be proud, Bindu says if you had given blessings to Sushim infront of al, i would have been more happy, you should have pacified Siamak, he is very young, Noor says you are right, as wife i should have been there but i am mother too, i couldnt see my son in pain so i didnt attend Sushim’s victory celebration, Bindu ask where is Siamak? Noor says he is very much, he is resting, Noor says i know my father has done crime and he should not be forgiven but i am a daughter too, i cant be harsh on him, he is wrong but truth is he is my father, i have no one, Bindu says i am not going to free him, Noor says i am not asking you to free him but i have some responsibilities as daughter, i want to go to Avrat, it is Khurasani pilgrim’s place, i want to pray for Khurasan’s forgiveness, can i go there? Bindua says ok i will ask aakramak to prepare for your journey.
dharma offers Ashok sweets, he says i have lost still you are offering me sweets? arent you sad that i am defeated? Dharma says you may be defeated but real victory is that you got to tell your thoughts to such great people and your brother must have worked hard too so he won, Ashok says i am not sad that i lost to my brother, i didnt want to win for myself but for Siamak., Dharma says why differentiating between brothers? Ashok says Siamak is very nice and he can be very good Samrat than Sushim, Dharma says but he is not mature and i am sure sushim must have performed well thats why he was chosen, sushim may not take first step but you can, if he cant live with his brother peacefully then why you dont do that? it will be good for Ahenkara too, i know you are worried for Ahenkara, you think you are responsible for her but you should know your limits, she has relation with Sushim and you should respect that, Ashok says dont worry i wont do anything which will hurt ahenkara, they feed each other sweets.
Sushim says to charu that till you are with me nothing can happen to me, Charu says i am afraid what if i caste eye on your happiness, this is just start, Magdh is waiting for you, both smile.
Scene 2
In court, Sushim’s aarti is done, Ahenkara is not happy, Acharaya says to Sushim that good Samrat thinks about nation before himself, he ask Bindu to give vice Samnrat his place, Bindua walks down from throne, he callsSushim up, Sushim walks to throne, Bindu makes Sushim wear crown, Ashok is happy too, Bindu gifts Sushim sword, Sushim sits on his knees and accepts it, Bindu points at Throne, Sushim goes and sit on throne, all chant for Sushim, Charu’s is beyond happy, Helena thinks he has shown so much eager to become Samrat and throne will be snatched from him that soon only, Charu thinks i have made him temporary Samrat and now i will make sure that you become Samrat, Bindu says to Chanakya that you have always showed us path, you have given us vision, i request you to say few things to Sushim, Chanakya says to sushim that this position is not permanent, dont become egoistic about it, you have this throne til Bindu returns but that doesnt mean you cant do anything in this time, like rain comes and make farmers happy by aiding their fields and there is storm too which comes and finish everything, now you have to decide what you want to be a rain or a storm, Bindua says to
ashok that you have not won but that doesnt mean you dont have any work, you have to show way to Sushim and also protect our family, Ashok says i will not disappoint you, Sushim thinks i have got what i wanted and now Ashok will have to pay for all his deeds, Ashok thinks Sushim might have got throne but this Chandragupt’s throne and i wont let Sushim insult it.
Scene 2
noor is on journey to Avrat, she stops in way and starts acting, she says to soldiers that i have listened some noise, some soldiers go to check whole some stay for noor’s safety, Noor kills them and runs from there, the other soldiers come back and says did someone attack them? where is Noor? Noor comes from behind and kills them too, she says its not easy to find Dastan, the Khurasani king but i have to find him for Siamak’s sake, she leaves on horse from there.
Ashok sees a dream in which he is stuck between some men who is attacking him, he sees throne covered with snakes too, he wakes up and says why i am seeing this dream again and again?
Ashok comes to Radha and says i am seeing dream from many days, Ashok says to Radha that i saw myself stuck in puzzle world, and also throne was covered with snakes, what does that mean? Radha says i cant tell you what this dream means, Helena comes and says it means there is some danger, snakes are known as betrayers and they are used to show danger, it means there is some danger around throne, she leaves, Ashok says does it mean that Bindu is in some danger?
PRECAP- One man comes to Sushim and says we dont have anything to eat, help us, Sushim says why you are telling me such a small problem? nobody should be allowed to meet me for such small problems, Ashok says king should make sure that these problems are solved even before reaching him, Sushim ask Ashok to go and bring new clothes for him from Charu
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Scene 1
Bindu says to Chanakya that father son relation is very nice, i am very much attached to Ashok, i should not say this but i am very close to AShok then my other sons, maybe because i was away from him for much time, Chanakya ask whom think more deserve to sit on throne, Ashok or Sushim? Bindu says they both are capable, we have to observe closely, he ask Chanakya whom you think is more capable, Chanakya says you will say that i am taking Ashok’s side, Bindu says you are great person who have created Maurya empire so you will chose best person, Chanakya says you know my choice, both smile and continue their journey, some girl is keeping eye on them.
