Sightless Love Episode 65–66 Update on Tuesday 12th February 2019

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Luis starts following Prudencia and he sees her walking into Mad Soledad’s tenement and become suspicious.

Yolanda suggests to Paulino to ask Anita to go out with him and she tells him that perhaps something would happen between them and Paulino tells her that Anita is his friend and he had told her all about Vanessa yet still Yolanda asks him to try and Paulino tell her that if even that will happen it will be after he takes Vanessa to the church to have her wedding ceremony. 

Alberto tells Erick that Ricardo has become the protector of marina and of all her family and friends and Erick thinks what is bothering Alberto is the interest Ricardo has in marina and Alberto tells him that his interest goes way beyond a friendship as a doctor has with his patient or boss has with his employee and it hurts him to think that everyone thinks of him as the bad guy in the movie when in fact Marina was the one who never wanted him to mend their relationship. 

Mrs. Encarnacion takes Marina to the Salon to have her hair done and as well as hers and they turnout to look so very beautiful.

After he saw his wife Prudencia come out of the house, he goes inside the house to ask about the usage of the place and Soledad tells him that, it’s a tenement house for people and he left. On his way, he bumps into a guy who he bribes to make sure to give him any information that goes on in the tenement house especially the names of all the tenants who live there.

Alberto asks Bazan if he told Marina that he has a girlfriend and Dr. Bazan answers that he did not because it does not concern him, besides marina made it clear to him that she has absolutely no interest in him and Alberto asks him why exactly he is after Marina and Bazan replies that he is in love with marina. 

He again tells Alberto that he brought marina to the hospital to see if she might reconcile with him and Alberto can’t believe that is what Bazan wants and replies that if he is not interested in marina, then that means the path is clear for him to pursue her and he is going to try everything to win marina’s heart. 
After Toribio’s 1st therapy with Lucrecia, Bazan wants to know from him how he got along with her and Toribio tells him that he doesn’t like her because she scares him very much. 

Alberto after talking with Bazan and noticing that he is much in love with Marina and is willing to conquer her and therefore challenging Alberto that either he fight for Marina or backout for him, he angrily goes to tell Erick that he is not going to become Ricardo’s romantic rival and Erick replies that the issue is that he still loves marina and Ricardo is right either he fights for her or walks away. 

Marina chooses Paulino and Yolanda as her child’s godparents and though Paulino thinks he’s a very terrible example for the kid, Marina thinks that he and Yolanda are good people and she is sure that they two will nurture her child very well. Prudencia assures Marina not to worry about her expenses of the child’s baptism because she will handle that.

Lucrecia intentionally brings up the issue of Marina in their conversation and she tells Alberto that she met Marina and she is also the receptionist for Dr. Bazan and she can tell how sweet she could be and that has even caused her to invite her out for dinner and Alberto asks her to not try that because Alberto tells Lucrecia that marina is the woman he married and he admires and the way she faced her incapacity, he tells her there are things that still hurts him and he does not want to talk about besides for marina he is part of her past and Lucrecia asks him if she (Lucrecia) needs to worry about marina being her rival or if Alberto is still interested to fight for her and Alberto answers her his relationship with marina is over. 

The d-day of Vanessa’s wedding arrives and Angustias still advises her to rethink about her decision but it seems she actually wants to please her mum and so Angustias refuses to go witness the absurd wedding. Same vein, Hilda also thinks that Vanessa is surely the ideal woman for him and Edson looks so happy. 

Vanessa steps out of the house to take her car to the church and she becomes shocked seeing that Paulino is her Chauffeur and looking at him straightly, she tears down in her gown.

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Vanessa steps out of the house to take her car to the church and she becomes shocked seeing that Paulino is her Chauffeur and looking at him straightly, she tears down in her gown. She then questions him of his mission there and he replies that he is her chauffeur and she became very worried because Luis never told her anything about, he being her driver and thinks that he planned it with Luis and Paulino tell her that he is only doing his work as a driver and so she should stop delaying so not to keep her groom waiting at the altar. 

