Madhubala Episode 454 Update on Thursday 14th February 2019

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Part 1
Ria asks RK if he ran off from home or wife kicked him out? RK fumes n breaks a bottle n points to Ria! All are shocked!
Ria says.. ‘Dard koi gift nahi hai jo tum use mujhe dekar.. chutkara pa loge’! RK throws the glass away!
Song stars . .kajra re n Ria dances.. RK is surprised.. ..!
Bittu tells Madhu found RKs location .. Madhu insists to come with him but Bittu says aapke jane layak nahi hai n Madhu says. agar mere jane layak jaga nahi hai mere pati ke kaise?
Ria comes in front of RK. . . who walks upto her.. takes a sip .. n joins Ria for dance.! Bittu-Madhu arrive n Madhu is shocked to see its a beer bar!
Madhu – Bittu walk in n find RK drunk n dancing with Ria .. n smiling..! Madhu is shocked n fumes..! Madhu says i will handle.. n asks Bittu to leave!
Madhu walks towards RK n Ria wishes her.. Madhu comes to RK..! RK taunts her n says.. countrys biggest superstar is here.. Madhubala.. all clap..n ask for Madhus autograph ..!
RK interrupts.. ! RK asks Madhu why she is here? Asks her to leave..! Madhu says wont..! RK asks for another drink… n Madhu says come with me. .he says no! Madhu sits in front of him..!
RK says this place is not suitable for u.. n Madhu asks RK if he knows what he is doing?? RK asks u nuts? Madhu says.. spending time with hubby .. so! RK tries to call Bittu n Madhu snatches phone n says wont go without u..! Madhu says.. tum jahan main wahan!
RK says going home..u coming? Ria watches..
RK fumes on Madhu n says wanted to sit alone n drink n talk .. but not with u! Madhu asks why? RK says coz ur not my friend.. only Ria is my friend..! Ria smiles!
Madhu says u were not talking.. Ria is n RK says enouf. .no ill words about Ria..!
Next day morning.. RK wakes up n reads newspaper with headline.. Superstar RK ne aapni biwi ka budday desibar me manaya..!
RK fumes on Madhu n says told u.. to leave n u stayed back.. ! Madhu says.. i told u wont leave u n come..! RK asks why? U din have time.. for me.. then suddenly remembered me? Madhu says they spent time with me for good reason n RK says. .u spent the time that was meant for us with them! Madhu says i sent them off early ..for u. but u left! Madhu asks what to do to make all this crap go??
Madhu asks who is she?? That new friend of urs..! RK says dun need anything from u ..! Dare not talk crap about my friend..! RK says. she is a friend .. who listens to me.. who understands me. .who is MY Friend. .n who is NOT a star..!
Part 2
RK tells Madhu that in my life all things are changing n at this stage i need a friend more than a wife!
Bittu calls Madhu n asks where is RK? Madhu says no idea ..he rarely talks to me.. these days but i know where he can be! Bittu says lemme go find him!
RK is standing outside the bar n Ria hits him with a stone n his head is bleeding..! RK says u drunk? Ria says u got the bar closed coz of ur drama..! RK says.. u r a hypocrite like my wife..
Part 3
RK says i thot u do what u say but u lie..! RK drives off n Ria sits in the car with him .. n dabs his bleeding head…with her hand..!
RK says u leaving? Ria says.. no coming to see ur parties..! They drive off..! Producers are sitting waiting for RK .. n he arrives..! RK asks if people standing in front of us are human or statues? Bittu asks to control n RK says too drunk so..! He says r these people new servants??
Right then a bottle comes rolling at RKs feet n all look up.. ! Madhu walks down the stairs.. all drunk … ! She falls on RK n says.. drank a lil ..!
Precap — Madhu says u wanna drink ..drink with me.. Pati Patni aur Woh ..! RK is about to slap Madhu n Madhu stops him by holding his hand..!