Sushim wears new royal clothes and says black color is known for power and from now this will represent me, he says to Ahenkara that you dont see happy with my victory, she says no, i am really happy with your victory, Sushim ask her to make wear slippers, she does it, Ahenkara sees pigeon in her room, she smiles, Sushim says you like them as you smiled seeing them, i will bring it for you, she says no i dont need, he says i will decide what you want and not, he holds pigeon and ask her to hold it, she is afraid, Sushim says you didnt hold him so now he will die because of you, Ahenkara says let him go, Sushim says he has done crime of bringing smile on your face and criminal should get punished, he strangles pigeon with his hand, pigeon dies, Sushim says to Ahenkara that dont bring smile on your face again, leave, she leaves from there, Charu comes there, Sushim touches her feet and says you always Ashok does so much for his mother now see i have increased your respect by becoming Samrat, Charu says you will not keep my respect for many days, you have to prove Chanakya wrong that this is just temporary thing, you have to become permanent Samrat, Khalatak says i am always there with Sushim, i will keep Ashok in control, Sushim says no i will do that, lets go to court, they turn to find Dharma there, they are shocked, she comes in and says to Sushim that this is your first day so i came to make you sweetdish, she offers it to him but Sushim says Samrat is God and God doesnt need all this, he leaves, Charu smirks and leaves too, Dharma is tensed.
Scene 2
Sushim comes in court with Khalatak, he sits on throne and ask why all are standing? Khalatak says as per rules, they will sit down when you order them, he does, all sit down, Sushim ask to start court session, soldier says some people have come with problem, they come in and says to Sushim that our kids a hungry, we dont have anything to eat, we have come here with hope, Sushim says why you are wasting my time for this small problem? is this Magdh’s biggest problem that some people are dying? nobody should be allowed to meet me for such small problems, Ashok stands and says king should make sure that these problems are solved even before reaching him, Sushim ask Ashok to go and bring new clothes for him from Charu, Ashok leaves, Khalatak says to Sushim that i am sorry, i should have helped them, sushim says what they want? give them some roties, Khalatak says it will be good if you help them little more, Sushim says so give them more roties, Khalatak is tensed, Sushim leaves from there, people start leaving from there but Ashok comes to them with clothes and gives it to them, he says this is for you, your problem is you dont have lake in your area, sell these clothes and make lake in your city, you problem will be resolved, they ask who are you? he says Ashok, they chant for AShok, Ashok says not me but Samrat Sushim have sent it, they thanks him and leave.
Sushim drags Ahenkara, he brings her out and says you are always afraid so i thought to take you on hunting, he ask her to sit on horse, she does, he leaves with her, Ashok sees all this, Dharma comes there and is tensed too, Ashok says something is not fine, i think ahenkara is not happy, Dharma says i know you are worried for Ahenkara and i know you doesnt cross your limits but if that happens then Sushim-Ahenkara’s relation will be strained more, Ashok says i promise i wont cross my line.
Scene 3
Sushim brings Ahenkara in jungle, he ties her to tree and points arrow at her, she shouts and says let me go, what are you doing? Sushim is about to hit target which is near Ahenkara but they listen lion’s roar, Ahenkara is afraid, Sushim finds a lion behind bushes, he is shocked to see it, lion comes there, Ahenkara shouts to save her, Sushim is standing on pedestal and is safe, Ahenkara tries to free herself but cant, Sushim stands tensed, lion is about to attack Ahenkara but Sushim throws dagger at him, it hits lion and he dies, Sushim smirks and says atleast you did some work for me(helped him hunting lion by tying her as meal for lion).
ashok finds blood stains in corridor, he follows it and comes to Ahenkara’s room, he finds her crying and see blood coming out of her feet, her feet are injured, he recalls how Dharma asked him to not cross line, he recalls how promised Ahenkara that he wil be happy if he helps her, he comes to her and says i have brought cream for you, it wil heal your wounds, should i call doctor or Sushim? she says no sushim, i will do it myself, she takes cream from him and tries to apply it but cant bend down, she cries, Ashok comes to her and says i will apply it, he tries to apply it on her wounds, she screams in pain, Ashok says you lie down, i wil apply cream, she tries to walk to bed but cant even stand up, Ashok lifts her in arms and puts her on bed, he applies cream on her wounds, she winces in pain, ashok carefully puts cream on her wounds, he ask how this happened? Ahenkara says i went in Vann and got stuck in pricky area, charu sees them like this and goes.
Charu comes to Sushim and finds him sleeping, she says he is always sleeping on right time, she finds Dharma going from there and stops her, charu drags Dharma and brings her to Ahenkara’s room, Dharma is stunned to see Ashok sitting on Ahenkara’s bed and applying cream on her feet, she is appalled to see this.

PRECAP- Sushim is drunk and says to Ashok that even after becoming member of royal family, you are still a cheap fellow but its not your fault as you have blood of your mother Dharma in your veins, Ashok gets angry and punches Sushim hard. In court, Ashok is brought as criminal, Khalatak says the allegation on him is that he attacked Samrat and the punishment for this is death sentence, Ashok is given death sentence, dharma screams and says this is not right punishment, dont do this, Ashok is sad.