Tomorrow is a New Day Episode 43 Update on Thursday 14th February 2019

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Diana tries to seduce Camilo but he rejects her and tells her that they have to talk about Cristóbal’s problem instead and Diana goes shocked as he pushes her off himself.

Mónica tells Inaki that she agreed to Diana’s deal to take her place and be her husband’s companion in case she never make it and she accepted because she has always loved Camilo after being at Media link for 20years and that when she loved him in secret, she enjoyed it, but now that everybody knows it, she has done things that doesn’t make her proud and now Camilo is very confused, but she will wait until he makes up his mind and she hopes that he will choose her. Inaki tells her that she is a great woman and he feels that Camilo doesn’t appreciate her, because when one loves someone you show them that you do and that Camilo is used to have her as his unconditional woman. 

Cristóbal decides to leave his parents’ house because he feels that his parents refuse to support him with his music career all because they want him to forgo his music career for now and focus on his high school then after he qualifies he can go on with his music but hell no he thinks music is his world and therefore if they refuse to let him do it now, he is quitting the house and Camilo and Diana tries to convince him to reconsider his decision but Cristobal says no and Camilo tells him their house isn’t a hotel and that if he leaves there’s no turning point.

Almudena tells her son Rafael that she will never be jealous of Monica because she is of no class and Rafael tells her that Monica is intelligent and hardworking and he thinks that is enough for a man but she tells her son that thatqualification isn’t enough for a man and therefore since Monica doesn’t match her class of people, there is no need to feel that.

Diana tells Camilo that she doesn’t want her son to leave the house and Camilo replies that they can’t accept that he blackmails them and do whatever he wants, because it is time to stop overprotecting him and let him fight for what he really wants. Cristóbal then says goodbye to his family and promise them that he would not let them down. Diana cries and Camilo comforts her and tells her that they are doing the right thing. 

Mauricio seems not to be happy at all ever since Barbie disclosed to him that she’s sent the invitation letters of their wedding to their loved ones and everyone who saw it recommended them that it’s very beautiful. Right after she left, he calls Ximena to meet him over.
Laura and Patricio coincidentally bump into each other at the hospital and argue in front of Paloma and she tells them that both are to be blame for lying to her about their infidelity so she won’t go and live with any of them and doesn’t want anything that comes from them again because she is disappointed in them. 

Adrian tells Diana that he hopes that he hopes Cristobal succeed because many parents believe that success is only attained through education but he thinks that isn’t true because there are many other ways one can succeed and become financially stable and therefore he prays that Cristóbal doesn’t come back home, because if he does it will be because he failed in his try to live alone and they don’t want that to also happen. 

Patricio and Laura keep on arguing and Paloma demands them to leave her ward or she’ll call security and ask them to take them out.

Rafael besieges Monica to not tells Camilo about the problem at hand that is the budget of his program that has gone overboard because he is trying to put things together to find a solution for it but he promises to let Camilo know right after Barbie’s wedding which Monica isn’t all that okay with it but he agrees.

Laura and Patricio kiss at the hospital and Patricio thinks they could have rekindled their love ones again but Laura refuses to go into that and Adrian sees them and goes speechless.

Camilo is ready to hear from Monica the so-called urgent call he received from her stating that she wants to discuss something with him. Monica refused to say anything so to protect Rafael as he’s asked her to not tell Camilo and says she’s solved the problem. Camilo then is sure that Media link’s problem is over after Pablo’s and they wouldn’t experience any again and Monica becomes anxious.