Whiles on their way to the church, Vanessa stops the car and runs out with Paulino going after her to stop acting childish as she tells that she loves him and asks him to take her far away but Paulino tells her that there can’t be anything between them and also she decided to get married to a millionaire and that is why she sold herself but his obligation is to take her to church to have her wedding. 

Marina, Encarnacion and Bazan goes to have time at the children’s park and there was Isauro following them critically without their notice and after his observation gets noticed that the Doctor and Marina are friends now but he hope’s it ends there if not he tells himself that the doctor will face consequences.
After the wedding and one their way to the reception whiles been drive by Paulino, Edson seems to have no bit of shame kissing and trying to have his way with Vanessa which he careless about Paulino’s existence but Vanessa feels very bad. Paulino sitting quietly behind the steer grows so much sad and cries inside him.

Soledad invites Margarito to take a walk with her at the park, and Damiana becomes jealous telling Baldomero angrily that she never imagined Soledad was so much in need of a boyfriend and he tells her that may be Margarito might fall in love with her but on the other hand, Damiana thinks that Soledad will perfectly match Baldomero’s choice. 

Prudencia tells Luis that Vanessa doesn’t seem to be happy and that makes her very much worried for her and Luis replies that Vanessa accepted to marry Edson and nobody forced her and he is sure she is going to be happy with Edson but Prudencia replies that he doesn’t believe that either. 

At the reception, Susana sees Paulino and Prudencia speaking, and she tells Luis that there seems to be a lot of trust between them and it can even be that they might be lovers and Luis tells her that if he finds out that they are lovers, they will regret it. 

At the park whiles walking with Baldomero, Damiana and Baldomero arrives at the park and she pulls Margarito away giving an excuse that he is still not well and so if Soledad needs any company, Baldomero can stay with her. After they left the two, Soledad tells Baldomero that between Margarito and Damiana there is something more than just a friendship, Baldomero tells her that Damiana was in love with Margarito but he never paid attention to her, that is why she chose him, on the other hand, he wanted to marry her since he was a boy because he loves her very much and she’s been the love of his life. Soledad tells him that Damiana and Margarito love each other very much and this hurts him very much and he tells her that he looks like the third wheel. 

Lucrecia intentionally tells marina that each day she likes her more anytime she speaks with her and she wishes they could be friends, she tells that her boyfriend is Alberto Ocaranza and she would like they could go out to have lunch together the three of them and this hits Marina very much and she nervously tells her that she has to go back to work. After Marina left, Lucrecia tells herself that she is only trying to protect what is hers and so she has to be sure. 

Susana suggests to Luis to give Paulino an off day and also create an excuse also to Prudencia that he wont be able to come home because he has something to attend to and so to set a trap for them because she is sure that the two of them are lovers and this opportunity will caused them to meet each other and with that he can catch them red handed and after calling the two to let them know, he tells Susana that he hopes her plan turns out to be true and if that happens, he doesn’t know if he can control himself.

Lucrecia tells Alberto that Marina approached her and whiles having coffee, Marina asked her where she comes from and if she is dating Alberto Ocaranza and that is come, she also told Marina that he is her boyfriend and she and Alberto tells her that it seems very strange to him that marina asks about his personal life because she told him she never wants anything to do with him. Alberto then assures her not to worry because he won’t get closer to Marina and Lucrecia tells him that he believes him when he says he won’t get closer to Marina again because she knows perfectly well that he won’t let her down and Alberto responds Yes.

Marina goes to tell Bazan about Lucrecia telling her she is Alberto’s girlfriend and he lets her no that he knew about it but he chose not to tell her because he saw it as unnecessary. She then tells Marina that if she wants them to look for another doctor for Toribio he will do that but Marina says there is no need because it’s not Lucrecia’s fault to fall in love with Alberto and Afterall, she’s already told Alberto that they will live their individual lives and she can be sure that Alberto hasn’t told Lucrecia about her and Bazan says he never wants to speak ill about Alberto but he can say point blank that, he will prefer not to talk to Lucrecia about his past with her (Marina).